Extraordinary Genius Chapter 477 – Everybody Wants To Be Exchange Students Part 2 Of 3

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“Director Li, these two bottles of Maotai is from my father. It is directly from the factory. You can't get it outside.” A Chinese Literature year 2 student, Xiao Sun, placed his gift on the coffee table.

“Xiao Sun, why are you doing this?” Director Li said, but his eyes were fixated on those two bottles of Maotai. Oh, it was exclusive brewed. This Xiao Sun's family was not simple.

“Director Li, I heard that our school have an exchange program with Hong Kong University next semester. Can I partic.i.p.ate?” Xiao Sun looked at Professor Li.

Director Li was the director of the Chinese Literature faculty, and there were rumors that the student from Hong Kong University was a Chinese Literature student. Director Li will have a say in this exchange program.

Of course, Xiao Sun had not only gave Director Li gifts. He had given gifts to all the leaders. He had specially picked the gifts for each leader. He knows that Director Li likes to drink, and he especially got these bottles of Maotai for him

“Xiao Sun, this exchange program is not under my charge. Although the students from Hong Kong will be coming over to our Chinese Literature faculty, our students do not need to be from the same faculty.” Director Li was troubled. He wanted to accept this gift, but he felt that he could not help much.

“Director Li, when the higher ups ask you for recommendations, please recommend me. You don't need to worry about anything else.”

“If that's the case, it should not be a problem.” Director Li knew that Xiao Sun had already spoken to the other leaders.

“Thank you, Director Li. I will revisit you.” Before Xiao Sun left, he hinted that he will be giving more gifts if he became one of the exchange students.

“Xiao Sun, take these with you.” Director Li pretended to be angry.

“Director Li, I am staying in the dormitory. I cannot bring alcohol back. I am going back to practice my English.”

“Princ.i.p.al Chu, about my son becoming one of the exchange students?”

“Chief Zhao, I will help you settle this. There are 4 exchange students places. I will leave one spot for him. If he studied in Hong Kong for 1 year, he will get some overseas experience and will definitely enter the ministries and committees when he graduates. He will have a bright future!”

“Then I shall thank you in advance. Oh, there are some manpower movements in my department, and a divisional chief position is vacant. Your son had been a deputy divisional chief for almost two years. I think he is suitable to move up the ranks. In the future, his workload will increase. Don't blame me for giving him too much work.” Chief Zhao joked.

“No, young men should work harder.” Princ.i.p.al Chu smiled. The both of them had completed their exchange of benefits.

“Secretary Lin, my girl's results are the best in her faculty every semester. Don't you think she should be one of the exchange students?”

“Mdm Liu, your daughter's results are outstanding. But Hong Kong University does not have her course. If she were to go over as an exchange student, she would have to switch her major. If her results in Hong Kong is not good, it will affect her job postings in the future.”

“Secretary Lin, you don't need to say so much. I am sick of all these nonsenses. I heard that one of the students in the Management faculty had got a place in the exchange student program. Hong Kong University also does not have Management courses. Why is that student allowed to go and not my daughter?” Mdm Liu was furious.

“That student is a bit special.”

“Special? What's so special about him? Because his family does business? For someone from Longjiang province, what background does he have? What's wrong? You are not giving my husband face?” Mdm Liu said with a black face.

“Mdm Liu, please calm down. I am not the one who has the final say in this. We still need to discuss. I will help you submit your daughter's name. But whether if she will be selected, it will depend on our discussion.”

“Uncle, this exchange student will be sent to Hong Kong University? You must help me get a place. I have not even left Beijing my whole life. I want to study overseas and have a beautiful resume.”

“What overseas? Hong Kong is part of China!” Director of Student Affairs, Director Niu, said.

“Yes. But Hong Kong is still under British rule now. Uncle, with this experience, I will not have to worry about jobs after I graduate. I promise I will not disgrace you when I am in Hong Kong.”

“Don't even think about this. Those people who had pulled strings have strong connections and backgrounds. I have a headache on who to recommend during the meeting.”

“Uncle, you are not the one who has the final say? You can just point out some flaws of the nominees.”

“Go out first. If things are this simple, I would have nominated you. Study hard. If you make any mistakes within these two months, you will not have any chances. Currently, you still have some hope.”

“Thank you.”

When school reopens, news of the student exchange program with Hong Kong University spread like wildfire. Those students with some connections and backgrounds tried all ways and means to be one of the exchange students.

There were 4 places, and all these students were vying for them. But since this exchange program was only selecting from Year 2 students, they stand higher chances.

These few days, all the leaders in the school had received phone calls, dinner invitations, and gifts. If it wasn't for this program, the leaders still do not know so many students have strong backgrounds!

In comparison, Bureau Chiefs were considered low ranks. There were many students whose connections were ministries level. The school leaders were troubled.

The school leaders had a meeting to select the candidates for this exchange program.

“I think that these 4 students are very suitable. These are their files. Please take a look.” Director Niu pa.s.sed the information to the rest of the leaders in the meeting. In the files, the student's basic information and even their family members' information were stated. Hmmm…. family's information was the most crucial part of this selection process.

These 4 students had “greeted” the leaders and their backgrounds were deep. Someone from their family was at least a deputy ministerial level. One student was even the granddaughter of a minister. But that minister had retired to the back end.

“Four? Why is it four? Didn't I ask you to submit only three names?” The Princ.i.p.al frowned. Although there were 4 places, one was reserved for Feng Yu. Director Niu was also aware of this.

“Princ.i.p.al, I can't decide which of these students are better. I think if we can change the program slightly. Since Hong Kong University allows the duration of the exchange program to be one year, why not we change it into semesters? This way, we can have 8 places, and more students can partic.i.p.ate in this program.” Director Niu asked.

The rest of the leaders' faces brighten up. That's right. Why didn't they think of this? 8 places can be given to more students. This way, they will not offend those officials and still got their favors.

“Do we need to speak to Feng Yu first? After all, Feng Yu was the one who set up this exchange program.” The Vice Princ.i.p.al, who was the closest to Feng Yu, asked. Feng Yu had called him and told him straight that he had set up this exchange program for himself. If he cannot go, then this program will cease!

Director Niu patted his chest: “Leave this to me. I will speak to Feng Yu.”

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 477 – Everybody Wants To Be Exchange Students Part 2 Of 3

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