Extraordinary Genius Chapter 358 – Cheers And Placards On Gala Dinner (Part 3 Of 3)

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“Wind and Rain home appliances, Technology to change your life!”

When Tai Hua Trading's staffs raised their placards and shouted their slogans, Xu Yipeng became quiet.

The rest of the audiences turned and looked at Tai Hua Trading staffs. Tai Hua Trading staffs did not feel awkward or embarra.s.sed. Instead, they had a proud look on their faces.

All of you are representatives of your company? All of our Tai Hua Trading's staffs are here!

All of you are here to watch the live recording of this award ceremony and are not paid? We are still getting our salary for being here, and we still have a bonus!

All of you traveled here by train? We came here by plane!

All of you are staying at those regular hotels and eat everyday meals? We are all staying in 5 stars hotel and have all of our meals at Quanjude. Our boss is paying for everything. Even when we can't finish the food, we are also allowed to bring the leftovers home!

All of you are wearing regular clothes or uniforms? We are all in branded suits and leather shoes.

How much are you all earning a month? Do you have bonuses? Not only our salaries are higher than the national average, but we can also claim our pager expenses. From next year onwards, each of us can even claim the petrol expenses for our motorcycles. Which company have benefits that can match us?

We are the staffs from Tai Hua Trading, and we are proud of it!

Furthermore, what's wrong with our slogan? We are using technologies to change people's lives! Manager Feng had said that the special bonus for this year will be a Super Fan each. The market value for this fan is a few thousand RMB! On Lunar New Year, we will still be getting red packets, chickens, ducks, fishes, and meat. Our families can't even finish all these food in a month!

Tai Hua Trading's welfare was too good. Manager Feng had said that others can only envy them, and no other company's welfare can be better than them!

When Tai Hua Trading's Wu Zhigang went up the stage to receive the award, he recited the script written by Feng Yu: “Thank you Bing City's Government for their support and help. I would also like to thank Bing City's Aviation Factory, Bing City's Motor Factory, Beijing's YADU Company for their support. I would like to thank Mr. Feng Xingtai and Mdm. Zhang Muhua. I would like to thank Mr. Li s.h.i.+qiang and Ms. Feng Danying. Technologies should be used to improve our daily lives. We, Tai Hua Trading, have achieved it. I believe that all of you can also do it. Let us use technologies to change our lives and our future!”

When he finished his speech, the audiences cheered. Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua were the most excited. They had been thanked! Li s.h.i.+qiang and his wife were not present. Li s.h.i.+qiang was temporary helping to look after Tai Hua Trading.

A few companies' leaders and professors were thinking about what Wu Zhigang had said. Technologies should be used to improve our daily lives!

The government officials looked at each other and nodded. This Tai Hua Trading was right!

Xu Yipeng looked the nominees for the remaining categories. There were no other companies that start with Tai Hua. There should be no more placards or cheers.

But Xu Yipeng did not expect that Bing City's Motor Factory did it again.

“Bing City Motor Factory, striving to be the best!”

d.a.m.n, another Bing City's company. Did all these Bing City's companies discuss beforehand? All of them were wearing the same clothing, carried placards and shouted cheers. What were they doing?!

Xu Yipeng must report this to the leaders. These people must be punished. This is CCTV and not Bing City! They are not allowed to do whatever they want!


Li Na and the rest looked at Feng Yu. Needless to say, all these must be related to Feng Yu. No one else would do such things!

From the moment they walked into the venue, they saw a humidifier on every table. They knew it must be Feng Yu's idea. Just now, Feng Yu was the one who started the applause. How could Feng Yu be unrelated to this?

But all of them also noticed something weird. The Motor Factory and Aviation Factory's slogans were very traditional. Whereas, the Machinery Company and Tai Hua companies were very innovative.

Especially when they heard “Clouds thinking of nice clothes, flowers thinking of blooming. Pigs thinking if getting fat and men thinking of getting famous!”, all the audiences were laughing.

All of them felt that this pig farm was too weird, and had an odd name, Tian Peng Pig Farm. But none of them noticed that they had remembered the name of this pig farm unconsciously!

This was what Feng Yu wanted. This award ceremony will be recorded on VCD and will be given free with Wind and Rain VCD players. When the time VCD players entered the homes of everybody, this advertis.e.m.e.nt will also reach out to them. Most importantly, this was free.

When Feng Yu notified the Motor Factory and Aviation Factory, Li s.h.i.+you and Hou Haitao were hesitating. But Feng Yu told them that this was an opportunity to show the whole nation their factory's work culture. They would regret if they missed out this opportunity.

When Li s.h.i.+you and Hou Haitao saw the people at the Machinery Company and Tai Hua Trading preparing their placards and cheers, they immediately organized their staffs to do the same. Although they do not know if they were allowed to do this, if everyone were doing the same thing, they should not get into trouble. Furthermore, Feng Yu had mentioned that he had a lot of authority for this ceremony. Since Feng Yu had said they would not get into trouble, then it should be fine. Feng Yu would not lie to them.

But they refused to use the slogans Feng Yu suggested. What slogans were those? Bing City's Aviation Factory, soaring to the skies, Bing City's Aviation Factory, flying among the clouds. Bing City's Motor Factory, Number one in generators.

These slogans were more like children songs. Also, it was too arrogant. How can they shout such slogans? They would be laughed by other companies if they showed these on TV.

Feng Yu could only sigh and give up on them. These people do not know that slogans should be as simple as possible and must be easy to remember. This way, people will remember and spread. Anyway, these two factories were state-owned enterprises. They do not have to worry about their sales. Since the both of you were not willing to take up my suggestions, so be it. Anyway, my companies must be using these slogans to let the whole nation remember us!


“The first nominee for the first Business Contribution Awards ceremony, Health products category, Hangzhou's Lehaha company.”

“Drink Lehaha, Dinner would taste better!” The projector showed Lehaha's video clip. There was a group of young children holding a bottle of Lehaha and shouting their slogan together.

When the camera switched to the audiences, all of Lehaha's staffs shouted one, two, three, and stood up. They raised a huge cut-out of a cartoon character. This cartoon character was their trademark.

Xu Yipeng heard the workers shouting their slogan, “Drink Lehaha, Dinner would taste better!” through his headphones. He threw his headphones on the floor in anger!

How come this Lehaha also joined in this nonsense? This was a company from the southern provinces. What has it got to do with this Feng Yu? Why were they copying Feng Yu's companies?

Xu Yipeng had thought that there were no more companies from the northeast regions and there would be no more such things. But this Lehaha's cut-out was the biggest! They had planned this way before this ceremony!

Xu Yipeng was mad. He swore that he would not direct this program next year even if the higher-ups do not punish him!

One of China's top director and the Chief Director of this award ceremony was about to collapse from his anger!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 358 – Cheers And Placards On Gala Dinner (Part 3 Of 3)

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