Extraordinary Genius Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – History had changed?

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Song Xiaofeng was grounded for a few days in his uncle’s mansion again, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. But his uncle wanted him to recuperate from his injuries, and furthermore, Li Guangzheng was also injured from the fight with Cripple w.a.n.g’s men. Recently, it was very dangerous outside.

At first, Song Xiaofeng thought his uncle was right. But after two days, he noticed that nothing had happened. Cripple w.a.n.g did not create any trouble when Li Guangzheng was injured and his uncle, Song Laosi did not seek revenge on Cripple w.a.n.g.

He thought things were the same as before and both sides had come to an agreement to let the matter rest.   

The clash two days ago had attracted the attention of the Provincial Government, but his uncle had connections with the officials inside. He just said that was just a small fight and did not affect other citizens. There was also no complains so this matter was dismissed.

Based on the past experiences, after attracting the attention of the Police, they would lie low for a while. Song Xiaofeng had endured for several days and just happened that Song Laosi had gone out that day. He decided to sneak out to get some girls.

The followers, who were supposed to “look after” him, were threaten by him and had no choice but to accompany him out. 

One of his followers drove his Land Rover and send him to the city. Song Laosi’s mansion was in Jiangbei (North of the river) and the city is in Jiangnan (South of the river). On the way, Song Xiaofeng began to ponder. Today, he wants to get a coquettish girl to satisfy his pent up energy!

But he and the driver did not notice that after they left the mansion, there was a Jeep following them from Jiangbei to Jiangnan.

They reached a nightclub which was not opened by Cripple w.a.n.g and Song Xiaofeng, as usual, sat on a sofa at a corner. There were 2 to 3 men guarding the doors at the nightclub. Although they were Cripple w.a.n.g’s men, Song Xiaofeng doesn’t believe that these 2 to 3 men would dare to touch him.

Soon he found his target. A 20+ hot chick dressed in a body-hugging cheongsam. With only one glance, Song Xiaofeng could felt he was getting hard. 

One of his men went over to the girl and told her that Song Xiaofeng wants her. She was brought over to Song Xiaofeng, and Song Xiaofeng did not stay long in the nightclub. He went back to the Land Rover with the girls and instructed his follower to drive them to a hotel.

They were still in the vehicle, and Song Xiaofeng started to touch the girl everywhere. Upon approaching the hotel, pa.s.sing a cross junction, a tipper truck suddenly appeared.


The Land Rover was. .h.i.t on the side and hit the railings by the road. The tipper truck did not stop and collide onto the Land Rover for the second time. When Song Xiaofeng was still in a daze inside the vehicle, the tipper truck reversed into the Land Rover and dumped a whole load of gravel onto the car, burying it.

The driver of the tipper truck then alighted and fled into a dark alley. On the other side of the alleyway, his brothers were waiting for him.

Song Xiaofeng was feeling hurt all over his body, and just when he wanted to scold the driver, he noticed the darkness outside.

What happened? How did outside become dark?

When the gravels and sands slipped into the vehicle through the half-opened windows, he realized that his vehicle was buried in sand and gravels.

Someone wants to bury him alive!

Song Xiaofeng nearly p.i.s.sed in his pants. This is Bing City. Who dares to mess with him? Could it be Cripple w.a.n.g? He really wants to go all out against his uncle? He started to dig the sand and gravels with his hands. He wants to get out! He wants to live!


Song Laosi was returning home after drinking with his friends. When he pa.s.sed by a cross junction, he noticed there seems to have an accident in front.

He wanted to tell the driver to make a detour, but the driver suddenly shouted: “Master Si, that car seems like Master Song’s!”

Song Laosi was shocked. That was Xiaofeng’s car?

Song Xiaofeng now only uses this red Land Rover, which was said to be the only one in Bing City. Half of the bonnet was not buried, and the driver recognized it at first glance.

“Stop the car! Go down and check!”

The driver got off and ran over. He began to dig through with his hands. Song Laosi and another of his man also got off and help to dig with their hands.

Even though it was a fully loaded tipper truck, there was not enough gravel to bury the Land Rover entirely. The gravel was not too thick and less than a minute, the driver felt a moving palm.

There was a sapphire ring on one of the fingers. The driver recognized this was the ring which Song Xiaofeng wore daily.

With the effort of these 3 men, they dug out Song Xiaofeng ‘s head. But Song Xiaofeng was barely conscious.

 When they opened the door and carried Song Xiaofeng out, he was already unconscious. The follower and the girl were not so lucky. They were suffocated to death in the vehicle.   


Western Bun left with his number 3 in a car. His number 3 had crashed the tipper truck onto Song Xiaofeng’s Land Rover and dumped a full load of sand and gravel, burying him. All it takes was just 10 minutes to kill Song Xiaofeng.

Also, it was a stolen vehicle. No matter how one investigates, no one will not suspect Western Bun and his brothers. Song Laosi might even think that this was indeed an accident. 500,000 RMB in his pocket so quickly and they don’t even need to leave Bing City.

It was all thanks to his fifth brother for coming up with this idea. Can kill Song Xiaofeng and not being suspected. This was simply killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

He made a phone call to Cripple w.a.n.g and informed him that he had completed the job. He asked Cripple w.a.n.g to send his men to verify. He did this was also intimidate Cripple w.a.n.g. If Cripple w.a.n.g wants to turn him in to Song Laosi, he would have to think carefully. If Western Bun is able to kill Song Xiaofeng silently, he can also do the same to Cripple w.a.n.g!


Feng Yu got the news about Song Xiaofeng’s accident. Song Xiaofeng is currently in a deep coma, lying in the hospital.

Feng Yu prayed non-stop for Song Xiaofeng to never wake up from his coma. It would be best if he just dies. It was a pity that the driver and the girl were killed in the accident and Song Xiaofeng was still alive.

Later, after finding out the details, Feng Yu learned several reasons why.

Firstly, the Land Rover was supposed to be driven by Feng Yu, and he had modified and reinforced the vehicle. If it were Song Xiaofeng’s previous Mercedes-Benz, he would already be crush to death from the first collision.

Secondly, during the impact, Song Xiaofeng’s head was buried in the girl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Nevertheless, the girl’s figure was stunning. Especially the pair of big bunnies in front cus.h.i.+oned the impact on Song Xiaofeng’s head.  

Thirdly, after the vehicle was buried, Song Xiaofeng was still conscious and started to dig himself out. Just happened Song Laosi pa.s.sed by and rescued him before he was suffocated. But it was also because he blocked the only hole, the driver and the girl suffocated to death.

Feng Yu wanted to cry when he heard that Song Xiaofeng survived because of his Land Rover. If he had known earlier, he would not have modified and reinforce the exterior.

 He remembered in his past life, all of Song Laosi’s family members had died, but now, Song Xiaofeng was not dead and in a coma.

It seems that history was changed!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 66

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