Extraordinary Genius Chapter 458

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Chapter 458 – Huh? That person is coming?

This is sold by your company?

Tian Lei's jaws dropped. He knew that Feng Yu had a lot of business, but he had never expected his business to be so big.

This Songjiang Motorcycle had gotten a national award for the most popular brand, last year. The shop owner had also mentioned that this brand was China's top-selling motorcycle. This motorcycle is sold by Feng Yu's company?

When Tian Lei thought back about Feng Yu mentioning he knew the Aiwa's distributor, something comes to his mind. Could Aiwa Walkman also belong to Feng Yu's company?

But Tian Lei did not ask Feng Yu. After all, he had already bought the Walkman.

“Fine. Lao Si, then I will let you know before I buy the motorcycle next year. You must give me a discount.”

“No problem. I will let the distributor know and sell you at cost price!” A Songjiang 100 motorcycle cost was about 5,000 RMB, and the retail price was slightly more than 10,000 RMB.


The next day, Tian Lei went to look for Qingqing to pa.s.s her the Walkman. Feng Yu also called Li Na to inform her that he will be going over to the a.s.sociation to take a look. The results for this year's awards was out.

Last year's award ceremony was popular with the audiences. This year's ceremony must also be a success!

Feng Yu was glad that this year, no companies created trouble. Many people knew that this a.s.sociation had strong backings.

“Old Li, bring me the information on The Little Swan Company.”

“It is on your table. Where is the information on Le Bai Company? Who took it away? It was here moments ago!”

“It had dropped onto the floor. Be careful not to step on it.”

When Feng Yu arrived at the a.s.sociation, it was in a mess. Last year, Feng Yu had given out the awards to the influential brands he remembered from his previous life and the companies he was close with. But this year, he cannot do this again.

Although in China, there was an unusual situation which was companies could get awards year after year at the provincial level.

This was because the local government had given special treatment to those companies. This also showed that these provinces' economies were not performing well. If it was, why were there no other companies getting awards?

Li Mingde had also asked Feng Yu if they should also do the same thing. Feng Yu had a say in the a.s.sociation, and the Machinery Company's products could get awards year after year too.

Feng Yu thought for a while. It was impossible for the same product to get awards year after year. But there should not be a problem for different products from the same company to get the awards.

This year, Feng Yu decided to showcase Songjiang Motors vehicles. He must let everyone believe that Songjiang Motors vehicles' quality and technologies were the best in China. If not, how can he get a national award?

There was still the Wind and Rain VCD player. The sales for this VCD player had not reached Feng Yu's expectation. He must make use of this opportunity to market this product to everybody and let them know that this was China's consumer electronics most advanced product!

As for the rest of the awards, Feng Yu did not interfere. He let the rest of the people at the a.s.sociation handled that. Feng Yu would just make sure that the award winners and nominees really had the capabilities.

Those companies that were related to the judges must also show their capabilities and results before they can qualify for the award. If not, those companies could only get a nominee for the individual award at most. This year, Tai Hua Food Agriculture Products was not even nominated. Feng Yu had tried his best to be fair to the rest of the companies.

Of course, Tai Hua Agriculture Products will most likely be China's top animal feed and Pork supplier next year with the rate it was growing.

Now, Tian Peng Pig Farm had expanded into Chengdu region, China's traditional pig rearing stronghold. Also, last year's countrywide crackdown on imitation Tian Peng Pork had made Tian Peng Pig Farm famous.

Zhang Ming's business strategies were well planned. Now, Tai Hua Agriculture Products wholly owns 6 pig farms. All these pig farms were modern pig farms and had become the industry's benchmark.

Tai Hua Agriculture Products also had shares in more than 10 pig farms. Tai Hua Agriculture Products had used Tian Peng brand name to invest in these farms. These farms used Tian Peng Pig farm's feeding system and use Tai Hua brand of animal feed.

Tai Hua Agriculture Products also owns 7 animal feed factories. The animal feeds were sold all over China. Zhang Ming had also forced a few small factories who were producing imitation Tai Hua animal feeds to stop their production. Feng Yu was really pleased with his abilities.

Zhang Ming did not go all out on those small factories. He only stops them from using Tian Peng's brand! How dare you use our brand name? If our Tian Peng pigs were not selling well, will you still name your animal feeds as Tai Hua's animal feed? Our Tian Peng pigs were not fed with your animal feeds. You had added so many additives in your animal feeds, how could your pork taste good?

From these incidents, Feng Yu knew that he had made the right decision to appoint Zhang Ming as the general manager. This Zhang Ming was really worth the high price paid by Feng Yu.

But this year, Zhang Ming's investment was slightly higher and had taken quite a lot of loans. But Feng Yu does not mind. It was the end results that matter. From next year onwards, those pig farms will be able to grow rapidly, and Zhang Ming had told Feng Yu that he decided to manufacture Chinese ham. Feng Yu agreed. Next year will be the fall of Chundu's Jinhua ham. This was an opportunity to get the Jinhua ham market share.

 Tian Peng Pigs and Tai Hua animal feed will surely get awards next year.


What is this company? From one look, you can tell that this is a sh.e.l.l company. How can this company get an award? Feng Yu struck off this company from a list and picked another company from the nominees to be the winner of the state-owned enterprise category.

Who is this person that invented a new way of making salted vegetables? He still wants to win an award for this?

Feng Yu looked through the list of nominees and saw the names of some individuals from Jianlibao, Le Bai s.h.i.+, Chundu Ham, and other companies. Feng Yu thought for a while. Chundu Ham will be in trouble next year, and if he were to let Chundu Ham win any awards now, it would be bad for the a.s.sociation's reputation. Bai Le s.h.i.+ and Lehaha were compet.i.tors. Although their yogurt drinks taste good, Feng Yu cannot let them win the award. They can be considered lucky to be one of the nominees. This was Feng Yu's way of being fair to them.

In the end, Feng Yu draw a tick beside Jianlibao. This food category individual award will be given to the one who developed the recipe of Jianlibao. Feng Yu knew that no one would dispute this. Jianlibao was exported and sold in many countries! They were also known as China's Magic water!

Feng Yu checked through all the winners and nominees for the awards and then pa.s.s back the list to the a.s.sociation staff: “Pa.s.s this list to the leaders and also to CCTV. Tell CCTV to prepare the performances based on the winners.”

“Mr. Feng, why did you strike this person off the list?”

Feng Yu looked at the list. d.a.m.n, it's the one who sells salted vegetables. Does he have a strong background? Cannot be. If he had someone backing him, why would he still need to sell salted vegetables?

“What's wrong with giving this award to Jianlibao? If the person who invented the formula of Jianlibao could not get this award, why should that person win this award? Have you tasted his salted vegetables?”

“Mr. Feng, this is a brand from Zhejiang region. It is selling very well in the South, and the new deputy head of the award judging committee is from Zhejiang.”

d.a.m.n, we need to curry favor?!

“Do you think the leader will be proud to see someone selling salted vegetables winning this award? Last year, Hangzhou's Lehaha had won this award, and next year, I promise to let a company from Zhejiang win. That's settle. If the leader disagrees, ask him to call me.”

Feng Yu does not believe those judges, which consist of retired leaders and industries experts, will disagree with him. He had given each of them allowances for being the judges for this award.

Feng Yu wanted to reprimand this staff. Even if he wants to fix this award, he should at least get the right candidate. How can someone who sells salted vegetables win this award? How much profit can he generate from something that cost 20 cents for a big bag?

But before Feng Yu could start his lecture, his handphone rang.

Feng Yu answered, and Li Mingde's excited voice could be heard over the phone: “Manager Feng, come back now. The ‘Chief Architect' will be visiting our Machinery Company tomorrow!”

Translator's notes: Chinese ham had a long history dating back to the Tang Dynasty. For more information, check out this Wikipedia link.

Chundu Group is a Chinese MNC. They were the market leaders for Jinhua Ham and held the significant market share from the 1980s to early 1990s. But due to some rumors that were suspected to be spread by its compet.i.tors, their market share declined rapidly. This information was taken from a Chinese forum, and I am also not sure if this is true.

Jianlibao group is a sports beverage manufacturer. Their drinks were very popular in China during the 80s and 90s.




Extraordinary Genius Chapter 458

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