Extraordinary Genius Chapter 281

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Chapter 281 – Going through the Back Door

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Feng Yu picked a land parcel. In the future, the city will build an industrial area there, and the current traffic conditions was not a problem too.

When Zhang Ruiqiang told Feng Yu about the fees for the land, Feng Yu wanted to spit at him. This was a useless piece of land, and you want to charge me as if it was a prime location?

Actually, the city wanted only half of what Zhang Ruiqiang told Feng Yu. But the City leaders do not understand Feng Yu as well as Zhang Ruiqiang. Zhang Ruiqiang could tell that Feng Yu was in a hurry to start this automobile factory and he wanted to get more benefits for the City.

Feng Yu had just sold some aircraft and made quite a hefty profit. This amount should not be a problem for him.

In the end, Feng Yu gave in. The city will use this plot of land as funds to inject into the Machinery Company. Feng Yu would use the technologies, production lines and a sum of money. Fu Guangzheng also injected his share of funds into the company. But the City's shares had dropped to 28%. Feng Yu and Feng Xingtai's shares increased to 56%.

Zhang Ruiqiang drank a large cup of tea. He finally completed the task given to him by the City and the city still had 3% shares more than they expected. They had expected their shares to drop to 25%.

After drinking his tea, Zhang Ruiqiang noticed Feng Yu was staring at him: “ Why are you still here? You still want me to treat you lunch?”

If it were other investors, Zhang Ruiqiang would offer to have a meal together after their business deals. But not for Feng Yu!

“Mayor Zhang, we have finished our official matters. I suddenly remembered some personal matters.”

“Personal matters? Zhang Ruiqiang warily looked at Feng Yu: “What personal matters do you have to discuss with me?”

This brat must be thinking of using me again? What does he want to sell this time? No way. Absolutely no way!

“Mayor Zhang, other than business, we are considered friends. I also had helped you with the City's tobacco factory. I heard that the Exclusive Cigarettes were sold out once it went on the shelves. All these are because of me.”

“You still dare to talk about this? Everyone in the city is talking about this. They are saying that those exclusive cigarettes are produced for us and the number of cigarettes we smoke in a year, was worth a building! You and your stupid idea!” Zhang Ruiqiang was furious.

This Bing City Exclusive Cigarettes were selling better than expected. However, it had a negative influence. The reputation of the City Government was gone.

“Sigh…… Mayor Zang, the more you try to stop people from talking about it, the more these rumors will spread. Why not all of you just start to smoke this type of cigarettes and stop buying Hongshan brand of cigarettes. This will also be supporting the local products.”

Zhang Ruiqiang was too inexperienced. He wants to stop people from talking about this, but the more he tried to prevent people from spreading these rumors, the faster the rumors will spread. Even if he really smoke these cigarettes, what can those people do?

Furthermore, it was for the local factory and what's most important was the leaders knew why you are doing this.

Zhang Ruiqiang opened his drawers and took out a packet of Exclusive Cigarettes: “You think we did not do what you had just said? But those people were spreading rumors that the cigarettes we smoked are better and different from the ones sold by the factory. The cigarettes we smoked were better and more expensive!”

Feng Yu wanted to laugh. It was funny to see Zhang Ruiqiang gets the blame. This was nothing like the future leader of Bing City he had seen in the future.

Feng Yu held back his urge to laugh and said: “Actually, our Bing City's Baijiu factory, Beer factory, and other factories can also use this method. Make some exclusive goods. Let those people go and guess who those goods were exclusively produced for. The factories make money, that means the City makes money. These are all for the people, and I think the leaders should be prepared to make some sacrifices!”

“Stop giving me stupid ideas, don't you have any normal methods?”

“I have. Advertis.e.m.e.nts. Is the city willing to pay for the advertising fees? I can make an advertising pan for you free of charge.”

Zhang Ruiqiang was speechless. The city cannot afford to advertise on CCTV like Feng Yu. It was too expensive. If all the factories advertised on CCTV, they would not even earn back the advertising fees even when their sales improved.

Feng Yu leaned forward and smile: “Mayor Zhang, actually I still have an idea to change people's perception of the City government.”

Zhang Ruiqiang was looking forward to Feng Yu's idea: “What's your solution?”

“Hmmm…… Mayor Zhang, my cousin, will be graduating from the university this year and there are some problems with the job he will be a.s.signed to.”

“He will be a.s.signed to where he was registered, The local government will make the proper arrangements. He is a university graduate, what's there to worry about?” Zhang Ruiqiang said.

“He is thinking of working in Bing City Government.: Feng Yu said.

“You want him to enter the government through the back door?”

“If you want to think this way, so be it.” Feng Yu shamelessly admitted.

“My nephew is working in a production line of the Beer factory, and my other nephew is working at a textile factory……”

“That's different. Those are your relatives. If you give them good positions, people will start talking behind your back. My cousin is different. He is a graduate of a reputable university, and he just wants a normal job with Bing City's Government. He does not need to be a high ranking official.”

Zhang Ruiqiang stared at Feng Yu: “He had just graduated and still want to be an official? You think it is easy to be an official? You tell me how to change people's perception of the City first.”

He agrees? Feng Yu was overjoyed, and he quickly said: “Actually, you can report it in the news that this Bing City Exclusive cigarette is a brand of cigarettes targetting Bing City. These cigarettes are exclusively for Bing City. Doesn't it solves all your problems?”

Zhang Ruiqiang looked at Feng Yu. Feng Yu was telling him to lower his status and deceive the residents. This might be a good idea but he was the Deputy Mayor, and he would lose face if he does that.

What nonsense!

“This is your solution?”

“It will definitely solve your problems!”

“Impossible!” Zhang Ruiqiang rejected this idea. Even if he agrees, the other leaders will not accept.

“There is another solution. You can advertise in the newspapers about the Beer Factory introducing a new type of Bing City's Exclusive Beer. At the same time, you can increase the government image.”

Zhang Ruiqiang's eyes grew wider. This method can stop the rumors and also increases Bing City Government's image. The Beer Factory sales will also increase.

This method can consider. During the meeting, the leaders can discuss this. This method should be approved.

“Later you pa.s.s me your relative's particulars. But he will only be an ordinary clerk. Nothing more than that.” The City government will also be recruiting more staffs this year. University graduates were the ones they wanted.

“There's no need for later. I have all his particulars with me now. I will leave these with you. Thanks for your help.”

Zhang Ruiqiang: “……”

Didn't you suddenly think of this personal matter? Why do you have his particulars with you? You had planned this from the start. I am fooled by you again!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 281

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