Extraordinary Genius Chapter 491

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Chapter 491 – Persuading Deputy Station Chief Jia

“Feng Yu, do you know what you are saying? The product endorsed by Coach Ma is fake health product?” Station Chief Jia' asked with an annoyed tone. Even if it was the Station Chief, he also needs to report to the higher-ups on this matter before they could film this episode.

“I am telling you the truth! I don't know why the station is willing to expose those fake medicines and health products and tried to cover up the products endorsed by Coach Ma. Where is the impartiality of your news?” Feng Yu asked.

“Do you know what does Coach Ma represent? He is the world's best coach for mid to long distance running events!” Chief Jia replied.

“I do not know about coaching, and I will not comment on this. Even if he is the best, but what has it got to do with exposing those fake products? Just because Coach Ma had said that all his Ma Family Army drank Chinese Turtle Essence? Just because Coach Ma is the one who provided the formula for Energy of Life? Chief Jia, everyone has their expertise. Coach Ma might be the best in coaching, but if you think carefully, can he really develop the formula for that so-call Energy of Life?”

Feng Yu does not believe that a coach, without much education and does not know about basic chemistry and medicine can invent the formula for some out of this world wonder health product.

Deputy Chief Jia was at a loss of words. He also does not believe Coach Ma was the one who invented the formula. But Coach Ma was the one who told everyone that.

Feng Yu continued: “I have evidence to prove that the Chinese Turtle Essence is a fake drug. I also have evidence that the Energy of Life does not have the effects it claims. You can also interview the members of the Ma Family Army, like w.a.n.g Junxia and the others. I think you will get the real answer from them!”

“No matter what you say, they had created miracles during last year's Olympic games! They are now competing in the IAAF World Champions.h.i.+ps in Athletics. They cannot be distracted at this moment.”

“You want to cover up the truth because of this? You bear to see those consumers spending so much money to buy some fake health products? I don't know what you are thinking. For me, if I know the truth and don't expose them, I will be very uncomfortable. I will not sleep well! Chief Jia, there can be no conflict for this matter. You can contact Coach Ma and tell him in advance to quit his endors.e.m.e.nt, and then we expose these products.”

Feng Yu offered a solution which he knew that Coach Ma and Chief Jia will not agree to.

Chief Jia shook his head: “Impossible!”

Coach Ma had openly told the world that his athletes had drank the Chinese Turtle Essence, and it was because of this product, they could run so fast. The Energy of Life was also his secret recipe to provide nutrients to his athletes. If he were to quit his endors.e.m.e.nt now, he would be lying. This will have a ma.s.sive impact on the Ma Family Army.

“Chief Jia, do you still remember the purpose of us creating the programs and ?” Feng Yu asked.

The purpose? Chief Jia does not get what Feng Yu was trying to say.

“Chief Jia, do you remember the motto written on the wall of production team's office?

Motto? Fairness, Justice, Forward-looking. These were the mottos of this program. They want to produce a current affairs program that the audiences love.

“Chief Jia, I had seen the mottos once, and I like the first word. Fairness. The reporters must be fair and impartial to everyone they interviewed. They have to maintain the same att.i.tude and cannot be influenced by the interviewee. This way, the interviewees will be truthful in answering to the reporter.”

Chief Jia frowned. He understood what Feng Yu was trying to tell him. Feng Yu wants him to be fair and impartial to all matters. Right is right and wrong is wrong. He should not cover anything up because of the person's past achievements.

Chief Jia suddenly remembered the purpose of starting the program . It is to report on issues which the leaders had overlooked.

The higher-ups might not be aware of this matter, and this program would attract their attention. However, it might also be that the culprits had deceived the higher ups.

The advertis.e.m.e.nt for was: “Following the current affairs, a.n.a.lyzing the news, looking at the social issues. The people will be the judge!”

Health products were the current most talk about topic among the people. If not, CCTV will not agree immediately when Feng Yu mentioned he wants to sponsor an episode about health products. One of the reasons was money, and the other was that this topic would be popular with the viewers.

Their choice of topics for the program was from the viewers, and there was an unspoken criterion, which was the higher-up's approval.

Chief Jia was sure that if this issue were reported to the higher ups, they would look into this. But this was different from other topics they had done before!

“Chief Jia, don't you think that this matter was newsworthy? If this episode is aired, the people will be talking about it. We can don't make any comments or exaggerated this matter. We will only prove that these two products have problems. Should this what we are supposed to do? Reporting the truth is our principles. Chief Jia, some matters do not need to get approvals from the higher-ups. This is the opportunity to show that your decisiveness and capability of pa.s.sing judgment, right?”

“We also have another rule. We will not listen to hear-say! You said that you have the evidence. Show it to me!” Chief Jia made his decision. He knew that if he reported this matter to his higher-ups, the approval would not be approved. He might as well do what Feng Yu said. He will take this matter into his own hands and make the decision.

If the truth was really as what Feng Yu claims, then this episode will surely be well-received by the audiences. There will be an uproar, and the higher-ups will notice him. Chief Jia was not sure if things will end up good or bad, but if he knew the truth and do not expose these products, he will not sleep well at night.

But first of all, Feng Yu must be able to provide concrete evidence to make everyone believe his words! The impact of this issue will be huge!

First, the trust in CCTV will be affected. The Chinese Turtle Essence and the Energy of Life had placed advertis.e.m.e.nts on CCTV. Next, Ma Family Army was the pride of China, and their reputation will be damaged! No one would like liars, even if the liar had brought honor to the country!

On a more serious note, this report will also affect China's economic growth. Since the appearance of health products, it had to boost China's economy.

Feng Yu was relieved when he heard Chief Jia making up his mind. It does not matter which part of what Feng Yu said persuaded him as long as he agrees to film and air this episode.

If Chief Jia did not agree to report this matter, Feng Yu would use the favors owed to him by those second generations schoolmates in his university. Those second generations had influential backgrounds, and most of their family members were still holding high positions in the government. Maybe Feng Yu would ask Master Lu for help. He remembered that Master Lu was also an angry patriotic youth and should not be able to stand such people going scot-free.

Feng Yu smiled: “Chief Jia, you want the evidence? No problem. I will give you the evidence now!”

Translator's notes: Lots of cover-ups by the Chinese government. Fake products are rampant in China. If you google about fake products in China, you will get interesting and gross results. Even eggs can be fake. If only these people put their creativity and skills into good use, we might have a few Chinese Edison and Tesla now.

Here's more information about Coach Ma and his Ma Family Army.




Extraordinary Genius Chapter 491

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