Extraordinary Genius Chapter 503

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Chapter 503 – Instilling new ideas

“Brother Liu, you are too stingy. What tea is this? Where is Mayor Zhang's top-grade Long Jing Tea Leaves?” Feng Yu took a sip and shouted.”

“No. This is the only tea. You can don't drink if you don't like it!” Zhang Ruiqiang roared with a black face. I only have that bit of good tea leaves, and it's a waste to let you drink those!

Feng Yu rolled his eyes at Zhang Ruiqiang. Mayor? Where can you find such a stingy mayor?! Never mind. This tea will do. Anyway, I do not like to drink tea too.

“Have you drink enough? Do you want me to help you lit a cigarette?” Zhang Ruiqiang snarled. The way Feng Yu was sipping on that cup of tea, it will take more than 10 minutes to finis.h.!.+

“There is no need for cigarettes. My sister had gone to work, and I still did not have my lunch yet. Ask the canteen to add 2 more dishes. It does not need to be too lavish. Just braise a big silver carp. Those common carp does not taste good. Also, a braised pork ribs will do. I prefer the leaner parts and do not like fatty meat.”

Zhang Ruiqiang was thinking in his heart: “You are coming to our government canteen for lunch and still want to be so picky?”

“Are you going to talk?!”

“Fine. Why are you so anxious?” Feng Yu rolled his eyes again. This Zhang Ruiqiang was not calm at all. “Mayor Zhang, do you think that only the Chinese are concerned with their health? Those foreigners are not concern about their health? Don't they want to live longer and healthier?”

“They should have the same thinking.”

“Of course they want to live longer and healthier. This is the concern of everyone on this planet. Other than the war-torn regions, most of the people will want to live longer and enjoy life. This is why being healthy is a concern and area of focus. The concept of Suboptimal health status is not thought up by us. A former Soviet Union scholar, Berkman, first mentioned about this in the 1980s. He described this status as the “The Third Status” (Zhang & Shao, 2015). Oh, Berkman is also a translator for the Russian version of this book. He is also one of the experts who verified the contents of this book.”

“You are telling me that this Suboptimal health is not something you made up? This is something by the former Soviet Union?”

“What made up? I had said many times. This is science. Science!” Feng Yu was furious. Do I look like a conman? Why are you always thinking that I am hoodwinking others?

“Fine. Science. I also did not say this is not science. Why are you shouting?” Zhang Ruiqiang slowly lit a cigarette. He likes to see Feng Yu getting angry.

“Although this Subhealth is not thought up by us, we did further research on this topic and used a simple and easy to understand the way to explain about this status. For instance, insomnia and dreaminess, la.s.situde extremities, etc.” (Translator's notes: The worlds in italics are in English.)

Feng Yu purposely mixed in some English words to explain about this subhealth status. He does not want to let Zhang Ruiqiang understand what he was talking about.

“Speak Chinese!” Zhang Ruiqiang was furious. He knew Feng Yu had done this purposely.


Feng Yu gave Zhang Ruiqiang an “uneducated is scary” look and continued: “The wealthier the nation, the more concern they are about their health. This is because of the food culture, lifestyles, etc., almost 90% of the people are under the Suboptimal Health status. Those in the middle age were the most serious, followed by the elderlies and the younger ones. If these people know about their current health status, do you think they will not be doing anything to increase their health status?”

“They should.” Zhang Ruiqiang's thoughts were slowly being led away by Feng Yu.

“That's right, they will surely do something about this. Do you know which countries in this world emphasized the most on health products? US, j.a.pan, France, Australia, etc. All of these countries are developed countries. But they only produce health products, and we are making medicines. This is the differences between them and us. If two products claim to have the same effects and benefits, will you choose the product that is produced by a food company or a reputable pharmaceutical company?”

“I will surely believe the pharmaceutical company. However, I am not sure about other countries. Our health products industry had gone awry. Are there any problems with those health products in other countries?”

“No problems? If we want those products to have problems, then it will surely have problems!” Feng Yu tapped on the table.

“There are fake health products in other countries?”

“Fake products exist in every country. But currently, our country has more fake health products. We only need to find a health product in the country that have problems like false advertising, insufficient ingredients and does not meet what was stated on the labels, etc., we can make use of the media to expose them. The consumer's trust in the products will be lowered, and that will be our opportunity!” Feng Yu said proudly.

“That means you are the one who is behind that special episode?” Zhang Ruiqiang realized that Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise's sales had increased after the downfall of those health products. Could this also part of Feng Yu's plot?

“To a certain extent, I had done it purposely. I do not like those cheats and want to teach them a lesson. If they are cheating those foreigners, I would not be bothered with them.”

Zhang Ruiqiang looked at Feng Yu. He was speechless. What kind of values does this guy have? But Zhang Ruiqiang got to admit that he might also do the same thing.

“Those companies in other countries can't produce similar products?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked.

The pharmaceutical industry of the western countries was more developed than China. This was something Zhang Ruiqiang cannot deny. This was why the world's most advanced medical products were invented by western countries. To date, there were no Chinese that had won the n.o.ble prize.

“They can. But I had done market research. Currently, no similar products have done any advertis.e.m.e.nts. Furthermore, our products are recommended by experts and professors.”

“Recommended by experts and professors? Why would they recommend our products?” Zhang Ruiqiang does not believe. Those experts and professors should have already been working with some large pharmaceutical firms. Why will they recommend Feng Yu's products instead of their own firm's products?

Feng Yu smiled and replied: “If you pay them enough, they will naturally recommend our products.” In Feng Yu's previous life, there were lots of health seminars and Tv shopping of health products. These were all imitating other countries. In this field, China still lacked behind other countries.

When Feng Yu invested in Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise, he had asked Fu Guangzheng to help him get in touch with some overseas experts and medical sales companies. He wants to look for future partners.

After spending some money, Feng Yu tied up with companies in dozens of countries. His medicines will be distributed all over those countries within the shortest period.

Feng Yu was clear that the overseas market will not last long and within a year, the giant pharmaceutical MNCs will take back the market share. But this period would be sufficient for Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise make lots of money and also increase their reputation and brand awareness.

For the time being, Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise still does not have any outstanding products. But in another 1 or 2 years, things would be different. This was because Pfizer had started development on a type of medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular, Sildenafil. Their first phase of development would compete sometime next year, and there will be a lengthy clinical trial period after that.”

The results of the trial were very poor, and the medicine was not effective in treating the patients. But those that partic.i.p.ated in the trial refused to return those extra pills. It was because they discovered the “side effects” of this medicine.

Pzifer starts to research on this “side effects” and conducted trials again. By the time this medicine was launched in the market, it was already 1998. This new medicine was also known as v.i.a.g.r.a!

Feng Yu was waiting for the clinical trials to be completed and does not achieve good results. That will be the time he purchases the formula and rights of this medicine, and he will immediately apply for patents. He wants the control of this wonder drug which will rake in hundreds of millions every year!

Translator's notes: Pjizer Inc. should be familiar with many of us. Here is the information about this company taken from Wiki.





Zhang, Y., & Shao, J. (2015). A systemic review of suboptimal health. 国际公共卫生杂志, 2(3), 20. doi: 10.14725/gjph.v2n3a1313

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 503

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