Extraordinary Genius Chapter 485 - Ministries And Commissions Recommendations Part 1 Of 2

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The distributors also discovered that products might also not sell well even when there were enough product awareness and advertis.e.m.e.nts. This was what they were worried about. The pagers were not an exclusive product, and they were the latecomers to the industry.

At first, the distributors were worried that they might not have enough goods to meet the demand. Tai Hua Trading had supplied too little goods to them. Now, they realized that no matter how they speak to the shopping malls, they would never win Motorola. They can only compete with Panasonic and NEC.

If the sales carry on like this and there will be an increase in the supply of pagers in a few months, their unsold pagers will be piling up in their warehouse. The distributors' money will be locked up in those pagers, and they will have cash flow problems.

Because of the automobile dealers.h.i.+p, almost all the distributors had taken bank loans or owe some other bosses money. If these pagers could not get profits, then their retailers will not continue to order from them, and they would still have to place more than 2 million RMB deposit every month with Tai Hua Trading. Their company will be in danger!

Feng Yu had put in lots of efforts in building these sales channels. Could he let these sales channels disappear? Feng Yu still have a card up his sleeves. If Feng Yu this trump card, he was confident that the sales will pick up immediately!

Feng Yu a.s.sured the distributors that if the sales did not pick up by the end of the month, the minimum target would be lowered.

The distributors regained their confidence in Feng Yu. All of them knew Feng Yu was good in sales. Now they were only in trouble temporary, and all of them knew that they would beat Panasonic and NEC if they could last one year.

The only worry they had was that they could not last one year. Even if they had 500,000 RMB worth of unsold goods a month, it would be 2 million RMB in 4 months. All of their liquid cash will be used up, and their company will be under considerable financial stress!


“Master Lu, can this be done?”

“It is only treating someone to dinner. What's so difficult? Don't worry and wait for my call. If I cannot ask him out tonight, it will be tomorrow!” Master Lu replied confidently.

Feng Yu had asked Master Lu for help to invite a high-ranking officer from the Telecommunication Ministry. This director was in charge of the Finance in the Ministry of Telecommunication. Feng Yu wants to speak to him about the sales issues of Aiwa Pagers!

Master Lu was very efficient. Maybe it was because of his family background and that Director accepted his invitation to the dinner.

“Director Fan, this is the boss of Aiwa Electronics, Feng Yu. Manager Feng, this is the one you had wanted to meet, Director Fan. I had to help you invited him to dinner today.” Master Lu introduced both parties.

“Director Fan, it's an honor to dine with you.”

“You are the boss of Aiwa Electronics? You are really young and capable. Your Aiwa Electronics had done well for developing the pager technology. The Minister had praised you.” Director Fan smiled and replied.

Director Fan was very curious why Feng Yu wanted to meet him. He was in charge of Finance, and if Feng Yu wanted some government policies, he should be looking for the planning director or the regulations director. Why was Feng Yu looking for him?

“Director Fan, can I ask what the source of income for our Ministry of Telecommunications is? How are your subsidiaries doing and does the research facilities have enough research funds?” Feng Yu asked.

Director Fan looked at Feng Yu weirdly and then turn to Master Lu. Was there something wrong with this Manager Feng? Why was he asking about our ministry's finances?

Master Lu looked at Feng Yu puzzledly. He also does not know what Feng Yu was thinking. He thought Feng Yu only wants to know Director Fan in person or wants to make use of Director Fan's connections. Feng Yu's questions were too weird.

“Why are you asking this?”

“Director Fan, do you want to help your ministry increase the revenue?” Feng Yu asked with a smile. In this era, the government does not have enough funds to spend, and all the ministries had a shortage of funds. Feng Yu was able to spark Director Fan's interest with a solution to increase their department's funds.

“Increase revenue? How do you increase the revenue?” Director Fan was tempted. Although he was in charge of the Ministry finances and it looks like it was a good position, but his job was not simple. All the departments need money, but the ministry does not have enough for all the departments. He had to pick who to release the funds to, and it was easy to offend others. This was also it was the hardest for someone in his position to be promoted. Director Fan was not able to be promoted because of this reason!

“Director Fan should know that our Aiwa Electronics is selling pagers. We are the only Chinese company in China that develop and manufacture pagers. Also, all the shareholders of this company are Chinese! Our success represented China's advances in the telecommunication sector and will stop those foreign enterprises from monopolizing all the profits……”

Director Fan frowned. Why was this Manager Feng kept praising himself nonstop? I also know what you are talking about and what's there to do with increasing the Ministry's revenue?

“That's why I hope we can collaborate together and add in a sentence in our commercials: 'Product recommended by the Ministry of Telecommunications.' We can pay you. Can this be done?”

Huh? Ministry of Telecommunications recommended product? How can this be done?! What was this Manager Feng thinking? No matter how much he pays, this cannot be allowed! If it weren't for Master Lu, Director Fan would have stood up can scold Feng Yu.

“Manager Feng, the ministry will not allow you to add in that sentence in your commercials. Not only me, but even the minister also will not agree to your request! We will not earn your money! Master Lu, if there is nothing else, I will leave. I will treat you to a drink next time.” Director Fan stood up and wanted to leave.

“Director Fan, wait a minute. I still have something to tell you. After I have finished, I will not stop you if you still want to leave.” Feng Yu calmly said.

“What else do you want to say?” Director Fan frowned. I do not even care about Master Lu now, who else can you bring out?

“Our Ministry of Telecommunications has lots of cooperation with the postage services, right? Then can you issue a memo to ask all the post office to promote Aiwa Pagers at their sales counter? For every Aiwa Pager sold at the Post Offices, I will pay 10 RMB to the Ministry!”

Only 10 RMB for pager and this Manager Feng wants my support? But this was indeed a revenue source. Although Director Fan was in charge of Finance in the Ministry of Telecommunication, he also understands about the pager industry well.

“How many pagers can your factory produce in a year?”

When Director Fan asked this question, Feng Yu knew that his proposal had capture Director Fan's attention.

“Our production will reach about 300,000 pagers this year. Next year, we will exceed 3 million! Even if half of these pagers were sold at the post offices, the Ministry would get about 1.5 million RMB this year and next year, it will be more than 15 million!” Feng Yu said with particular emphasis on the 15 Million.

Director Fan's eyes widen. This Aiwa Electronics factory's production could be so high? If he could increase the Ministry's revenue by 15 million, then he will be next in line after that Vice minister retires!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 485 - Ministries And Commissions Recommendations Part 1 Of 2

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