Extraordinary Genius Chapter 594 – Huh? Bodyguard?

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Liu Jichuan was a.s.signed to be Feng Yu's personal bodyguard. That soldier who had lost two fingers, but was ruthless and another soldier was a.s.signed to be Feng Yu's father's bodyguards and drivers. The rest of the men had to draw lots to be in groups of two or one people. They were a.s.signed to protect Jiang Wanmeng and the rest.

When Wu Zhigang knew that a bodyguard c.u.m driver was a.s.signed to him, he was ecstatic. He was happier than getting a 15% increment earlier this year.

Wow… I finally have a bodyguard!

In Wu Zhigang's impression, only those Hong Kong and overseas big bosses have personal guards. He had never seen any China businessmen that hire bodyguards. He finally has a personal guard. Other people will definitely be jealous of him.

Furthermore, Wu Zhigang does not need to pay his bodyguard salary and have to listen to his instructions. If he needs to meet clients after working hours, he can also drink alcohol without worrying about driving.

After coming to Bing City for a few days, Li Na wants to return home. She had stayed in Bing City with Feng Yu doe too long. Her parents will not be happy.

Feng Yu still had matters to attend in Bing City, and he does not wish Li Na to take public transport back. So, he brought Li Na to Wind and Rain Logistics to see if she can catch a ride.

Anyway, Wind and Rain Logistics have new trucks now. The front driver and pa.s.senger seats were more s.p.a.cious and cleaner.

“Old Zhao, where is my brother-in-law?” Feng Yu greeted Wind and Rain Logistics Deputy General Manager.

“Manager Li was still around just now. I think he had gone out for some errands. Are you looking for him urgently? Do you need me to call him?”

“It's okay. Are there any trucks going to the north today? Can they send my girlfriend home on the way?”

“There is a truck sending plastic bottles to your father's factory later and will be bringing back soybean oil. The truck will leave after lunch. Is it okay?” The truck was supposed to leave for the north later the day. But since Feng Yu needs someone to send his girlfriend to the district, then the driver has to leave earlier.

“Okay. Thank you. I will give you a call later at noon.”

Back upstairs, Li Na was still sitting in Feng Yu's office. Feng Yu got the keys to the company's warehouse and left with Li Na for Tai Hua Trading's warehouse.

“Here, see what uncle and aunty likes. You can pack it onto the car and bring back along with you. All these are New Year Gifts.”

Liu Jichuan was shocked. Feng Yu was too rich! He needs warehouses to store his New Year Gifts.

“These things are the goods which your company sells? The stock will not tally if I take them.”

Feng Yu laughed. “Don't worry. I have asked them before coming here. We ordered extra in case of wear and tear. It is not a problem. How about this jacket? This jacket is used by Russia's Airforce. It is very warm and looks smart. Also, these boots. It can keep your feet warm even if it is -30 degrees. Da Chuan, what are you waiting for? Take what you want and send some of them to Uncle Liu later.”

Liu Jichuan points to himself: “I also get to take these?”

“Don't worry. Although these things are all imported from Russia, we got these on wholesale price. It is not as expensive as you thought.”

Feng Yu does not want to be too generous to Liu Jichuan, in case he becomes too greedy. But he does not mind giving him some small gifts to him.

Liu Jichuan took a leather jacket, a pair of Russia's leather shoes and a pair of leather gloves.

“Da Chuan, don't stand on ceremony with me. Take a few more.”

“It's okay Manager Feng. These are enough.” Liu Jichuan knew that Feng Yu does not mind him taking a few more items. But if he really takes a lot of items, he will appear as a greedy person to Feng Yu.

Feng Yu was satisfied with Liu Jichuan for controlling his desires. He gave Liu Jichuan a box of Tai Hua Ham and a box of Jianlibao for him to send back home.

After loading all these things on the car, Feng Yu directed Liu Jichuan to drive them back to the office for lunch.

The current era was not as prosperous as the future years. It was the tenth day of the Lunar New Year, but lots of shops and restaurants were not opened yet. Luckily, Wind and Rain Logistics have its own canteen, and the food was delicious.

“Nana, is the food okay?” Feng Yu asked.

“Why not? This taste much better than the school's cafeteria.” Li Na laughed.

School's cafeteria was a scary place in that era. Luckily the food was still considered edible. If not, Li Na will not eat her meals in school.

After lunch, Feng Yu send Li Na to the plastic factory. The truck was loaded. Feng Yu and Liu Jichuan loaded all the New Year gifts into the front compartment. Feng Yu also gave the driver a carton of Hongtashan cigarettes.

“Manager Feng, no need for this.” The driver was rejecting Feng Yu verbally, but he was holding on to the carton of cigarettes tightly.

“Just take it. Send her home straight and also help her carry these things home.”

“Rest a.s.sure, Manager Feng.” The driver laughed and keeps the carton of cigarettes. He had to leave earlier today, but in returned, got a carton of cigarettes from Feng Yu. It was worth it.

Hmmm…. It's a waste for me to smoke this carton of Hongtashan cigarettes. I should give this carton to my father-in-law.

After reminding Li Na to watch out for herself, Feng Yu bid his farewell to Li Na. It should be May before they could see each other again.

“Come, let's go back to the company.”

Back at his company, Feng Yu saw his Brother-in-law's car parked downstairs. Just nice, he has something to discuss with him and at the same time show off to him about the bodyguards.


“Xiao Yu, I heard from Old Zhao that you are looking for me. Have you sent your girlfriend back?” Li s.h.i.+qiang makes fun of Feng Yu.

“Yes. I have just sent her back. Oh, this is Da Chuan. Da Chuan, this is my brother-in-law, Li s.h.i.+qiang. This Wind and Rain Logistics is his company.”

Li s.h.i.+qiang extended his hand towards Liu Jichuan. He thought this person was Feng Yu's friend. But Liu Jichuan stood at attention and salute: “Good afternoon, Manager Li!”

Li s.h.i.+qiang subconsciously returned the salute and asked: “You are from the military?”

“Yes. I have just retired from the military, and I am now Manager Feng's personal bodyguard and driver.” Liu Jichuan felt happy to see Manager Li returning his salute.

Li s.h.i.+qiang looked at Feng Yu in surprised. What? Bodyguard?

This kid hired a personal bodyguard?

Even Bing City's party secretary and the Mayor do not have bodyguards. Didn't Feng Yu always want to be low profile and shun the limelight? Why was he so high profile this time?

“Brother-in-law, I will a.s.sign a bodyguard to you too. It will be safer, and someone can drive you around. It will be more convenient for you too.”

“No, I want to know how many bodyguards you hired?”

When they were talking, Wu Zhigang came downstairs. He was about to go out. He had someone following behind him helping him to carry his briefcase. That person was Wu Zhigang's bodyguard? Even that brat, Wu Zhigang, had a bodyguard?

“Don't you envy him? I have hired a lot of bodyguards and have a.s.signed one of them to Wu Zhigang. How about I a.s.sign one of them to you?”

Li s.h.i.+qiang saw Wu Zhigang walking down the stairs with his bodyguard. No matter whether if there was a need for a bodyguard, but the thoughts of going out with a personal bodyguard following behind, made him excited.

Li s.h.i.+qiang nodded: “Okay. I will also hire one.”

Feng Yu called Sha Tianyu and asked him to a.s.sign someone to his brother-in-law. After settling this, Feng Yu brought Liu Jichuan along to look for Zhang Ruiqiang. He wants to show off his bodyguard in front of him!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 594 – Huh? Bodyguard?

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