Extraordinary Genius Chapter 647

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 647 – Thieves in the Supermarket (Part 1 of 2)

“Manager Zhao, what is it that you can't settle by yourself and need to invite me over?” Feng Yu was sitting in Beijing's Tai Hua Supermarket's office.

“Manager Feng, someone is stealing in our supermarkets.”

There are thieves in the supermarket? Wasn't that normal? This happens to every supermarket in the world.

Some of these thieves were forced by circ.u.mstances and had no other choices. Some of them wanted easy money. Stealing something from the supermarket would feed them for a few days.

“Ok. There are thieves in our supermarket, and then?”

“We caught one of them.”

“Hand him over to the police. Do you still need me to tell you what to do?” Feng Yu was puzzled. These store managers did not know how to handle these situations?

“Our normal practice is to hand the shoplifter to the police. This is what we did back in Hong Kong. But I asked some of the locals here. They told me that even if we hand over these people to the police, it was also useless. They will be released after one night in custody, and they will return with more people to steal from our supermarket!” Store Manager Zhao said.

d.a.m.n. Does this mean that these thieves were a syndicate?

But this was the current law. Those that did not have multiple records of stealing will be fined or put in custody for one or two nights. These thieves stole for money and will not pay the fines. Their only choice was only to remain in custody. This Manager Zhao does not want to hand them over to the police?

“Then what do you want to do?”

“We will interrogate the thief ourselves!” Manager Zhao looked at Feng Yu and said.

Interrogate ourselves? This ‘supermarket security guards interrogating shoplifters' was happening in my supermarket? Don't tell me that this method was started in my supermarket?

“We do not have the powers to interrogate those thieves. You should know about this.” Feng Yu frowned.

“They are stealing from our supermarket and why can't we question them? Furthermore, do they dare to report us to the police?” Manager Zhao replied angrily.

Eh? Those thieves will think this way? Right. Those thieves will surely not go to the police. They will only seek protection from the police if they received special treatment. Under normal circ.u.mstances, these thieves will avoid having anything to do with the police.

“Ok. Just do what you want. But remember not to create any trouble and must not damage our supermarket's reputation. If you are unsure, you must not catch those thieves. If the words spread, no one will want to shop in our supermarket.” Feng Yu said.

“I know what to do. We are going to interrogate that thieve. Do you want to see?”

Interrogate that shoplifter? Feng Yu had never seen any interrogation real live in both his lives. Although this was a private interrogation, Feng Yu was still curious.

“Where is the thief?”

“In the Security office. The security officers are watching over the thief.”

Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation had hired ex-soldiers as their security officers. These soldiers had just retired from the army and were still in good shape.

“Did they beat up that thief?” Feng Yu immediately asked. If those guards beat that thief badly, the supermarket will have to compensate him.

“No. Ermmmm…… That thief is a woman.”

Woman? Ok. Those guards should not lay their hands on a woman.

“Let's go and take a look. Did those guards perform any body search on her?” Feng Yu asked.

In Feng Yu's previous life, he had watched a j.a.panese “Action” movie. The story was a female shoplifter was caught by 3 security guards, and they performed a strip search on the shoplifter. It was an exciting movie as the shoplifter tried to steal from…… a s.e.x toy shop!

“Manager Feng, Store Manager.”

Store Manager Zhao nodded and asked: “Did she admit?”

“No. She insists she is innocent. But our store a.s.sistant saw her holding on to some products, and after she walked to a corner, those products disappear. I believe that those products are still on her!” A security guard pointed to a fat woman.

“I did not steal anything. You are all accusing me!” That fat woman shouted.

Feng Yu looked at that woman. Her eyes were blinking, and she was looking around nervously. If she were really innocent, her behavior would not be like this. The security guard's judgment was right. This person must be guilty.


Something was off. The weather now was scorching. Although the Chinese were not so open now, no one would wear coats in the current climate. At most, people will wear long sleeves clothes. Furthermore, that woman was still wearing a long skirt. Her dressing was too weird. No wonder the store a.s.sistant will take note of her.

Feng Yu suddenly remembered a news report in his previous life. A shoplifter used less than 1 second to hide a carton of soft drinks in between her legs and walk out of the store normally.

After that report, some shoplifters tried to imitate her in China but were caught. It was because there was CCTV every was in the supermarkets.

Feng Yu had also thought about installing CCTV in the supermarkets during the opening. Although the cameras were no clear and expensive, it will deter many thieves.

But the Chinese currently does not like being watched. Feng Yu had heard a rumor about how Walmart had lost to Carrefour in his previous life. It was because Walmart had installed CCTV in their supermarkets, and Carrefour did not.

Although this rumor might not be accurate, it seems reasonable. Feng Yu was sure that if he were to announce that the supermarket was under surveillance and security guards were watching all the customers through CCTV, the shoppers will feel uncomfortable and will not want to shop there.

This had got to wait for another 8 to 10 years when people were used to cameras and understand that the security guards will not stare at the monitors nonstop. At that time, it would be weird if the stores did not install CCTV.

Tai Hua Supermarket did not install CCTV and had no evidence to prove that this fat woman had stolen from the supermarket. Searching her was the best solution. Feng Yu was confident that this woman had hidden many things under her coat.

“You say you are innocent? Fine. I have reported to the police, and they will be sending a female officer over. The female officer will search your body later, and we will know if you are really innocent.” Feng Yu replied calmly.

Manager Zhao added. “If we wrongly accused you, we will compensate you. But if you are caught stealing from us and did not want to admit, then don't blame us!”

That fat woman's face changed. “What right do you have to confine me? You all are not police officers. Move aside. I want to go out!”

Two security guards moved one step and block that woman.

“Before the police arrive, you are not allowed to leave. As I said earlier, we will compensate you if we wrongly accuse you. I am giving you one last chance. Own up and return everything you took to us. Also, tell your people to stay away from our Tai Hua Supermarkets!” Store manager Zhao said.

Feng Yu understood why Store Manager Zhao wanted to interrogate that woman himself.

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 647

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