Extraordinary Genius Chapter 611 – Having The Same Views Part 1 Of 2

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Feng Yu kept quiet and drank his tea as Li Dafu hesitated. He wants Li Dafu to make his decision. Even if Li Dafu had decided, he still might not enter the top management. He needs to show Feng Yu that he can lead the company to greater heights. At least he got to prove himself in the motorcycles and cars division.

“Manager Feng, can I ask what position you will give me if I sell my company and buy your shares?”

Li Dafu was not a stupid person. He knows that even if he was a shareholder, he might not get a management role.

“What position do you want? I need to be clear with you. Our company does not have a lot of shareholders. We hold shareholders meeting every quarter, but most of the time, not all shareholders will be present. That's why most of the company's decisions and management are decided by the General Manager, his deputies, and the factory directors. What is your target?”

If Li Dafu wants to be the General Manager, then there's no need to discuss anymore. Li Mingde's role in Bing City Machinery Company could not be replaced now. Li Dafu does not know about agriculture machinery, and Feng Yu would never let him run the company.

“I want to be in charge of the automobile division. Can I be a Deputy General Manager?” Li Dafu asked.

“The company currently have a General Manager and 5 deputies. Another shareholder and I hold the position of Deputy. We normally do not care about the management of the company. There is another shareholder who holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the workers' union. His salary is 1 RMB. The rest of the 3 Deputies had worked in the company for a very long time and were very familiar with the company's business and market. You think you are suitable to be a Deputy straight when you come on board?” Feng Yu asked him back. His father could only be a Deputy Chairman of the workers' union. Investment and management were two entirely different things.

Li Dafu had set his sights high. If he was competent, Feng Yu does not mind letting him be a Deputy. But he does not have prior experiences and becomes a Deputy once he joined the company, the rest of the people will not be happy.

Li Dafu could tell what Feng Yu was saying. He could not be a Deputy General Manager now. Feng Yu still wants to see his abilities first.

Rather than letting people question his capabilities, Li Dafu prefers to say it himself.

“Manager Feng, before meeting you, I had studied the market. But I did not look into the agriculture machinery market. I do have my own views on the motorcycles and cars industry's developments.”

Feng Yu raised his brows. Li Dafu admitted himself?

“Fine. Let's talk about motorcycles first. What do you think of our motorcycle developments and tell me how you would develop our business in the future.”

Finally, they were talking about what Li Dafu specializations. Li Dafu felt that Feng Yu would change his opinion of him after he tells him about his views. Maybe he could enter the company as a Deputy General Manager.

“The first Songjiang Motorcycles were 125cc bikes. These motorcycles were considered the biggest capacity bikes in China. This also proves that the Songjiang motor has the best technologies in China. The exterior designs were attractive, and consumers love it. The performance and designs were much better than other China made motorcycles. Later, these motorcycles were advertised on CCTV and had hired celebrities to endorse it. The sales of the motorcycles should yield high profits for the company that year.”

“But after that, Songjiang Motors did not introduce more powerful bikes. Instead, it introduced Songjiang 100. Other motorcycle manufacturers started with 50cc bikes and increase the capacity of their bikes from there. Only Songjiang Motors did the opposite way and succeeded! I had looked into Taiwan and j.a.pan's markets. I discovered that the number of motorcycles in those countries is like the number of bicycles in China. Many people there were willing to buy motorcycles but were not willing to spend on petrol. That's why smaller bikes had an advantage there. That's why I feel that Songjiang Motors should continue introducing smaller cc bikes!”

After saying these, Li Dafu looks at Feng Yu proudly. He felt that he had articulated his views well with good reasons. Feng Yu would surely be surprised with what he said. All of China's manufacturers were trying to build bigger bikes, and none of them were building small bikes.

But Li Dafu realized that Feng Yu still have a calm expression on his face. He was not surprised by his suggestions. Could it be that someone from Bing City Machinery Company had already suggested this?

Feng Yu was glad that Li Dafu had thought about this. He was indeed that successful businessman from his previous life. Li Dafu's plans were the same as what Feng Yu told Li Mingde in the past. They will continue to introduce smaller bikes this year. Even the model of the bikes was completed. It was a 50cc scooter model, and it targeted the women's market.

Li Mingde and the rest had doubts about this. They felt they should introduce 3 wheels bikes and target the villages. These 3 wheels bikes could be used to carry goods, and it should sell well. Scooters and women's market? Will this succeed?

Currently, China still has the thinking that men should go out and work, and women should stay at home. Many men still did not own motorcycles yet. Why would they spend money to buy bikes for their women?

But Feng Yu knew that scooters' sales will be shockingly high in the future. If they did not introduce scooters now, j.a.pan would introduce it first next year. Then Songjiang Motors will be one step behind again. Even if this year scooter's sales were not high, Songjiang Motors would not make losses. It was only a matter of higher or lower profits.

3 wheels motorcycle was also a good direction. Feng Yu agreed to this proposal and asked Li Mingde to get someone to design the production lines. Currently, they do not have enough production lines, and they had to expand their company. Bing City Machinery Company had enough funds to build more branch factories. They can always buy over the factories of other motorcycle brands.

Feng Yu knew about Li Mingde's foresight in the automobile industry. But for him to thought about the 3 wheels motorcycle was good enough and Feng Yu was satisfied.

“What do you think about 3 wheels motorcycles' market?” Feng Yu asked.

“3 wheels bikes? That is mainly targeting the regions in the county and villages. The main use of these bikes is to transport goods. It should be targeted at the villages. If you are going to sell it in the city, then you can build a cover on it, and it can be used as a taxi.” Li Dafu thought for a while and said.

Feng Yu's eyes sparkled. Li Dafu could still come up with the idea of replacing the taxis with 3 wheels motorcycles. Even Li Mingde and the rest never thought about this. 3 wheels bikes became popular was because it had replaced taxis. People called it “Vintage cars” and were cheaper and slower than taxis. Many counties and poorer cites used these bikes to replace taxis.

Initially, the authorities did not say whether if these 3 wheels motorcycles taxis were legal. But as the number of 3 wheels motorcycle taxis increased, the authorities stepped in to stop them. But many counties still have these bikes running around their streets.

Even if these bikes were not allowed to be taxis, they were still used to be mini cargo vans. It was still very popular. Feng Yu was quite surprised that Li Dafu had thought of this!

Just base on this point alone, Feng Yu would want to recruit Li Dafu and put him in charge of the motorcycles' business. He was more suitable than Li Mingde and the rest of the deputies!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 611 – Having The Same Views Part 1 Of 2

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