Extraordinary Genius Chapter 321

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Chapter 321 – Last Batch of equipment

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Feng Yu sighed as he hangs up the phone.

It was really the same as his previous life. This August, there was indeed a coup in the Soviet Union. Some hardliners had kidnapped Soviet Union's President Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev during his vacation.

These hardliners had wanted to use this coup to make Yeltsin take on the role of President of the Soviet Union. However, Yeltsin refused. It was easier to manage Russia than to led so many allied countries.

Those hardliners also wanted to take Yeltsin into custody and even a.s.sa.s.sinate him. But they found out that Yeltsin had already taken full control of Russia. Thus, they could not achieve their plans.

At the same time, the army and KGB also stop supporting those crazy coup leaders. They openly declared their support for Yeltsin. In the end, after some negotiations, Mikhail Gorbachev was released.

Yeltsin also took the opportunity to declare that the communist party in the Soviet Union was a radical party and chased them out of Russia. He also made Mikhail Gorbachev sign a doc.u.ment which recognized him as the President of Russia.

Mikhail Gorbachev stepped down as the President of the Soviet Union and announced the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus immediately enter the United Nations. Russia had the strongest military power and had the support of the KGB, had the advantage in taking over all the Soviet Union overseas a.s.sets.

Mikhail Gorbachev was still hoping for Yeltsin to continue his Soviet Union economic reforms. Although Yeltsin agreed, he had other plans. He started the Commonwealth of Independent States.

This alliance does not require all the Soviet Union allied countries to be in. As long as Ukraine and Belarus acknowledged this alliance will do. Without these 3 countries, the other allied nations were nothing. Those countries do not have enough military powers or were economically sound.

Before the signing of this treaty, Kirilenko must quickly export that equipment to Feng Yu. After the coup happened in August and the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev, it was difficult to s.h.i.+p these equipment.

But Kirilenko was smart. He told those factories' directors that the Soviet Union was finished. They need to think for themselves and their families. Even if the economy collapsed in the future, they would still have some money. They could also push these sales of equipment to those ex-Soviet Union politicians. They will not be blamed for selling their factories; equipment.

Just like this, the machines bought by Kirilenko was much cheaper than he expected. Of course, his rebate to the directors was higher. Although the political situation in the Soviet Union was in a mess, his cost was still the same.

Kirilenko had wanted to slowly s.h.i.+p those machines to China. If he delivers so many machines at once, he could be found out. Furthermore, Feng Yu also does not have enough place or manpower to store and a.s.semble those machines. But Feng Yu kept chasing him. Feng Yu was afraid that after the United Nations recognized Russia's independence, Kirilenko might not have the chance to export out those machines.

Feng Yu had already spoken to factories and governments in many places. Fu Guangzheng made used of his ident.i.ty of Hong Kong businessman to negotiate with these governments. At this time, the status of Hong Kong businessman was higher than the Americans. It was like this until the handing over of Hong Kong. China Government was afraid of any issues arising before the handing over.

If Kirilenko could not deliver those machines, then Feng Yu's investment in the Machinery company will have problems. It will delay his plans and offend Bing City's government and Master Lu. Feng Yu would also need to pay huge compensations.

With Feng Yu chasing Kirilenko, Kirilenko was under lots of pressure. He used his father's connection and used all means to send all the machinery to Bing City.

Kirilenko does not care whether if Bing City had the place to store those machines. He will get paid once those machines reach Bing city. It was Feng Yu's problem to look for a place to store those machines.

Today, the last batch of machines will be delivered to Bing City. Feng Yu was notified that the machines had crossed the borders through a phone call. He was finally relieved. There will be no problems with his investment in the Machinery Company.

But there was another problem for him now. There were too many machines, and there was no place to store them. Feng Yu had already sent a batch of machinery to Dongguan and Jinling. But there were still a lot of machines left in Bing city.

Li Mingde came to Feng Yu and asked him for a solution to this problem. If these machines were to be left in Bing City, the Machinery Company's warehouses would be insufficient. The Machinery company had already rented all the available warehouses in Bing City. It was still not enough.

The last batch of machines will be arriving soon. Should they send the equipment to the branch factories' provinces straight?

But the construction for those factories was not completed yet. There were even some regions in which the negotiations with the local government were not completed. The factory's venue was still an empty plot of land. Even if the machines were sent there, they also need to look for a place to store them. The local governments might use this opportunity to create problems for them.

Li Mingde felt that Feng Yu was too eager. There was no need for him to send those machines over so early. He should have waited for the factories' construction to complete. There might also be problems with the machines if those machines were left idling for too long.

Feng Yu also wanted to wait for the construction to be completed before sending the machines over. But time does not permit this to happen. These machines were cheap. If he purchases these machines after the constructions were completed, it might cost him at least double.

By that time, the Soviet Union will be disintegrated, and all those countries will be restricting the exports of these machines. Kirilenko might not even get to purchase these machines for him.

Feng Yu also need to get these machines to show Bing city's Government and Master Lu, that he could set up multiple factories at the same time.

Since all the machines had already arrived, Feng Yu called Fu Guangzheng to ask if his negotiations with the local governments will be affected if he sends those machines to the respective regions first.

Even though the land parcel was already settled, but it does not mean that they had the permission to set up their branch factories. This was an investment of over 100 million RMB. The local government will also want to earn some money. There were still many details that still need to be negotiated.

Fu Guangzheng had a headache when he heard this. If the equipment were sent to the region first, then the local government will know that they must set up the factory there. They will make use of this to charge the Machinery Company higher, and the negotiations will not go smoothly for Fu Guangzheng.

However, this was the only solution. Maybe with the equipment stored there, the local government will expedite the negotiations. Even though the Machinery Company might need to pay a higher price, their risk will be lower.

Feng Yu agreed He told Fu Guangzheng just pay more and get all the negotiations settled as soon as possible. After all, Fu Guangzheng's Hong Kong businessman had already helped the Machinery Company saved a lot. If it were Feng Yu or Li Mingde, they would not perform better than him.

Once Fu Guangzheng also completed his negotiations with the respective local government, the machines will be sent from Bing City to that region immediately. Some not so essential equipment might be damaged in the process, but Feng Yu was not worried. He could still purchase those machines from overseas. He was only concerned with the core machines.

Even if those not so essential machines rusted, Feng Yu could still sell it as sc.r.a.p metals. All Feng Yu wanted now was for the factories to complete their construction as soon as possible.

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 321

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