Extraordinary Genius Chapter 564 – Let Me Be A Shareholder

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Feng Yu was satisfied to see Jiang Xianjun believing him. If Jiang Xianjun had not made much progress in the past 6 months, if Jiang Xianjun does not want the shares of the company, if Jiang Xianjun did not make so many mistakes, it will be hard for Feng Yu to invest into Quanjude.

But now, Feng Yu stands a high chance to become a shareholder.

“Simple. Get investor from outside and let Beijing Quanjude Company become a real shareholding company!”

Get an investor from outside and let Beijing Quanjude Company become a real shareholding company? Where do I get this investor? Jiang Xianjun looked at Feng Yu and realized the purpose of Feng Yu's visit. He wants to be a shareholder?

“Manager Feng, are you saying that you want to invest in Quanjude?”

“What's wrong? You doubt my financial abilities or my sincerity?” Feng Yu lean back on the couch and look up.

Jiang Xianjun looked at Feng Yu and asked in a firm tone: “Manager Feng, are you investing in our company on impulse or you have been planning this for some time?”

“Is there any difference?”

“Of course. If you are doing this on impulse, then forget it. You might change your mind anytime and what we discussed now will be a waste of time. If you have been planning for this, then we can carry on with this discussion.”

“To be honest, I am only interested in Quanjude's brand. But I know that you all will surely not sell this brand to me. So, I can only invest in Quanjude.”

“Then how are you going to invest?”

Feng Yu was slightly disappointed when he heard Jiang Xianjun asked that question. He was hoping for Jiang Xianjun to tell him that they were willing to selling Quanjude's brand.

“It's simple. I will give you money and come up with a development plan. I want to own as many shares as possible. Money is not a problem.”

Quanjude does not worth much now. There were only a few branches, and every branch was only worth tens of millions. This amount includes the property's value. China still does not have the concept of brand value, and Quanjude's brand was considered worthless!

Even if they wanted to sell the whole company to Feng Yu, Feng Yu could also afford it. Feng Yu had spent all his profits from his China's company, but his Wind and Rain Consulting still have enough money to do it.

Feng Yu does not know how to manage an F&B company. But he could always hire people from Hong Kong or overseas to manage for him. He can afford to pay them high salaries and also give them some shares.

If the brand Quanjude was managed well, it will bring in several folds of profits for Feng Yu in a few more years.

But Feng Yu was only thinking about this and never really expect this would really happen. Feng Yu estimates that Quanjude would just sell him 30% shares at most. If it were him looking for investors, he would also not let the investor become the major shareholder.

Furthermore, Quanjude was still profitable and not making losses. They were only thinking of becoming big.

Feng Yu remembered that in his previous life, Quanjude had merged with a few other companies to become Quanjude holdings. Those few companies were also F&B companies and had wanted to make us of Quanjude's brand. Those restaurants only need to sell Quanjude's roast ducks.

But now, those still did not happen. Quanjude brand was still not utilized fully yet. The development plans Feng Yu mentioned was this. He knew Jiang Xianjun would agree to it.

“Manager Feng, how many shares do you want?”

“How many shares can I buy? I will buy everything that you can sell.” Feng Yu smiled.

Jiang Xianjun shook his head: “Manager Feng, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you. Although I am the Deputy Chairman and General Manager of this company, I cannot make any decision. I need to speak to the Chairman first.”

Eh? Feng Yu was puzzled. Why did Jiang Xianjun stop this discussion so suddenly? Feng Yu was sure he did not say anything wrong. Was there anything wrong for wanting to buy more shares?

“Manager Jiang, since I came to look for you, I believe that you will be the person in charge of Quanjude in the future.”

“I will be the one in charge of this company after you invested?” Jiang Xianjun asked.

Feng Yu understood why Jiang Xianjun wanted to stop the discussion. He was afraid that he would lose his power after Feng Yu became a shareholder.

Feng Yu does not know about the F&B industry, and even if he knew about this industry, he was also not interested in managing it. He rather spends some money to hire someone to do that. He only wants to check the finances once in a while.

Feng Yu had too many companies, and he does not have the energy to manage. He only wants his companies to develop and grow without worries.

“That's right. After I become a shareholder, I will support you to be the one in charge! Also, I have ways to let Quanjude set up branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and even Malaysia and Singapore.”

The Fu Family have businesses in all these places. Feng Yu was confident that they would help him look for suitable locations. Roast ducks are well received by Asians. But in those countries, the preparation of roast ducks is different in Beijing and taste different.

In Hong Kong, those cafes serve steaks, and the Peninsula Hotel also serves steaks. But why were the prices different by more than 10 times?

First, it is the ambiance. Next, it was the status of their target customers. Lastly, it is the taste. Quanjude's roast duck was very delicious. Feng Yu was confident that if he set up branches in those countries, it will become popular there fast.

The only worry Feng Yu had was the ducks. The ducks Quanjude used were force feed ducks. He was worried that the taste of the ducks will be different in other countries.

But even if the taste was different, it should not be very different. Most of the people in that country had never eaten the traditional Quanjude roast ducks, and they should not be able to tell the difference.

Jiang Xianjun heard what Feng Yu said and opened his eyes wide in shock: “What did you say? You are able to set up branches in so many Southeast Asia countries?”

“It's not a big deal. I have some connections in Hong Kong, or I can just ask the restaurants there to invest.”

Feng Yu thought for a while. He can buy some restaurants in those countries and then use them to invest and convert into Quanjude restaurants. This way, the City Government will not refuse him owning more shares.

“Manager Feng, I need to report this to my leaders.”

Seeing that Jiang Xianjun was still hesitating, Feng Yu laughed. “I can also introduce one or two more Hong Kong investors, like the son of Hong Kong's wealthiest person, Superman Li and Hong Kong's 4th wealthiest person, Fu Rongqi's nephew. With their help, we can even set up branches in other countries out of Southeast Asia. Of course. I will also team up with them to propose giving shares to the top management staffs.”

Feng Yu had added one more sweetener. He was confident that with so many benefits, Jiang Xianjun will be tempted.

Jiang Xianjun narrowed his eyes and looked at Feng Yu: “Manager Feng, I will give you an answer within 3 days!”

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 564 – Let Me Be A Shareholder

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