Extraordinary Genius Chapter 476

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Chapter 476 – Everybody wants to be exchange students (Part 1 of 3)

The first thing Feng Yu did was not to go back to cla.s.s, gathering with friends or look for his teachers. He went straight to Beijing Teaching University to fetch Li Na.

The both of them had returned back to their schools early. They spent their days watching movies, shopping and visit amus.e.m.e.nt parks. Of course, sleeping together!

“Nana, if we are unable to meet for some time, will you miss me?” Feng Yu hugged Li Na and asked.

Li Na sat up and asked nervously: “What do you mean? Are you still worried about my father?”

Feng Yu laughed: “What are you thinking? I am not talking about your father. I am saying that I might be going to Hong Kong as an exchange student. I will not be able to visit you every weekend. But I will try to fly back every month.”

“Exchange student? What is that?” Li Na asked puzzledly. She had never heard of this term and was not sure what does it mean.

“I will be switching places with a student from Hong Kong University. I will attend Hong Kong University for a year, and that student will come to Beijing University for a year. I will return in year 4.” Feng Yu explained.

“Oh, that's good. You can visit Hong Kong.” Li Na said enviously.

 Feng Yu knocked his head: “I will talk to Hong Kong University and help you get a place as an exchange student.”

Li Na shook her head: “I cannot speak Cantonese, and my English is not good. I think I should not go. Furthermore, it should be quite troublesome to get a place.”

“This is only a small matter. I will just donate 1 million to that university, and they will arrange for you.” Feng Yu said.

“Huh? Need 1 million?! I do not want to go anymore. 1 million…… how many sacks of rice can you buy with 1 million?” Li Na was shocked.

Feng Yu rubbed Li Na's nose: “I know you like to eat rice, but you shouldn't use sacks of rice as comparison. 1 million to us is really nothing. I can earn it within minutes.”

Feng Yu was not bragging when he said this. He was confident of his trading skills, and he knew his skills were better than 99% of all the traders in this era. The a.n.a.lytic techniques Feng Yu learned in his previous life was not even developed yet. Also, he still has his memories from his previous life. For instance, he knew that the US market was having a bull run now and this will last for a few more years. Unless one is really unlucky, almost everybody who bought shares will make money!

If he invested 100 million, and the shares increase by 1%, it will be 1 million in profits. To Feng Yu, it was really a matter of a few minutes.

For the past year plus, Feng Yu had instructed Wind and Rain Consulting company to acquire Microsoft shares. This was the only shares he bought, and the number of shares he owns was increasing.

Feng Yu did not lose any money from his investments in Microsoft. No matter what price he bought the shares, the share prices will increase after a while.

But buying Microsoft shares had slowly used up Wind and Rain Consulting's funds. Now, the company only have about 10 million USD left. Feng Yu let the traders in his company use this amount to trade. He did not tell them what to invest and make them polish up their trading skills.

Feng Yu was very satisfied with their performance. These traders had followed Feng Yu's instructions to make risk-averse investments and practice hedging. Although the returns were low, they did not make any losses.

During 1997, these people will be useful to Feng Yu. Feng Yu will let those greedy wall street capitalists know who is the king of the financial world!

In the end, Li Na did not agree to go to Hong Kong. But Feng Yu told Li Na to visit him in Hong Kong during the October holidays. He will bring her around, and she agreed excitedly.

Li Na hugged Feng Yu around his waist and buried her head in his chest. She felt that she was the luckiest woman on earth.

But after hugging a while, Li Na felt Feng Yu's hand roaming about on her body. She playfully slapped his hand, and Feng Yu said: “You cannot blame me. Who asked your body to be so tempting and you are not covering it up. I cannot resist your temptations. It is still early now. How about we have another round?”

“Early? It is almost midnight. Ahhhh…….”

The next morning, when Feng Yu opened his eyes, Li Na had already prepared breakfast. Feng Yu looked at his watch beside him. It was only 6 am. Seem like he should not let her rest last night. She still has the energy to make breakfast so early!

After breakfast, Feng Yu sent Li Na to school first before returning back to his university. His school reopens today!

After the lesson ended, the 6 dorm mates gathered in their dormitory. They had secretly brought liquor into their room, and each of them had brought snacks from their hometowns.

Although these snacks were not expensive, and some were even not hygienic, Feng Yu really enjoyed it.

“Lao Si (Number 4, they had numbered themselves based on their age. Feng Yu was the fourth oldest), I heard that our school had started a student exchange program with Hong Kong University.” Tian Lei suddenly said.

Feng Yu's eyes twitched. Do these news travel so fast in this era?

“I know about this. What's wrong?”

“Nothing much. I just want to congratulate you. I heard that you are selected for this program.” Tian Lei raised his gla.s.s.

Feng Yu laughed: “My friend had helped me.” Feng Yu does not want to explain. He does not want to say that he had used money and connections to be an exchange student to hide away from the higher-ups in Hong Kong.

The youngest asked curiously: “What is this student exchange program? How useful is it?”

“The exchange student will study in another school for some time. The student will get the chance to experience the culture of another place. But the student still has to pay school fees. I heard that Hong Kong University's school fees are much more expensive than our university.” Feng Yu explained and told them the cons of being an exchange student to prevent others from wanting to be one.

In the room, other than Feng Yu and Tian Lei, the rest could not afford. But Feng Yu did not tell them that exchange students can also apply for scholars.h.i.+ps.

Hong Kong University's scholars.h.i.+p amount was much more than Beijing University!

“Huh? Then what's the difference from spending money to study abroad? You will be spending money, and you still cannot get an overseas certificate. I will not go.” The youngest finished his wine in his gla.s.s in one gulp.

Tian Lei laughed and said: “You should work hard and get a spot as a research student overseas. I heard that the scholars.h.i.+ps for research students overseas are a lot. You do not have to worry about your expenses, and you can even remit some of your money home. This exchange program is not very important. Only some people who think that Hong Kong is a better place would want to go.”

“You do not want to go?” Feng Yu asked.

Tian Lei shook his head: “I have not even considered being an exchange student. I will be gone for 1 year. Who will take care of Qingqing when I am gone?

d.a.m.n. This guy was not willing to be an exchange student was because he was afraid that his girlfriend would run off with other guys!

“We are not interested, but I heard that many people in our school are interested in getting a spot in this program. Especially your spot.” Tian Lei said.

Feng Yu frowned. Indeed, this exchange student's spot was too attractive to many students.

I do not care what connections or background you have. If you dare to touch my spot, don't blame me for being ruthless! If I really get p.i.s.sed, I will stop this exchange program, and everyone has to remain here!


Extraordinary Genius Chapter 476

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