Extraordinary Genius Chapter 546

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Chapter 546 – Issues of a partners.h.i.+p (Part 2 of 2)

Li Zekai and Fu Guangwei started arguing, and both felt that their staffs were not wrong. The fault lies on the other party, and the other party has to give in!

At this moment, both of them were not listening to each other and firmly believe their own staffs. Both Li Zekai and Fu Guangwei were brought up with a silver spoon and were hard-headed. The words “Giving in” was not in their dictionaries.

As the argument got more furious, Feng Yu suddenly banged hard on the table.


Li Zekai and Fu Guangwei were stunned. Both of them turned to look at Feng Yu.

“Stop arguing! What's there to argue? Did we set up this company for both of you to argue? One of you is the Second Master of the Li Family, and the other is from the Fu Family. If words get out, your families will be laughing stock!” Feng Yu roared.

Both of them kept quiet and turned their heads away from each other.

Feng Yu sighed and continued: “What have we agreed on initially? The Li Family will select their staffs from Watsons and their supermarkets and send them over the Wellcome supermarkets to learn how to manage big supermarkets. At the same time, they are to share their experiences of working in China with the Fu Family's managers. They are also supposed to teach them some basic Mandarin. Am I right? Now, let's sort this out slowly and see which part of this arrangement had gone wrong. Wei Zai, you start first.”

Fu Guangwei glanced at Li Zekai and turned to Feng Yu: “Our supermarkets is scheduled to open mid next year. Deducting the preparation works, we still have a few months to train those people. A few months are more than enough to let these people experience all the positions in our supermarkets. All our Wellcome Supermarkets' managers were trained this way. What's wrong with training the Li Family's staffs the same way? They have to experience all the positions and make their way up.”

Fu Guangwei was saying that the Li Family's staffs were too pampered. The fault does not lie with their arrangements. The Li Family's staffs do not know how to manage supermarkets, and yet they were not willing to learn.

“Our people are experienced staffs. One of them is still a Deputy Director of a shopping mall in China. You make someone like him be a shop a.s.sistant? This is an insult to him!” Li Zekai reb.u.t.ted.

Li Sekai had never heard of being a store manager have to be trained to be a shop a.s.sistant first. The store manager's responsibility was to manage the supermarket and not manage the shop a.s.sistants only. The Fu Family was obvious fooling them! If outsiders knew that the Li Family's management staffs worked as shop a.s.sistants at the Fu Family's supermarkets, they would lose face.

Was the Fu Family implying that a Deputy Director from the Li Family can only be a Shop a.s.sistant in their supermarket? Although the Fu Family was powerful, it depends on who they were facing. The Li Family was not someone they could mess with. Furthermore, they were facing Fu Rongbing and not Fu Rongqi. Fu Rongbing was still not qualified to go head on with the Li Family!

“Do you think managing a shopping mall and a supermarket is the same? When I entered the Wellcome Supermarket, I also started off as a Cas.h.i.+er. Why can't they do the same?” Fu Guangzheng pointed to himself and said.

Feng Yu looked at Fu Guangwei in surprised. This idiot had worked as a cas.h.i.+er before?

Fu Guangwei had not disclosed something. He quit after half an hour as a cas.h.i.+er. A cas.h.i.+er needs to be standing the whole time in a small s.p.a.ce. It was tiring, and he was embarra.s.sed. He was afraid he would meet someone who knew him.

Li Zekai was also surprised by what Fu Guangwei said. Could this really how the Fu Family manage their staffs? But that's your family methods of training. The same thing cannot be applied to the Li Family's staffs. He quickly thought of an excuse.

“You should not have any prior working experiences when you are a.s.signed to be a cas.h.i.+er, right? Our staffs have many years of management experiences. They are only not familiar with managing a big supermarket. How can you compare this way? I will be honest with you. Your management skills cannot even be compared with any one of them!” Li Zekai said.

Fu Guangwei blew up, and Feng Yu immediately pull him back. d.a.m.n, this moron was about to hit Li Zekai. It would be headlines on Hong Kong's media if both of them got into a fight.

Feng Yu was the one who asked both to come out. If they got into a fight in front of him, there was no way for him to face both families. He would not be able to make both families work with him against those western financial speculators in the future.

“Fine. Stop fighting and listen to me! Those people from the Li Family do have lots of management experiences, but malls and small supermarkets are different from big supermarkets. This is the reason why they are sent to Wellcome Supermarkets for training. But Wai Zai, those people are also considered middle management staffs. They are all qualified to be a store manager. They are only not familiar with the big supermarket operations, and they might face difficulties when managing in the future. This is why they are at the Wellcome Supermarket for training. But all of them can also share their experiences with your people. All of them are supposed to be learning from each other!”

“Does it include our financial reports?” Fu Guangzehgn sneered. Those people still wanted to see Wellcome Supermarket's development plans. Can this confidential information be revealed to outsiders?

Feng Yu looked at Li Zekai. What's your explanation? Your people were supposed to learn at people's supermarket. Why were they asking for their financial reports? Were they there to be trained or audit?

“They just want to learn about financial management.” Li Zekai tried to argue.

“Brother Kai, I shall not say much. If the managers from the Fu Family were to go to your company for training, will you let them see your financial reports?” Feng Yu asked.

“That's right. You all can show me your financial reports and also your company's future plans.” Fu Guangwei interrupted.

“Why not we let the Fu Family's managers go over to your family's businesses in China for training? They could experience the differences between China and Hong Kong first hand. They can also learn basic Mandarin.” Feng Yu suggested.

No matter how good you are at in theory, it is useless if you are unable to use it in real life. Fu Guangzheng had suggested to Feng Yu before, but Feng Yu wanted to let Fu Guangwei speak to Li Zekai himself. It was unsure whether Fu Guangwei had told Li Zekai and was rejected, or he did not even ask.

But this suggestion was the simplest way to solve this argument.

Feng Yu saw Fu Guangwei still wanting to say something, he stopped him and continued: “No more requesting to see other company's financial reports or development plans. No parties will agree to this. Lastly, I want to remind both of you. I can afford to let this Tai Hua Supermarket Enterprise fail, but not the both of you!”

Feng Yu had used his own money and does not rely on others. But both of them were different. If they failed, their status in front of their fathers will be lowered and will have a significant impact on their futures.

Both Li Zekai and Fu Guangwei looked at each other, and Li Zekai stood up and said: “I will discuss with my father and let you all know the answers tomorrow.”

Fu Guangwei left after Li Zekai. He also needs to discuss with his father about this. If those managers were to leave their supermarket earlier, they need to make the arrangements.

Feng Yu was relieved when both of them took note of his warnings. It was Feng Yu's turn to feel frustrated. When was Fu Guangzheng coming back? This should be the job of the chairman. He was only an executive director. His duties were not to solve conflicts between directors!

Feng Yu thought that the supermarket should be easily set up if he were to work with the Li and Fu Families. He did not expect so many conflicts to arise from this cooperation. If he had known this would happen, he would have set up the supermarkets himself!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 546

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