Extraordinary Genius Chapter 552 – Charity Ball Part 1 Of 3

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After placing the trades for the Gold futures, Feng Yu returned home with his novels. He continued to attend lessons, watch the international news and at night, he would read his novels or watch some movies. It was a satisfying lifestyle for him.

Feng Yu intend to return back to Beijing next week. These winners of the awards ceremony were already picked by the a.s.sociation. But Feng Yu still need to make sure nothing goes wrong for the New Year's Gala Dinner. This year, Feng Yu's Aiwa Pager, Lehaha's tea beverages, and Tian Peng Pigs were the winners. At the same time, Bing City Pharmaceutical Enterprise's General Manager will be getting the individual award.

“Look over my shoulder, I blow you a kiss can you handle, handle this……”

Feng Yu was at home listening to a new alb.u.m he bought when he received a call from Fu Guangwei.

“Brother Feng, what are you doing? Do you want to have dinner together later?”

“Ok. I will meet you at the carpark downstairs in a while.”

“Oh, I will bring you to an interesting event after dinner. I am sure you will enjoy it.” Fu Guangwei said mysteriously.

Feng Yu raised his brows. I will be interested in your event? Could it be some bars or nightclubs? I might as well stay at home and listen to music.

“What did you say? I did not hear clearly.”

Fu Guangwei repeated: “I said that I will be bringing to attend an event after dinner. You will enjoy it.”

“No. The question before this.”

“Before this? Want to have dinner together?”

Feng Yu immediately replied: “I can't. I am busy tonight. You should ask your other friends. I will just have a quick dinner at the food stalls nearby.”

Fu Guangwei: “……” You had agreed just now and why are you changing your mind?

Although Fu Guangwei had brought Feng Yu to some clubs before and Feng Yu was not interested, but this time he was not going to bring Feng Yu to the clubs. This was a high-cla.s.s gathering.

“Brother Feng. Please don't joke with me. There is a Charity Ball tonight. The ones attending are all successful young people. Brother Guangzheng had told me that you like to do charity. Don't you want to experience our Hong Kong Charity Ball?”

Huh? Charity Ball? Feng Yu was not interested in doing charity in Hong Kong. He could build a name for himself when he makes donations in China. There was no reason for him to do charity in Hong Kong. He does not have many business in Hong Kong and does not need to be known as a philanthropist.

Even back in China, Feng Yu had never branded himself as a philanthropist. This was because, in earlier years, the word 'Charity' was a taboo in China. The Chinese felt that charity was something that the capitalists used to show off to the commoners.

The government was also not willing to accept donations under the name of 'Charity' as it symbolized the government was incapable, and it was an insult! This continued until the end of the 80s. But the news and media will never admit that the a.s.sistance the governments received was charity.

This was why when Feng Yu donated to the schools and built school buildings, he calls it as sponsoring China's education. He will never say he was doing it for charity. It will need a few more years before the Chinese accepted the term Charity.

Hong Kong's Charity was mostly gimmicked in Feng Yu's eyes. But he got to admit that it was quite effective. Of course, some people donated large amounts of money. But after they had donated, they will get so sort of subsidies or a.s.sistance from the government. Some will receive help from the government to promote their business or services. These people would be able to earn back the money they donated in one way or other.

Also, Hong Kong had better welfare than China. But this resulted in Hong Kong have more lazy people than China. Feng Yu felt that the government should use the donations from the Charities to hire more policemen and get rid of all the Hong Kong Triads.

Although Feng Yu was not interested in doing charities, he was interested in the ball. The last time he attended a ball was in the former Soviet Union Ukraine's Kiev. Many of Hong Kong's rich second generations will attend this charity ball. It's not a bad idea to do some networking there.

“Do I need a partner for this charity ball?”

“Leave this to me. I promise I will get a pretty girl to be your partner.”

“Fine. Pick me up from my place in a while. I will get change first.”

In Feng Yu's mind, the pretty girl whom Fu Guangwei will arrange must be some Hong Kong actress or celebrity. In his previous life, he had read articles in the papers that many Hong Kong actresses will find all ways to attend these functions. Their favorite was these types of b.a.l.l.s.

Attending b.a.l.l.s was more prestigious than walking the red carpet. If they were lucky, they might get hook up with some rich second generation. They would have a good life after that.

Feng Yu was wondering which actress his partner will be tonight, and in this era, who are the pretty actresses? In his previous life, his favorite actress was Chingmy Yau. She should not meet her husband yet. Feng Yu did not expect to do anything with her. He only wishes to be able to dance with her, and he will be satisfied.

Feng Yu changed into his formal clothes and stood in front of the mirror…… Handsome! So handsome until I do not have friends!


During dinner, Feng Yu did not see the companion Fu Guangwei arranged for him.

“Wei Zai, where is the partner you arranged for me?” Feng Yu asked. d.a.m.n, did this idiot tricked me?

Fu Guangwei swallowed his food and took a sip of water: “Your partner needs to dress up. She should be here before we finish dinner. I promise you that she is a beauty!”

Beauty? Feng Yu hoped Fu Guangwei's taste in women could be trusted. If Fu Guangwei arranged for someone like Kingdom Yuen King-dan, he would immediately return home and sleep!

“Beauty? Who? Tell me who is this beauty?” Feng Yu was looking forward to knowing who this beauty was.

“I cannot disclose to you now. If I tell you who it is now, it will not be a surprise.” Fu Guangwei said mysteriously. He continued eating his steak. He was determined to keep the ident.i.ty of this beauty from Feng Yu.

Surprise? I like surprises!

Never mind if you do not tell me now. Anyway, I will be meeting her later. Feng Yu began eating faster. d.a.m.n, why did they have to eat steak for dinner? If it's Chinese Cuisine, they could eat more quickly.


“Dad, I don't want to go. Can I accompany you at home and watch TV?” Fu Mengying was holding on to Fu Rongbing's arm.

“You have to go even you do not want to do! Your elder brother had said that Feng Yu was looking forward to meeting you there. Didn't you say that you like Feng Yu?”

This charity call was organized by Fu Guangwei under his father's instruction. The objective was not for charity or reputation. It was to bring Fu Mengying and Feng Yu together!

Fu Rongbing said that even if Fu Mengying and Feng Yu did not become a couple, there might be other guys at the ball who might fall for Fu Mengying. Anyway, those who were able to attend such functions will have some backgrounds. The worst of the men there will also be doctors or lawyers. There will not be ordinary people there.

Fu Rongbing's greatest wish now was for his daughter to fall for a man. If that man were Feng Yu, it would be perfect.

Although the Fu Family was Hong Kong's top family, Feng Yu's wealth was greater than Fu Rongbing. With his daughter's situation, he does not mind even if his daughter became Feng Yu's mistress.

Fu Mengying wanted to cry. Others might not know, but she understood that Feng Yu does not like her. Of course, the feelings were mutual because Feng Yu was a man!

Fu Mengying had used Feng Yu as an excuse to stop her father from introducing men to her. Not now, she was had shot herself in her foot. She could not find any reasons to not be Feng Yu's partner at the ball.

Forget it. Fu Mengying will have to play by the ear. This was a Charity Ball, and Feng Yu should not say anything rude. She might even be able to use Feng Yu as her s.h.i.+eld for a while more!

Translator's notes:
The song Feng Yu was listening at home. This was an old Cantonese song by Andy Lau.

Chingmy Yau: A pretty actress in the 90s.

Kingdom Yuen King-dan, She is one of my favorite actresses. She stared in many Stephen Chow movies. If you had watched some of Stephen Chow's earlier films, you will recognize her.

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 552 – Charity Ball Part 1 Of 3

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