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Chapter 508 – Hong Kong University

Hong Kong University. A university with a long history. This university was famous for its medical, business, humanities and political science. The Faculty of Medicine was even renamed to honor Superman Li's donation. Even a faculty could be renamed. Feng Yu was envious of this. He also wanted to have a university to be named after him. Having the whole university to be named after him was a higher achievement than a faculty!

What made Feng Yu happiest was there were no roll calls for attendances at this university. The year-end examinations were also not that important, but there were a.s.signments. This university emphasizes practicality.

 Although Feng Yu had chosen the business faculty and not the economic and finance faculties he was good at, he was still confident that he would be able to complete his a.s.signments efficiently.

“Feng, I will bring you to meet the university's leader. I had also help you purchase an apartment near to the university.” Fu Guangzheng glanced at Feng Yu. Why do you want an apartment outside of the university? You still want to deny you are not here for our Hong Kong girls?

Feng Yu followed Fu Guangzheng through the campus. Of course, Fu Guangzheng had also engaged a lecturer to lead the way. Along the way, Feng Yu noticed that there were a lot of campus buildings named after individuals. He had heard of some of these names. These people were Hong Kong's billionaires.

These wealthy people were used to charity works. They did this to increase their reputations and also to prevent people from talking behind their backs. Of course, they also did this to enhance their social status. The university graduates will be Hong Kong's elites, and some of them might even become the governor or some officials.

The highest-ranking person at the university was not the princ.i.p.al. It was the Chancellor. The princ.i.p.al's role in the university was like a company's CEO, while the Chancellor was like a company's Chairman.

Fu Guangzheng brought Feng Yu to meet the vice princ.i.p.al and asked the vice princ.i.p.al to take care of him. He hinted to the vice princ.i.p.al that Feng Yu had come to Hong Kong to pa.s.s time, and they should not make things difficult for him. The University should not take his attendances or give him a.s.signments. Feng Yu should also not to be forced to take part in after-school activities or forced to stay in the university's dormitory. Also, other than Feng Yu pa.s.sing the university's exams, he does not need to do any other things.

Feng Yu stared at Fu Guangzheng angrily. What's the meaning of this? Who is here to pa.s.s the time? I really want to study and increase my knowledge. Feng Yu really wanted to attend that Professor Liang's lectures. This professor will be hired as one of the consultants to stabilize Hong Kong's economy by the Government after Hong Kong was handed over to China. He was not only well versed with the Chinese economy, but he had also researched the economies of Asia and the rest of the world.

“Here, this car is for you. But you do not have a Hong Kong driving license. This is the driver I arranged for you. He used to drive delivery trucks and is from China. He can speak Mandarin and Cantonese well. Do you want me to arrange for a driving instructor for you and get you a driving license?” Fu Guangzheng threw a car key to Feng Yu.

Feng Yu looked at the driver: “Can you teach me?”

“Yes, but I am not a professional instructor.”

Feng Yu waved his hand: “That's enough. I do not speed. I only need to get used to right-hand drive. Most of the time, I will also not drive.”

Feng Yu was not stupid to speed around and risk his life. Only those silly rich brats will do this. To him, cars were merely a form of transport from one place to another. He just wants to familiarize with right-hand drive and will just drive when necessary.

“You insisted on being an exchange student, but you are late for your first day. I really don't know what to say.” Fu Guangzheng grumbled.

The other exchange students had arrived at the university a few days earlier. Only Feng Yu did not arrive early. Instead, he was late. If it weren't for the Fu Family, Hong Kong University would have punished Feng Yu. Even exchange students have to obey the school rules.

“I am too busy. Oh, how was w.a.n.g Junxia's commercials in the western countries?”

“Now that you mentioned this, it was a great idea to get athletes to star in commercials. The response was great. With the growing awareness and promotion of the suboptimal health status, our products' sales increased a lot. Those partner companies were smiling their way to the banks.”

Feng Yu was thinking in his heart. How could those companies not earn money with such new marketing strategies? Using athletes to endorse health products Amway's marketing strategy, and Feng Yu had copied this idea.

In Feng Yu's previous life, Amway had hired athletes to endorse their health products and achieved excellent results. w.a.n.g Junxia and the rest had not reached the peak of their popularity. When they break the world records, they would be more influential.

Feng Yu felt that not much money could be made from these medical products. But there were still some profits from selling all the existing stocks. It should not be a problem to hit the sales target this year.

Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise's brand will also be known all over the world. Feng Yu hope this brand would be as famous as Bayer in the future and the new medicines produced could sell well because of the brand.

“The athletes are not at the peak of their popularity. Next year, they will be more popular, and our sales will be better.”

Fu Guangzheng shook his head: “I still think that it was not worth to invest so much for such returns. That Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise still does not have any flags.h.i.+p products. What's the use of you building up this brand? There is no way you are able to compete with those overseas pharmaceutical giants.”

Fu Guangzheng could not understand why Feng Yu did not focus in China or Asia. Why did Feng Yu insist on selling his products to the western countries? Brand awareness? Those medical products Feng Yu sells were not any special products. Was there a need to build the brand? It was unnecessary for Feng Yu to increase brand awareness through advertising.

But Fu Guangzheng did not know about Feng Yu's plans. This was to pave the way for the future v.i.a.g.r.a. It was easier for a well-known company to market their medicine.

Also, this would help with Zhang Ruiqiang's promotion. The higher Zhang Ruiqiang climbs, the more Feng Yu would benefit in the future.

“Let's stop talking about these. Bring me to the dormitory. I want to meet my roommate.”

Feng Yu suddenly noticed the change in expressions on Fu Guangzheng's face when he asks about the dormitory. What's wrong with this roommate? Didn't I ask for a twin sharing dormitory room? You did not arrange for a good roommate?

“Feng, let me do the introductions. This is Fu Guangwei. My cousin.” The veins on Fu Guangzheng's forehead were popping. I had told this Wei Zai (See Translator's notes) to clean up the room. Why was there a woman's bra hanging on the chair?

“Hi, Brother Feng. Call me Wei Zai will do.”

Wei Zai? Why don't you call yourself Wah Zai?

Feng Yu glanced at Fu Guangzheng. You arranged for me to stay with your cousin? Seems like my decision to buy an apartment outside of school was right. Feng Yu looked around the room and was sure that this Fu Guangwei had brought a girl back last night.

“Wei Zai, I will live outside of the school. If I am coming back to the dormitory, I will give you a call. Brother Fu, should we go get dinner?

Fu Guangzheng stared at his cousin angrily. This was a great opportunity, and this moron did not cherish it. Do you know how much you will earn if Feng Yu was willing to guide you? You only know how to play. No wonder Third Uncle had headaches when he talks about you!

“Yes. I had made the arrangements. It is all your favorite dishes.”

Translator's notes:

Here is more information about Hong Kong University


Explanation on the ranks of the leaders in university


仔, p.r.o.nounced as Zai, was commonly used by Cantonese in their nicknames. It means “young” or “little” in Cantonese. For instance, Andy Lau Tak-wah, a famous Hong Kong actor and singer, had a nickname Wah Zai.

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 508

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