Extraordinary Genius Chapter 592 – Wind And Rain Private Security

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Li Na had gotten the permission to go out for New Year visiting with Feng Yu. They walked an entire street before she realized what her father meant. He will not oppose both of them dating!

Li Na felt this year's New Year was the happiest New Year she had ever experienced.

That evening, Feng Yu returned home full of smiles. Feng Xingtai saw his son's gifts were given out and that means he will be getting a daughter-in-law soon!

After resting at home for a few days, Feng Yu received a call from Liu Jichuan on the sixth day of New Year. His old Company Commander had arrived at Bing City and wanted to meet with Feng Yu.

Feng Yu had wanted to meet these people. He had heard that there was a murder case in a nearby county a few days ago. The suspect was still on the run. What if he escaped to their district and harm his father?

But before Feng Yu go to Bing City, he went to Li Na's home. He made up an excuse that they were going to Bing City to visit their former teachers and will be back a few days later.

Feng Yu and Li Na will surely visit their former teachers, but one day was enough. Feng Yu wanted to spend some time alone with Li Na for the rest of the days.

Li Quan could tell from his daughter's eyes that she really wanted to go to Bing City with Feng Yu. He sighed. Visit the teachers? Then where will they stay at night? Never mind……. It's beyond his control.

So, Feng Yu, Li Na, and Liu Jichuan drove to Bing City.

When Feng Yu met the old Company Commander, he was surprised. The Company Commander looks quite young. He should not be more than 30 years old. Liu Jichuan had been telling Feng Yu about his old Company Commander, and Feng Yu thought the commander should be at least in his late 30s.

“Manager Feng, this is my old Company Commander. But he is not the Commander. His rank is actually Deputy Company Commander. Sir, this is the boss I told you. Feng Yu, Manager Feng.”

“Nice to meet you, Manager Feng. My name is Sha Tianyu.”

“Hi. You look younger than I expected.” Sha Tianyu's hand was rough and strong.

“I joined the military once I graduate from University. That's why I move up faster.” Sha Tianyu was an officer, and after he retired from service, it was hard for the army to a.s.sign a job for him. That's why he decided to start his own business. After all, he was a graduate and knows more than those ordinary soldiers.

“Mr. Sha, what did you studied in University? How come you decided to join the military back then?” Feng Yu asked curiously.

In this era, University graduates were all officers when they join the government or military. Why did he join the military? His family agrees to let him join?

“It is to fulfill my father's last wish. My mother's health is not too good, if not I will also not choose to retire from service. I studied history at my university. It might seem to be useless, but I can apply what I learned from the historic battles during the war and bring all of them back alive.” Sha Tianyu proudly said.

“All subjects are useful in one way or another. If any subject was deemed to be useless, it should be that no one had discovered the way to apply it. Mr. Sha, you wanted to let your men join you to be private security is the proof that you have exceptional foresight. But I have a question for you. Did you get this idea from overseas?”

Sha Tianyu nodded: “Yes. I read from the papers that in other countries, many businessmen will hire professional bodyguards and most of them were retired soldiers. I feel that our country's rapid growth will increase the number of wealthy businessmen. With demands, there will be a market. That's why I want to set up a private security company.”

“But Mr. Sha, do you know that the bodyguards overseas are all armed? In China, we are not even allowed to carry a baton. That means you and your comrades have to protect the businessman with bare hands. You think they can protect them?” Feng Yu asked.

“There are also unarmed bodyguards overseas. If they can do it, so can we!” Sha Tianyu insisted.

“Then Mr. Sha, do you know that the overseas bodyguard will s.h.i.+eld the ones they are protecting with their bodies first when comes face to face with a gunman. Can your men do the same?”

Using their bodies to s.h.i.+eld their hirers means they have to be shot. They might be killed for their job. Sha Tianyu hesitated. Those were his comrades. The government had a.s.signed jobs to them, but he had called all of them to join him. If they were killed in their line of duty, he would feel guilty.

Feng Yu was slightly disappointed. Seems like these people were still far from being those overseas professional bodyguards. But China was still not that dangerous. If Feng Yu were to go overseas, especially the US or other countries without gun control, he must hire some professional guards.

“Manager Feng, if we wore a bulletproof vest, we should be able to do that. Also, all of my men had fought in the war before. Even if there were dozens of enemies, they would still be able to let the one they are protecting escape. You can rest a.s.sured.” Sha Tianyu replied firmly.

Actually, Sha Tianyu had thought of this before. China had crackdown on illegal arms several times. Even hunting rifles were confiscated. It was rare to see illegal firearms nowadays.

If there were really someone who used guns to attack them, his men would still be shot even if they were not s.h.i.+elding their hirer with their bodies.

“Fine. Mr. Sha, since you already decided to set up this private security company, then you should have conducted your market research and make arrangements with the local authorities. I will buy this security company, and all of you will work for me. I will pay all your salaries.”

Sha Tianyu was confused. What do you mean by you will buy this company? This company was not even registered. This Manager Feng wants to use this excuse to give them money?

“Manager Feng, how much are you offering for this company?”

“500,000 RMB. It is enough to give each of you 10,000 to 20,000 each. This should not be a small amount. But all of your men, including you, must sign a long-term contract. That means other than my company, all of you cannot work for another company in the same nature. Not even the door guard of a factory! All of you must also sign a confidentiality agreement. No one can reveal any information about my companies without permission. Not even your parents, wife, and children.”

Feng Yu was paying them a large sum of money, but in exchange, all of them have to sign this overbearing agreement. These people might be given access to the companies' core technologies information. If these people leak out the information, the losses would be even higher.

The profits from technologies were the highest.

Sha Tianyu thought for a while. Giving them a sum of money was to give his men and him some financial relief for their families. As for the long-term contract and confidentiality agreement it was fine. When they retired from the military, they also had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

“Fine. I will agree to your conditions on behalf of my comrades! But what will be our salaries?”

“You are the manager of this company, and you will be getting 2,000 RMB a month plus year-end bonus. If the rest of your men were of the same standard as Da Chuan, then they will be getting 1,000 RMB plus bonus. If they are better than Da Chuan, their monthly salary will be 1,500 RMB. However, I need to test their abilities first.”

“We will surely meet your expectations.” Feng Yu had offered salaries much higher than Sha Tianyu expected.

“Tomorrow I will send someone to accompany you to register this company. Oh, in the future, our company will be called – Wind and Rain Private Security!”

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 592 – Wind And Rain Private Security

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