Extraordinary Genius Chapter 620

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Published at 22nd of July 2019 05:40:05 AM Chapter 620: 620
This was an urgent matter, and Jiang Wanmeng could not make the decision . He immediately called Feng Yu to ask him back .

When Feng Yu knew Philips wanted a collaboration, he was surprised and shocked . He would not need to be afraid of Tos.h.i.+ba and Sony if they were collaborating with Philips . They might even be faster than Tos.h.i.+ba and Sony in setting the industry standards!

Feng Yu flew back to China immediately and waited for Philips vice president Thomas at Aiwa Electronics headquarters .

Thomas arrived in China and saw the buildings . It was a vast difference from Holland, and this was still China's capital . The Chinese economy was not doing well .

But this third world country to develop the first and second generation of MPEG technologies and VCD, it was still impressive . The Chinese were very creative .

Thomas was confident about this cooperation . He believes that he does not need to offer any good conditions and the other party will agree to this cooperation . First, the Chinese economy was not doing well . That Wind and Rain Electronics was also not a big company . If he offers Wind and Rain Electronics some money, they would surely agree . Even if money could not solve the problem, Wind and Rain Electronics will still give in because of Tos.h.i.+ba and Sony . The negations should be smooth sailing for him .

The Chinese likes to have a joint venture . Philips had set up several joint venture factories in China . Maybe Philips have the chance to buy over Wind and Rain Electronics through this cooperation .

Thomas was more confident when he arrived at Hefei, the city where Wind and Rain Electronics headquarters was located . It was a rural and poor city .

Thomas saw a sign that wrote Philips – Thomas when he stepped out of the airport . It should be Wind and Rain Electronics staff who was there to receive him . Accompanied by Philips employees in China, Thomas walked over proudly .

Eh? The car used by Wind and Rain Electronics was much better than he expected . Although this was not some branded luxury European car, its exterior was well designed, and the interior was s.p.a.cious and comfortable . It was more comfortable than the Mercedes Benz a.s.signed to him by his company .

This car should be costly . Was this a j.a.panese car or a US car? This car should be a j.a.panese car .

“Mr . Thomas is asking if the shareholders of Wind and Rain Electronics here?” When they reached the destination, the translator asked Jiang Wanmeng .

“He is already here and is currently waiting inside . ” Jiang Wanmeng replied in English . He spoke excellent English, and this was the reason why he was sent overseas for interaction by his company .

Jiang Wanmeng could tell Thomas was slightly unhappy because Manager Feng and he did not receive him at the airport . They only sent two staffs to fetch him . At the headquarters, Feng Yu also did not go down to receive him . Thomas felt he was not respected by these Chinese .

When they stepped into the building, Thomas was shocked . The exterior of this building looks normal, but the interior was well renovated .

Artificial hill, fountains, flowing water and goldfishes . These were all used to create a natural look . This was not what Thomas had expected . He thought Wind and Rain Electronics headquarter should be run down . Even if it was not rundown, it should be old fas.h.i.+on . Didn't everyone say the Chinese are all old fas.h.i.+on? How come this company is so unique? He felt his mood changed for the better when he sees the decoration of the lobby .

Feng Yu was standing on top of the spiral staircase and saw Thomas's surprised look . He felt proud . My new factory and office buildings all have this garden style designs . Hah! Are you surprised?

“Mr . Thomas, this is our Wind and Rain key shareholder, Feng Yu . Manager Feng, this is the representative from Philips, Vice President of Philips, Mr . Thomas . ”

“Mr . Thomas, nice to meet you . I represent Wind and Rain Electronics to welcome you . ” Feng Yu spoke in English with an American accent . Thomas was surprised to see the major shareholder of Wind and Rain Electronics to be a young man . Did he inherit this business from his family? He speaks good English . Was he from the US? d.a.m.n . This is not good .

“Nice to meet you, Mr . Feng . I feel honored to be here . ”

Both of them exchanged some pleasantries and walked in . Thomas's eyes grew wide . What is this? There is a swing in the office? What are those people doing? Drinking tea, reading papers and some of them are still watching movies?!

“Mr . Feng, is this your office?” Thomas asked .

“Yes . Don't you think our office is very humanized? This is the area for the staffs to relax . There is a bathroom and resting area there . There is also a 24 hours cafeteria in here . On the other side, there is an exercise area . if you are interested, we can have a game of Ping-Pong later . ” Feng Yu smiled and explained .

The relaxation area, exercise, cafeteria, bathrooms, rest areas? Was this really a workplace?

Was there something wrong with this person's brains? How can this be an office? Everyone here was not working . Were the staffs here paid to relax and enjoy life?

To Thomas, this company lacks discipline, but these people were the ones that developed the MPEG-II technology!

“Mr . Thomas, are you thinking why no one is working and all of the staffs are relaxing? Our company is paying them for their performance . The more task they completed, the higher their salaries . On the other hand, if the staffs could not complete their tasks, their salaries will be very low and might even be sacked . Research and development of technologies do not depend on time acc.u.mulation . Most of the time, it needs inspiration and creativity . Letting them relax will increase their creativity . Many of them worked more than 12 hours a day . Some even worked for more than 16 hours . These are the welfare they deserve . Our Wind and Rain Electronics treat all our staff as family members . ”

When Feng Yu suggested this in the past, Fu Guangzheng and Jiang Wanmeng thought Feng Yu was joking . But Feng Yu insisted the company to operate this way . After firing some people who were skiving on the job, the efficiency of the rest of the staffs increased . Also, the staffs had a sense of belonging in the company .

Some other companies tried to poach Wind and Rain Electronics staffs with higher salaries . But none of the staffs went over . The bosses here treated them well, and their work was relaxing . If they work harder, their salary might even be higher . Also, the staff also noticed their health were better than before .

After pa.s.sing this place, they entered the meeting room . Thomas was still feeling puzzled by this company . Why was this company operating so differently from other companies? He had heard of some software companies in the US operating this way .

This operation model was rare even in Europe . Thomas never expects to see this in China . It was still not some big city in China . This Wind and Rain Electronics was very different, and this young man was not simple!

The meeting room was painted in a soothing color . The renovations and layout of the room were relaxing . Negotiating in this room feels like having a chat between friends . Thomas was not used to this feeling, but he got to admit that he likes this ambiance .

“Mr . Thomas, try this tea beverage . Maybe you will like it . ” Feng Yu asked someone to bring a bottle of Lehaha's green tea .

“This taste is special . I do not like to drink tea, but I enjoy this very much . China is a really amazing place . I am so lucky to be here!” Thomas said .

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 620

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