Extraordinary Genius Chapter 326

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Chapter 326 – AWIA, Master of Core Technologies

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With AIWA's current profit percentage, that means that AIWA would have to achieve more than 100 billion yen of sales to achieve the goal of 10 billion Yen profits. That means AIWA would need to sell at least a few hundred million units of Walkman.

“Oh? How did you come up with this number?” Feng Yu was curious. Heitaro Nakajima was telling that that he would be able to sell off all the Walkman that will be produced next year. Possible?

Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would be best if the production is slightly higher than their sales. The output cannot be much higher than the demand, or there will be wastage. If the output is lesser than the market demand, then they would need to increase their production to prevent their compet.i.tors from gaining more market share. If supply = demand, that means the market had no more room to expand. This was not possible.

“I will be doing a global marketing campaign. I will be hiring celebrities to endorse.”

“Then who will you be hiring? Our products are targeting the younger market. Are you looking for those idols singers?” Feng Yu frowned. This was not a good sign. How can AIWA win Sony when it comes to getting singers for the product endors.e.m.e.nt?

Sony will be getting a mega superstar to be their product's spokesperson. That superstar is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson had a contract with CBS record, and CBS records were bought over by Sony.

“Whitney Housten? My people had spoken with her before, and she seems to be interested. But her fees are quite high. This would increase our cost by a lot. However, she is the most popular female singer currently.”

Feng Yu shook his head: “Although I do not want to admit it, she is black. She might be very popular in the US and the African countries. But in Asia and Europe, people might still like her songs. But they will not be interested in her looks.”

“Madonna? She will be even more expensive.” Heitaro Nakajima felt that what Feng Yu said does make sense. He had overlooked the skin color.

Feng Yu shook his head again: “We do not need celebrities to act in our commercials. We only need to use their most popular songs. Or we can also hire someone to write a jingle for us. Maybe a 10 seconds jingle. We can use some good-looking models for our commercials.”

“Models? No problem. But the 10 seconds jingle you mentioned is too short. How can you showcase our brand?” Heitaro Nakajima frowned.

Brand taglines…… Feng Yu thought hard about this and he “borrowed “a very popular advertising tagline from his past life: “Why not use – AWIA, Master of Core Technologies, as our brand tagline?”

AWIA, Master of Core Technologies!

Heitaro Nakajima's eyes nearly popped out. This brand tagline was terrific!

This way, the consumer will get the impression that AIWA was producing the world's best Walkman! Just nice, AIWA Walkman's was better than Sony's Walkman now.

This way, they can showcase AIWA's capabilities and at the same time, belittled their compet.i.tors. Mr. Feng was brilliant. With this brand tagline, AIWA sales will increase further!

“Mr. Feng, I know what to do. I will hire a professional voice artist to say this tagline. This way, it will sound better. As for the music, we can just use parts of those popular songs. This way, the cost will be lower and still have the advertising effects.”

Heitaro Nakajima had a new direction now. With this tagline, it doesn't matter what songs they use. Now he only needs to find two models with excellent image and let them dance while listening to some music on AIWA's Walkman.

Feng Yu nodded: “Ok. You can decide on all those details. This tagline is not only our advertising message. It is also what I want of AIWA. We must master all the core technologies and must always be the forerunners in this industry. Now, you had already used all the new technologies, but do you know if Sony had used all their newest technologies in their products?”

In Feng Yu's previous life, Sony had always used their second-best technologies on their newest products. It was because their second best technologies would be sufficient to beat all their compet.i.tors. Even if their compet.i.tors introduced better products, Sony could always react. Sony will never introduce some technology that would kill off all their compet.i.tors.

Sony would need to pay a high fine for creating a monopoly.

Useless Sony was pushed to a corner, they would never use their latest technologies.

“I know about this. Our R&D department staffs are on par with Sony. We have set some research directions and if they are successful, our earphones, speakers and player, will be upgraded. We are also trying to make our Walkman smaller. We should be able to complete all these research within one year. Next year, our Walkman will be lighter and smaller.”

“It would be best if you can produce a series, for example, those with better sound quality, you can name it as Super Original Audio series. Those that had nicer exterior designs, you can produce it in more colors and call it as the Rainbow series. In the future, when we introduce the smaller Walkman, we can call it the Ultra Slim series. This way, the consumers will have more choices and can also show AIWA's capabilities.”

Feng Yu was using all of Sony's tactics from his previous life. When Sony thought of this strategy, it would be too late. Now, they were at war with Sony in the Walkman industry, but AIWA's sound engineers were more capable than making Walkman.

Feng Yu wants AIWA to start to research CD players. He wants to encroach into Sony's market!


“President Norio, AIWA's Chinese boss, had come to Tokyo. Are they up to something?”

Norio Ohga waved his hand: “Just ignore him. We are Sony. We are the best electronics company in the world. As long as our products are better than them, and with our strength in marketing and our sales channels, AIWA will be no match for us. How is the progress with the sound quality improvement?”

“If we use the BEE technology, we can attain the same sound quality as AIWA.”

“I do not want to be the same as them! I want to be better than them! Also, launch our new earphones into the market. We must hold on to the market. AIWA's two new factories will start operation next year. Their production will increase by several folds, and we cannot let them s.n.a.t.c.h the position of market leader from us. You must focus more on the Asian market!”

Asia was Sony's home ground. But their home ground was taken over by AIWA. In Europe and the US market, Sony was still leading, but it was also they had more products. This does not mean that their products were popular. AIWA had already overtaken Sony regarding sales for j.a.pan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. this was an insult to Sony!

Humph! AIWA wants to make it big? That was only Sony had overlooked. If we are serious, there is nothing that is unachievable! We have already won against the Americans, how can we lose to the Chinese?

Humph! This time we will hire Michael Jackson to endorse our products. We shall see who will be the winner next year!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 326

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