Extraordinary Genius Chapter 445

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Chapter 445 – Brother Ki is a foodie?

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Tian Lei was feeling helpless. Feng Yu wants to apply leave from school again. The frequency of Feng Yu taking leave had increased during this semester. But Tian Lei could not reject Feng Yu because of his reasons. Organizing a national level exhibition, helping CCTV organize the award ceremony. The excuse this time was to play host to a big shot from overseas.

Although Tian Lei does not know why Feng Yu was involved with hosting someone from overseas, he still helps him applied for the leave. Feng Yu had helped him a lot in school, and his girlfriend was introduced by Feng Yu.

This bigshot from overseas was referring to Kirilenko.

When Feng Yu arrived at Bing City, Kirilenko had already reached, and Li s.h.i.+qiang had sent his men to pick him with Songjiang Motors vehicle.

By the time Feng Yu arrived at the restaurant, Kirilenko was already high. The most surprising part was that Li s.h.i.+qiang had not even drunk a single drop of alcohol.

Feng Yu swore that he must learn this skill from his brother-in-law. How did he get Kirilenko drunk and he did not even drink!? The weirdest part was Li s.h.i.+qiang does not understand Russian, and Kirilenko does not know Chinese. The translators were not present too. How did both of them communicate?

Using sign language to make Kirilenko drink?

Feng Yu had still wanted to talk to Kirilenko about his cars today, but it seems impossible now. Feng Yu sat down and ate something before both he and Li s.h.i.+qiang carried Kirilenko back to the car.

“You can stay with him at the international hotel. I still have 2 friends visiting me. They are waiting for me at home.”

Li s.h.i.+qiang had escaped, and Feng Yu was going crazy.

Sleeping under the same roof with Kirilenko? Have you heard the noise of electric drills drilling the wall?!

Luckily there were still available rooms at the hotel, and Feng Yu booked another room next to Kirilenko for himself.

Soon, Feng Yu regretted. He should have booked a room two floors away from Kirilenko's room. What soundproofing did this G.o.dd.a.m.n hotel have? He could hear Kirilenko's thunderous snoring clearly in the adjacent room!

When Feng Yu was about to fall asleep, he heard someone knocking on his door.

“Who is it?”

“Feng, are you in there? Are you awake?” Kirilenko was knocking on his door shouting energetically.

Feng Yu opened the door unwillingly. He was full of respect for Kirilenko. Last night, Kirilenko was dead drunk, and after sleeping for one night, he was revived with full hit points! But what about me? Your snoring had kept me awake the whole night!

“Ah… Brother Ki. It is still early. You should go for some breakfast first. I need to sleep a while more.” Feng Yu yawned.

Kirilenko gave Feng Yu a “Wake up and play with me” look and stopped Feng Yu from closing the door. He went into the room and shoved Feng Yu into the bathroom: “Hurry up. Didn't you say you had arranged a fun day today?”

What the h.e.l.l did brother-in-law arrange to make Kirilenko so excited? How come no one informed me?

“Fine. Wait a while. I need to use the bathroom.”

After half an hour of was.h.i.+ng up, Feng Yu slowly came out of the bathroom. Kirilenko was already running out of patience.

When the both of them reach downstairs, Li s.h.i.+qiang had driven over: “The both of you are early.”

Feng Yu rolled his eyes at his brother-in-law. It was all because of the things you told Kirilenko yesterday. If not, why would he wake me up so early today?

“Li, are you here to pick us up? You are really my good friend.” Kirilenko patted Li s.h.i.+qiang's shoulders with a grateful look.

Feng Yu looked at the both of them. If he did not know about their s.e.xual preferences, he might have thought that both of them were gay!

“Let's go. I will bring you to have breakfast.”

This was a small shop with a short metal chimney sticking out from a hole in the roof. Thick smoke was billowing out from the chimney.

There were some writings on the door, and Feng Yu knew that this was only a regular shop selling breakfast. Why was Kirilenko so excited?

d.a.m.n, did Brother-in-law arranged some young waitress for Kirilenko in this small shop?

But when Feng Yu entered the shop, he saw a plumped middle age auntie. He was relieved. He knew that Kirilenko would not have such exquisite tastes in women. Hmmm… Maybe he really has such fetish. Feng Yu had heard that Russian middle age women were also very popular in Russia.

“What do you want to order?”

“Do you have freshly fried Youtiao (dough sticks)?”

“Yes. There are also freshly fried pancakes, pancakes with fillings, meat buns, porridge, and soy milk. What do you want?”

“3 youtiao, 3 fried pancakes, 3 pancakes with fillings, 3 meat buns, 3 bowls of soy milk and 3 salted duck eggs for now.”

Feng Yu's eyes widen. All these for now? How could the 3 of them finish so much food?

When the food arrived, Kirilenko gobbled up the food in a few mouthfuls. Now, Feng Yu knew his brother-in-law was right to order so much food. The food he ordered might not be enough!

“Feng, this ‘Youtiao” taste so good. This pancake with fillings is good too. The taste of this meat bun is also exceptional. Why are you not eating?” Kirilenko asked with his mouth full of food.

d.a.m.n, how long have you been starving? Feng Yu suddenly remembered that Kirilenko did not have any dinner the night before. But he should also not be so hungry.

Li s.h.i.+qiang laughed and told Feng Yu: “He had not tasted all these foods. That's why it is interesting to him.”

This was the problem with the International Hotel. Their breakfast was prepared according to the nationality of their guests. They claimed that they were respecting their guests. Kirilenko had come to Bing City several times, and he still had not tried the traditional Chinese breakfast.

“Brother-in-law, what did you promise him yesterday? Why is he so excited today?” Feng Yu asked.

Li s.h.i.+qiang was also surprised: “I had only asked the translator to tell him that I will be bringing him around to try out our China's street food. Later at the restaurant, the translator left. I can't speak Russian, so we start ordering. But every time I raise my gla.s.s, he will finish his gla.s.s. Because I have to drive, I am drinking plain water.”

Feng Yu: “……”

d.a.m.n, this will work? This meant that Kirilenko had made himself drunk yesterday!

But was there a need for Kirilenko to be so excited over some street food? This Kirilenko is a foodie?

Russia does not have delicious food? The pies and sausages I ate in Moscow taste nice too. But it seems that other than these, there isn't any other delicious food.

China was like France. Their cuisines were famous throughout the world. Foreign delegates had praised Chinese cuisine more than once.

Feng Yu had only eaten a bun, and a fried pancake and Kirilenko had finished the rest of the food on the table. He seems to like deep fried food a lot. He had finished 4 youtiao!

“Brother Ki, how is the food?”

“Very good. What are we having for lunch?” Kirilenko asked excitedly.

Huh? Did you forget why you are here in Bing City? Why are you only asking about food?

“We can talk about lunch later. We need to visit the Machinery Company's automobile factory later. I told you that you will be able to make money.”

Kirilenko took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his mouth with a satisfied look: “Ok. I will follow your arrangements.”

Feng Yu was staring at that handkerchief. He remembered that when he was helping Kirilenko to change yesterday, this handkerchief had dropped onto the floor. He had also stepped on it with his smelly socks.

Hmmm…. Feng Yu decided to keep this a secret from Kirilenko. Maybe it was because of the smell from this handkerchief, he has such a good appet.i.te.

Translator's notes: Youtiao is a long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough eaten in China. The Chinese pancakes written in this chapter is similar to scallion pancake. You can see the pictures here.



Extraordinary Genius Chapter 445

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