Extraordinary Genius Chapter 596

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 596 – The Furious Zhang Ruiqiang

Feng Yu quickly ran down the stairs and entered a toilet. He made sure there was no one in the bathroom before he took out his phone to call Kameda Masao.

“Boss, you need me to do something?” Kameda Masao was puzzled. Feng Yu usually would not call him and seldom ask about the company.

A few days ago, during China's biggest festival, he had called Feng Yu to send his New Year Wishes. How come Feng Yu called him again?

“Kameda, which cities of China did you send the Sixth Sense products to?” Feng Yu asked.

“We only send to a few provincial cities along the coast and Beijing and Tianjin. The furthest was Jinlin. What's wrong?” Kameda Masao was confused. Could it be Feng Yu had thought of a way to enter the Chinese market fast?

But Kameda Masao felt that he was more experience in selling those products than Feng Yu. The Chinese were still not open-minded to accept their products. How was it possible for Feng Yu to open the Chinese market fast?

“You did not sell the products to Bing City?” Feng Yu asked.

“Absolutely no! We did not export our products to the 3 provinces in the Northeast. Our company had set up our own distribution channels, and we did not look for distributors there. The Northeast region was more conservative than those along with the coastal areas. If we set up the distribution channels there, we will not be able to recover the cost.”

“Then is it possible that some distributors bring our products to sell in Bing City?”

“No. I had offered the distributors bonuses if they increased the market share. If they really sell it to Bing City, they would have told me to get the bonuses. What's wrong? Why are you asking about this?”

“I am in Bing City now, and I saw someone selling Love eggs. I am not sure if it is from our company. Nothing is written on the packaging.”

“Then it must not be ours. If any distributors dare to change our company's packaging, they will have to pay substantial compensation.” Kameda Masao replied confidently.

Feng Yu was relieved. It was not the Sixth Sense Company's products.

“Ok. It fine now.” Feng Yu hangs up the phone.

Kameda Masao realized what happened. Some s.e.x toys had appeared in Bing City, and it was not their Sixth Sense Company's products?

How can this be? The market share was s.n.a.t.c.hed by someone else! Hmmm…… It's time to look into the expansion of the Chinese market more aggressively. Even if there were no profits, they must control the market first!

When Feng Yu returned to Zhang Ruiqiang's office, Zhang Ruiqiang asked: “Is your company also manufacturing this product?”

Feng Yu got shocked. Even Fu Guangzheng does not know that he owns the Sixth Sense Company. How did Zhang Ruiqiang know?

“Are you the one who invented this thing and got a patent registered? Now, someone had infringed your patent?” Zhang Ruiqiang continued.

I invented this thing? d.a.m.n! You are the one who invented this vibrator! Your whole family is the inventors of vibrators!

Feng Yu pick up the box again to scrutinize it. Nothing was written on the box. Not even a word, picture or even a black dot. It was just a plain white box.

“This thing is not invented by me. I had just made a phone call to check. You have been deceived by that person! Are you still able to contact the person who sold you this thing?”

“What? I have been deceived?” Zhang Ruiqiang was puzzled. Even if this thing was priced higher, but he still had not made any orders or paid anything. How can he be deceived?

“Leader, do you know the actual way to use this thing?” Feng Yu asked.

“Isn't this an eye protection device? Are there other uses for this thing?” Zhang Ruiqiang looked at Feng Yu, who was trying to hold back his laughter. He immediately got a bad feeling.

Feng Yu walked to the door and closes the room's door. Before closing, he told Secretary Liu to close the door of the main office. This matter must not be leaked, or else, Zhang Ruiqiang would be disgraced.

It might even affect Zhang Ruiqiang's promotions.

Zhang Ruiqiang was groomed by Feng Yu to protect himself. From his performances, he should at least reach the rank of Provincial-Ministerial level. If he were to be drag down by this s.e.x toy, all of Feng Yu's efforts would have gone down the drain.

Feng Yu moved closer to Zhang Ruiqiang and said softly into his ears. “The real name of this thing is called Love Egg or Vibrator. It is used by women to please themselves.”

d.a.m.n, why Old Zhang has a confused look on his face? Was I still not direct enough?

Seeing that Zhang Ruiqiang did not get what he said, Feng Yu continued: “It is used to vibrate against the women's private parts, making them feel good. It is a s.e.x toy used by couples in the bedroom.”

Zhang Ruiqiang's eyes became bigger and bigger. This was that sort of thing? He had still rubbed it on his face!

f.u.c.k!!! That businessman was a con man! Zhang Ruiqiang wanted to get a gun and execute that conman on the spot!

Zhang Ruiqiang finally understood why Feng Yu was speaking so weirdly earlier with a strange expression. If he really introduced this thing to the schools and others found out what it really was, his reputation will be gone!

“You. Are you joking with me?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked.

“How can I joke with you about this?” Feng Yu was pinching himself secretly with his hand behind his back. He was afraid that he would laugh out loud. Old Zhang had rubbed a vibrator on his face and was still enjoying the feeling. It was too funny!

Zhang Ruiqiang tightens his grip on his fountain pen. Crack! He had broken his pen with one hand!

“Liu Tianyong! Come in now!” Zhang Ruiqiang shouted.

Secretary Liu immediately entered the room: “Sir, are you looking for me? Ah…… You are bleeding. Hurry and get it treated to prevent infection.”

Secretary Liu looked at Feng Yu. What did Manager Feng say to the leader that causes him to be so angry? That fountain pen was Zhang Ruiqiang's favorite pen, and he had used it for years.

“Get that Sun Fulin, the one who is selling that Eye Protection Device, here immediately! Also, call the public security bureau Chief Zhao here!” When Zhang Ruiqiang mentioned the eye protection device, he clenched his teeth hard. He really wants to tear that Sun Fulin into pieces.

“Yes, sir. I will call them immediately, but your hand……”

“Call them first!” Zhang Ruiqiang roared.

Secretary Liu was shocked and immediately ran out to make the phone calls. After Zhang Ruiqiang became the Deputy Mayor, Secretary Liu knew him and had never seen him so furious before.

Why does he need Chief Zhao to be here? Could it be that Sun Fulin commit some crimes? Cannot be…… If Sun Fulin had committed a crime, they could just call the police to arrest him. There was no need to call him over.

Zhang Ruiqiang turned to Feng Yu: “You are not allowed to tell anyone about what happened today!”

d.a.m.n. I had helped you today. If it weren't for me, you would have introduced a s.e.x toy to the schools, and you will be finished! Why are you threatening me now?

But everyone will lose his cool once in a while. I will forgive you this time.

“Don't worry. Even if I tell others, no one would believe me. How are you going to tell Chief Zhao about this matter?” Feng Yu asked curiously and leans forward. He really wanted to know what Zhang Ruiqiang would say.

“It is none of your business! You can go now.” Zhang Ruiqiang replied coldly.

“I am not busy today. Just treat me as if I am invisible.” Feng Yu replied with an “I will just watch quietly by the side” expression.

“You are not busy, but I am!” Zhang Ruiqiang shouts.

“Let's talk about something else. How about I donate some money to the City? Come, let's discuss what projects and the amount I should donate.”

“I don't want your donations!” Zhang Ruiqiang was furious. What donation? Feng Yu was just finding excuses to remain in his office, waiting to watch the show.

Feng Yu was dragged out of Zhang Ruiqiang's office by Secretary Liu under Zhang Ruiqiang's orders. Feng Yu was sulking as he walked back to his car.

“Manager Feng, where are you going now?” Liu Jichuan asked.

“We will not go anywhere. Just stay here to enjoy the show!” You chase me out, and you think I will give up? Encountering such an entertaining incident was rare. There was no way I will give up.

Eh? Will Old Zhang beat up that conman later? Can he win against that conman? Hmm…… I think I should go back there to help him later.

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 596

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