Extraordinary Genius Chapter 482

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Chapter 482 – China's own pager (Part 1 of 3)

Sun Lijie received a call from Feng Yu, asking him to go to Ningbo City government to pa.s.s a message to the Mayor. If the Mayor was able to speak to the Provincial Committee, this license would most likely be approved.

Once Aiwa Pagers entered the market, Feng Yu will provide Ningbo City lots of taxes, and he promised that he will never move this company out of the City!

If there was such a company in their city, the Mayor of Ningbo City was overjoyed. He also did not know that a network access license was required for this pager.

Although Ningbo City was a Provincial Level City, the Mayor was also the Deputy Provincial Governor level official. But he does not know anyone from the telecommunications ministry. Now, this Manager Feng had already used his connections to contact the higher-ups and told him that once he speaks to the committee, his application will not be rejected.

Once this license was approved, it was a political achievement for the Mayor. China's first domestically developed pager company will be in Ningbo. His chances to be promoted will be higher.

The Ningbo City Mayor immediately put aside his work and went to Beijing with his secretary to visit the relevant departments. He must get this approval!

At the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Mayor spoke to the person-in-charge, and the process went on smoothly.

The Planning Committee had just issued an internal order, stating that the government should encourage private enterprises to develop the telecommunication industry. The level of entry should be lowered to encourage private companies to be more innovative and support this industry. This will help China's telecommunication industry to develop!

The Ministry of Telecommunications was still thinking of how to encourage private enterprises to enter this industry, and someone came knocking at their doors. They were overjoyed. If they were able to make this company a success, the planning committee would take note of their achievements. All of they might even be promoted!

As such, this application went on smoothly. All the doc.u.ments were in place, and the approval process took only 3 days.

3 days later, Ningbo's Mayor received the approval papers. He couldn't believe his eyes. This was too easy. If he knew that this was so easy, he would have made this trip earlier, and Aiwa Pagers will already be sold in the market.

Feng Yu knew that Master Lu had helped him to get his application approved within 3 days. He immediately called Master Lu to thank him.

Master Lu said he was only helping his friend and there was no need to thank him. In the future, if I need help, will you help me?

Feng Yu was thinking in his heart. I will surely help you settle your problem in two years. He had developed this friends.h.i.+p with Master Lu when he was still a low ranking official. He must not let Master Lu get into any trouble when he becomes one of the top officials.

The network access license was approved, and Feng Yu immediately instructed the factory to start production at full capacity. He also asked Wu Zhigang to contact all the distributors and asked them to come over to Beijing to discuss the pager contracts.

From two years ago, pagers and mobile phones were no longer sold only at the post office. Many state-owned companies and some private companies started to sell them. It included many shopping malls. The shops only require a sales permit, and they can sell them!

Luckily it was like this now, and Feng Yu would be able to sell his pagers everywhere and make high profits.

“Manager Feng, it's been a while, and you look more handsome now.” A distributor smiled and greeted Feng Yu.

Feng Yu rolled his eyes: “Do I still need you to remind me?”

Hmmm… this distributor has good foresight. Later I must ask Wu Zhigang to take care of him. In the future, give him more benefits during the festive promotions.

That distributor did not say anything and sat on his chair. All the distributors knew Feng Yu's character by now.

The rest of the distributors were sulking. d.a.m.n. This Old Zhao had curry favor with Manager Feng first again!

“Manager Feng, Manager Wu, what product are you introducing this time?”

“What? Old Huang, you are selling Tai Hua Trading's products, and you still want to pick? If you do not want to sell, I can take over your province!” One of the distributors joked.

These distributors had become close over the years. They remained in contact with each other and often joked with each other.

“Get lost! You are targeting my market? I am still waiting for you to retire and take over your province!” Mr. Huang scolded him in a joking manner.

Feng Yu turned to Sun Lijie and nodded. Sun Lijie stood up beside Feng Yu and cleared his throat: “Today I will introduce this product to everyone here.”

“Old Sun? Stop joking. Hurry and come sit here. Later Manager Feng and Manager Wu will get angry!” Someone shouted.

“That's right. Hurry and come back here. Stop currying favor. Manager Feng is not that kind of person!” Old Zhao shouted.

The rest of the distributors rolled their eyes at Old Zhao. He was the one who carries favor the most!

“Everyone be quiet and listen to him.” Feng Yu frowned and said.

Once Feng Yu opened his mouth, the distributors shut up immediately and looked at Sun Lijie. This Sun Lijie had become so close to Manager Feng?

“The product we will be selling is Aiwa Pagers!”


All the distributors were surprised. Aiwa Pagers? From the name, they knew this was Aiwa's product. But isn't Aiwa a Walkman company? Although it introduced VCD players later, it was entirely different from pagers.

Can this Pager's features compete with those pagers from overseas?

“This time, it will be the same as the Super Fans. All of you will buy the pagers in cash, we guarantee that all of you will be the exclusive distributor for your province. You will be in charge of your downstream. This Aiwa Chinese Pager's wholesale price is 2,800 RMB. The retail price will be set at 3,600 RMB. There will be 800 RMB profit per Pager. It will be up to each of you to spill this profits with your retailers. The company will not get involved. But the rules remain. There can only be fluctuations of 5% for the retail price.” Sun Lijie said.

“Old Sun, you also agree to this condition?”

Sun Lijie nodded: “Yes. I agreed.”

“Manager Feng, this wholesale price is too high. We will have to lock in a lot of our capital. The deposit for your motorcycles and cars are also very high. We still have to place deposits for your VCD players, Super Fans, humidifiers, etc. Our profits will be lowered.” Someone said.

“The Chinese characters pagers in the market is selling above 4,000 RMB. Our product's retail price is lower and of good quality. It is also under a reputable brand. These pagers will surely sell well. All of you will be able to get profits from this product.” Wu Zhigang said.

“Manager Wu, this product is different. In the past, we have been selling exclusive products. From the humidifiers to the bladeless fans, then the VCD players. We are selling these products and do not have other compet.i.tors. But this pager is different. We are the latecomers into this market. Also, Aiwa's reputation is in Walkman and VCD players. Who would believe that Aiwa will manufacture Pagers?”

Feng Yu waved his hand to stop Wu Zhigang from arguing with this distributor. He smiled and said: “I am asking you if you want to sell or not?”

That distributor became quiet. Although Feng Yu was smiling, he was apparently threatening him!

This pager will definitely be profitable. But the distributors wanted higher profits. If they make Feng Yu angry, Feng Yu might break the contract between them, pay them compensation and remove them from the distributor list. They will no longer be able to sell Super Fans, VCD players, motorcycles, etc. Their losses will be high!

“All of you are willing to sell this pager? Let me ask another question. Which one of my products is not profitable? Which one of you had made losses from selling my products? What was your net worth when we started working together and how much are your total a.s.sets now? Which of my products is not launch with marketing? When did Tai Hua Trading's commercials disappoint you? The selling feature of this pager is this a pager that is manufactured and developed locally! Now, those who are willing to accept my condition can remain. Those who do not accept can leave!”

All the distributors remained in their seats. After waiting for 1 minute, Feng Yu nodded and look at Wu Zhigang. Did you see that? You must be firm with these people! It is useless if you talk nicely to them. If they want to make money with us, they have to listen to us!


Extraordinary Genius Chapter 482

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