Extraordinary Genius Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – An Arrogant Freshman

Before Feng Yu can come up with any ideas, Song Xiaofeng had left. There were rumors that he had not recovered from his injuries and he went to the south for treatment. But, there were some who said that Song Xiaofeng was the vanguard for Song Laosi and Song Laosi was preparing to leave Bing City.

As for the second rumor, Feng Yu doesn’t believe it. Song Laosi had been operating in Bing City and Longjiang province for so many years, and even became the most powerful boss. He also had the connections with the officials in the Provincial government. He even boasted that he was the distinguished guest of the Government’s number 2. How could he leave this place?

Furthermore, Feng Yu remembered from his previous life, that Song Laosi was caught in Bing City. But that was 2 years later. Also, based on Song Laosi’s arrogant and revengeful character, how could he possibly leave without getting revenge on the ones that harmed his nephew? 

But to say Song Xiaofeng left to seek medical treatment was also not right. Song Xiaofeng should have recovered from his injuries as the doctor and nurse were released. If he had not recovered, the doctor and nurse would either be dead or missing a hand or leg. 

Song Xiaofeng had really left Bing City. This was confirmed by Cripple w.a.n.g. His men had seen with their own eyes that Song Xiaofeng had boarded a plane with an air ticket to Shenzhen.  

Song Xiaofeng had left, and Feng Yu was relieved. Song Laosi did not come and look for him. This meant that he was not aware of Feng Yu involvement and role in this incident.

Anyway, now the triads were staying low and concentrated on making money. No matter which era, when wealth was acc.u.mulated till a certain amount, it will translate into power and authority.

The company had also resumed its normal operations. Wu Xhigang and the rest continued to make door-to-door sales of second-hand luxury cars. Feng Yu gave them a straightforward explanation. Go and look for those bosses who owned their own business. These people want to look good and show off their status. If others are driving luxury cars, how can they not buy one? 

Although the cars were all used cars if one does not say it out, who will find out? Also, the prices were less than half the price of an imported Mercedes Benz. It was still an excellent deal.

The next six months, selling cars became the only job for his staffs. Two batches, at least 100 cars and must be sold before year end.

Feng Yu was still watching others doing the military training every day. It is a must to be consistent with his lies. He can’t be joining the training now.

Finally, the military training ended, and school officially starts. The cla.s.srooms were not small, but there were a lot of students. The desks were old and can apparently make out the graffiti done by the previous batch of students.

The thing that made Feng Yu p.i.s.sed off the most was that the teacher arranged two people of the same s.e.x to seat together. The only male-female arrangement was a pair of cousins.

This era, schools tried very hard to prevent students getting into relations.h.i.+ps. It was simply outrageous.  

Everywhere on the school campus, there will be teachers with red armbands appearing out of nowhere. If they see male and female students holding hands, they would take down the names, asked the students to write a letter to reflect on themselves and call the student’s parents. It was more severe if they were caught kissing. There will be demerit points, and the students might even be forced to change schools or also expelled!

It doesn’t matter if it was during school hours or after school hours, whether if it was early in the morning at the school field or late at night in the stadium. There would be people from the teaching department lurking around waiting to catch the students when they least expected!

Feng Yu really wanted to question them: Getting into a relations.h.i.+p in high school is still considered early?

This type of suppression might have stopped some relations.h.i.+ps, but it made the students more rebellious. Adolescent students are at the stage where they are rebellious. The more you don't let us do it, we'll do it!

This was one of the reasons why universities students were so wild and crazy. They were being oppressed too harshly, and once the rules were relaxed, it became easy for them to lose themselves.

What about those obedient and honest students? They were unable to find a girlfriend now, and it would be the same for the university. After they start working, they would have to rely on blind dates or getting those “unwanted” girls. Their life would miss out so much fun.

While Feng Yu was not rebellious, but he would also not listen to the teachers. They can say that the students who were in relations.h.i.+ps at this age were unable to undertake the responsibility. However, Feng Yu was different. He was a multi-millionaire, and he will be responsible to Li Na.

In the afternoon, at the school’s cafeteria, Feng Yu and Li Na were sitting at the same table eating. Feng Yu, as if there was no one else around, attracted the attention of many students when he picked food for Li Na with his chopsticks.   

“Eh, those two must be freshmen. They seem to be in a relations.h.i.+p.”

“From the uniform, you can tell they are freshmen. They are quite daring, and they are not afraid of the “big rat” sneaking up and catch them?”

“Big Rat” was the nickname they gave to the discipline master. It was because he likes to wear grey suits and likes appearing out of nowhere.  

“I bought you a red skirt. Didn’t you mention that your desk mate’s red skirt was pretty yesterday?”

“I don’t want. I had only casually said it.” Li Na blushed. She likes whatever gifts Feng Yu gave her, but she was also afraid of other students gossiping. This was not the farm. This was the city. What if they were to be called to the discipline office and informed their parents?

“I had already bought it. You try it on.” Feng Yu said.

“We have to wear uniforms in school.” Li Na said softly.

“You can wear it on the weekends or after school. Take it. It’s pretty.” Feng Yu replied.

“What are you doing? Which cla.s.s are you from?” Someone with a red armband stood in front of them and asked them loudly.

Li Na panicked and stood up. She wanted to say something, but Feng Yu pulled her hand and sat her down.

“Just carry on eating. It will be fine.” Feng Yu said.

“I am talking to the both of you. Stand up!”

Feng Yu carried on eating ignoring this person.

Disciplinary Officer Li was having lunch at the cafeteria, and he noticed a lot of students looking at a direction. He stood up and looked over. He immediately became furious! The school rules clearly state that students were not allowed to be in relations.h.i.+ps, yet they dare to openly disobey the school rules. They must be severely punished!

He hurriedly walked over, like what he used to do. He was ready to reprimand these two students in front of others. He must let them know their mistake and make them write self-reflection letters. If necessary, he will make them read out their self-reflection letter in front of the school.

Usually, when he appears, students would obediently accept his scolding and even begged him to escape punishment. But today, he did not expect this boy to ignore him. It was as if the boy did not see him.

He was agitated and reached out to grab the male student’s arm.  

Feng Yu's arm was caught, but he swiped the hand away: ”Who the h.e.l.l are you? Can’t you see that I am eating?”

“I am from the disciplinary office. What are you doing?”

I am eating. You…… are blind?” Feng Yu replied and waved his hand in front of Officer Li’s face as if he was checking if he was blind.

“Which cla.s.s are you from? Don’t you know that the school forbids students to be in relations.h.i.+ps? Call your parents. Must call your parents down!” Officer Li was furious. This student was too arrogant. He must be punished. Severely punished!

“You don’t accuse us. We are just cla.s.smates. Didn’t the school rules state that students should love each other? We are just eating together. What’s wrong?” Feng Yu retorted.

Prohibiting students getting into relations.h.i.+ps was not wrong. But it should not be prohibiting for the sake of prohibiting. Feng Yu was determined to argue with him and see who was more eloquent.

The rest of the students were dumbfounded. This freshman was too arrogant and dared to go head-to-head with Officer Li!

Translator notes: I think in the 80’s and 90’s, very few students dared to talk back to teachers or people of authority. ‘Obedience to Authority’ is an interesting study on obedience in Psychology. If you are interested, you can read up The Milgram Experiment. 

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 70

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