Extraordinary Genius Chapter 540

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Chapter 540 - Multilateral cooperation (Part 2 of 6)

Looking at Li Zekai's unhappy face, Feng Yu laughed and said: “I shall leave the locations to the professionals from your family's supermarkets. After both of you had chosen the locations, I will check if there will be future changes to the City's development. I do not want the area around our supermarket to be tear down one year later.”

“This is not a problem. I can negotiate with the local government as I have the experience. I will go personally, and I will make sure the cost will be at the lowest.” Fu Guangzheng beat his chest.

“That's for sure. But if you let me do the negotiations, it will be faster.” Feng Yu shrugged his shoulders.

Fu Guangzheng was scared of Feng Yu's negotiation skills. Feng Yu always felt it was troublesome and every deal he negotiates, he wants it to end fast and does not care how much he spends. Although speed was necessary, money was also important.

Yes, you might earn profits from all your investments but if you are able to lower your cost, why not? We will be setting up so many supermarkets at once, and if we were to spend an extra few millions for each supermarket, it would add up to over tens of millions!

Li Zekai interrupted: “We should set up a negotiation team and let Guangzheng lead the team.”

All of them had invested in this venture, and Fu Guangzheng should not be the one making all the decisions during the negotiations. The scale of this venture was quite big, and the funds involved should be huge. Li Zekai might not be worried, but his family will not feel the same way.

“Hahaha, that's settled. You think he will really let me make all the decisions? Although I am in control of the management of all the companies, he was the one in control of financial matters.” Fu Guangzheng points at Feng Yu and laughed.

Feng Yu smiled: “You also have some power over the financial matters. When have I ever stop you from spending money? Look, I have also never interfered with your management decisions.”

“That is because you are lazy!” Fu Guangzheng hits the spot.

Li Zekai was shocked. Will there be any problem working with these two people? Why does he feel like the both of them were unreliable?

“Then we shall not talk about that. I will handle all of China's suppliers for food products and daily necessities. But if our supermarket wants to attract more customers, we should bring in some special products, like imported goods. Both of you should have no problems getting the suppliers, right?”

If they want their supermarkets to stand out from the rest and increase their status, then their supermarkets must be different. It was not sufficient for its supermarkets to be bigger. They need to have reliable sources of goods and products. The more suppliers they have, the retail prices will be lower and have more verity. This way, they can attract more customers.

If the supermarket has some products that were unavailable in other supermarkets or even in the cities, it would be better.

Li Zekai said: “My family has some contacts for food products and cosmetics. We also have contacts for some apparel brands.”

“My third uncle also have these contacts. We still have electronics products, stationaries, hardware, etc. Most of these were imported goods.” Fu Guangzheng glanced at Li Zekai. He had a proud look on his face. Can your family's supermarket compare to my third uncle's supermarkets?

“The supermarket should also have fresh food products. If we can let our customers get used to buying groceries in the supermarkets, it would increase the customer flow.” Li Zekai reminded.

“I can settle this fresh food product.” Feng Yu might need to look for his Tai Hua Trading's distributors. All the distributors were prominent figures of their provinces and should not have a problem to help him a source for suppliers.

“Lastly, the management issue. Are we going to set up a board of directors for our supermarket enterprise? If we are going to set up, then who should be on board?” Fu Guangzheng looked at Feng Yu.

“The both of you can decide on this. Anyway, this is a shareholding company, and if you are going to list this company on the stock exchange in the future, we can set up a board of directors now.” Feng Yu said.

Li Zekai looked at Feng Yu curiously: “Brother Feng, you have not considered listing the company?”

Fu Guangzheng leaned back and turned to Li Zekai: “I also do not understand what he was thinking. Some of his companies were eligible to be listed, but he just refuses to do so. I will not mention the companies we partnered with. Just look at his Tai Hua Trading. If his Tai Hua Trading is listed, the share prices will surely shoot up!”

“What is the reason for a company to be listed? Isn't it to raise more funds for future developments? My companies do not lack money and why should do that to raise funds? Do you lack money now?” Feng Yu asked.

Actually, Feng Yu had another reason. He does not want to reveal his wealth. Once his wealth was announced, then he can no longer be an invisible tyc.o.o.n. Although many people knew Feng Yu was a tyc.o.o.n, no one knew how much Feng Yu has. Even Fu Guangzheng was not sure of Feng Yu's total a.s.sets.

The Chinese had a hatred for the super wealthy tyc.o.o.ns. If a 20 years' old young man suddenly appear and become China's top tyc.o.o.n, he will be the target.

Feng Yu wants to wait for a few more years. After Tai Hua school buildings were built all over China, he will then list all his companies on the stock exchange. At the same time, he can also avoid 1997, global financial crisis. Now, he does not need to worry about the share prices of his companies when he moves his funds around his companies. Feng Yu was preparing himself to make a killing during the financial crisis and teach those overseas speculators a lesson!

“We should still set up a board of directors. The 3 of us, Uncle Fu and my elder brother. The 5 of us can form the board of directors and who should be the chairman?” Li Zekai looked at Feng Yu.

Since Feng Yu was investing the most, and Fu Guangzheng was so supportive of him, Feng Yu should be the chairman.

“Chairman of the board? I am not interested. If anyone of you wants to be the chairman, go ahead. But I want to be the Executive Director.”

The position of Executive Director was much better. He could monitor the finances and all other company related matters. His authority will be higher than other directors. He can also suggest deposing the Chairman or other directors to the board!

Fu Guangzheng had an “I knew it” look on his face. This Feng Yu still wants to throw all the troublesome work to others!

Li Zekai was confused. Feng Yu had invested the most, and he does not want to be the Chairman of the board? He only wants to be an Executive Director? What's the use of being an Executive Director? Other than the power to monitor the finances, what else can he do? How many rules and regulations matters can there be in the company for him to monitor? Other than financial matters, since when was there any Chairman being reported to the board by the Executive Director for other issues?

But when Li Zekai remembered what Fu Guangzheng said, Feng Yu only likes to monitor the finance of the company and does not want to handle other things.  This Feng Yu was weird. Li Zekai had never seen someone who dislikes being in power all his life. Feng Yu was not worried that someone would usurp all the power in the company?

The Chairman can make the strategic decisions and gets to side whichever parties he wants to gain benefits. Feng Yu was not interested?

Li Zekai looked at Fu Guangzheng. Fu Guangzheng said without any hesitations: “I want to be the Chairman.”

Before Li Zekai could say anything, Feng Yu nodded: “Fine. I will support you.”

Li Zekai: “……” Feng Yu and the Fu Family were together in this. There was no way he could get the Chairman position. Fu Rongbing will surely support his own nephew. Fu Guangzheng will be the Chairman. But to balance out the powers, I should be the General Manager.

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 540

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