Extraordinary Genius Chapter 343

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Chapter 343 – Formation of the Judging panel

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Deputy Chief Jia reported to the Station Chief. He emphasized that this award ceremony was not only organized by the planning committee and also it was a special New Year Day's program. If the response is good, they can host it every year since they don't need to spend and still get profits.

How to get profits? The rental of the venue, their workers' salaries, etc. CCTV does not need to worry about the performers. Feng Yu had promised to hire celebrities to perform.

CCTV had also considered inviting celebrities to perform during the Spring Festival Gala Night, but they do not have the budget. They can only afford the expenses of the celebrities for a day. This includes train tickets, a packed lunch, and lodging for a night. Many stars were not willing to perform for the Spring Festival Gala Night as they still need to rush home to celebrate Lunar New Year.

This was very different from the future years. In the future, celebrities were even willing to pay to perform.

If a celebrity got to perform at the Spring Festival Gala Night, their net worth would increase by at least 10 times! There was once a second rated singer whose appearance fees was about 30,000 RMB. But after performing at the Spring Festival Gala Night, his appearance fees increased to over 1 million RMB. He had more jobs than he can take on!

The Station Chief thought for a long time: “Old Jia, can this really work?”

“Chief, at least our audiences are on our side. If the higher-ups want to talk about regulations, they would also not go against all the viewers, the whole nation. I think we can try. Furthermore, we can use the planning committee as a s.h.i.+eld.”

If this special program were a success, then Deputy Chief Jia would get the credit, and he would be next in line to take over the position of the Station Chief.

But if this does not work out, they can just treat it as an ordinary awards presentation. Anyway, it will be recorded.

“Fine. We will have a meeting with the rest to discuss this. Who did you say is the sponsor? That Tai Hua Trading's Feng Yu? That young boy who sells humidifiers?”

“Yes. He does not only sell humidifiers. The bladeless fans, Songjiang Motorcycles, and the popular AIWA Walkman are all his. This kid is competent.”


Beep, beep…..

Feng Yu took a look at his pager and went to look for a phone booth to return the call: “Is this Section Chief Cheng? I am Feng Yu.”

“Manager Feng, I have good news for you. The TV station leaders agreed to help the planning committee to host the Gala dinner. There is no need for official doc.u.ments, but it would be best if someone from the planning committee can come over for a meeting. This will prevent any miscommunications.”

“Fine. Thank you. I will let them know.”

After hanging up the phone, Feng Yu waved his fist in triumph. Now he got to settle the planning committee side. He needs to hurry Master Lu. He had to get the Planning Committee to agree if not, the CCTV would be offended.


“Master Lu, how is it going?” Feng Yu asked.

“It's settled. The Development Planning Committee will be the main organizer of this event, the rest of the planning committees will be listed as co-organizers. Also, the industrial department will also be joining in. They will be the judge's panel. You mentioned that you will be sponsoring all their expenses, am I right?”

“That's right. The office rental, wages, operation costs, etc. will all be on me! But can I get a place in this committee?” Feng Yu asked.

Want a place in the committee? Master Lu was troubled. If Feng Yu is 40 or 50 years' old, or even 30 years' old, it would not be a problem to be on this organizing committee. But Feng Yu was less than 20 years' old and what would the rest of the members think? They had worked for decades to reach this position, and a young brat is on par with them?

“Brother Feng, this is a bit difficult. Why not you nominate someone else. You are too young.”

Feng Yu: “……” Age discrimination again!

“Fine. I will consider. Oh, how many committee members can I nominate?”

“There will be 7 members on this judging panel. This planning committee and the industrial department will be taking 4 seats for now. The remaining 3 seats can be your people. But you don't need to worry. Just let me know the companies you wanted to win the awards. I will make arrangements. There should not be any problems.”

3 organizing committee members and still need to be old and have status. Then Hou Haitao, Li Mingde, and Li s.h.i.+you should fit the bill. Feng Yu was confident that these 3 people will help him fix all the winners. He does not want to let others win any awards in this ceremony.

Master Lu had said that the Government side was holding 4 seats for now. That means they might want lesser places. Must find a way to make them give up 2 of their seats.

“Master Lu, what is the name of this awards? What are the categories and how many of these awards are for group and individuals?” This was what Feng Yu was most worried about. If in the end, there were only 1 or 2 awards, then Feng Yu would have wasted his efforts.

Master Lu replied in proud tone: “The committee and awards categories were not decided yet. You can decide the number of awards and categories. The committee will decide the winners. You think about it and let me know. This is the first time we are organizing this award ceremony. Don't create too many categories.”

Feng Yu also know about this. If he created a few dozen awards, then this award would be worthless. He planned to have about 5 or 6 group awards, and 5 or 6 individual awards. He wants at least half of the winners to be the ones he appointed!

What fair and open? I am spending money, and I will decide the winners!

The organizing committee must use “China” or “National” in its t.i.tle. This way, it will sound more prestigious.


3 days later, Feng Yu had found the office for the organizing committee. It was near the National Planning Committee building. The office was about 100 sqm. But no one would be working in this office. Most of the time this office would be vacant.

The leaders from the Planning Committee were just using their names in this a.s.sociation. They do not care about the running of this a.s.sociation. Their jobs were to be the judges and announce the winners. Feng Yu would be the one that arranges everything, including the winners.

A new graduate was sent by the Planning Committee to be stationed in this office. He was unhappy with this a.s.signment. Feng Yu was laughing in his heart. In the future years, many government officials wanted to be posted to these types of offices. They would get the chance to meet many people and get to acc.u.mulate experiences. The most important thing was…… the benefits!

“Master Lu.”

Master Lu nodded: “This is Mr. Feng. He is also the organizer of this ceremony. Later he will tell you the t.i.tles of the committee members and also the award categories. You prepare a report for the leaders.”

Master Lu was not from the Planning Committee, but everyone from the Planning Committee knows him. He was ordering this new staff as if he was his staff.

“This a.s.sociation will be named as “China Business Contribution Judging Panel”. There will be a few award categories and each category will have group winners and individual winners……”

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 343

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