Extraordinary Genius Chapter 651

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 651 – Tricks (Part 3 of 3)

In this era, those that run video lounge were mostly not clean. They did not commit any serious crimes, but most of them will air p.o.r.nography!

This can consider an offense and can be charged in courts. Chief Li knew that the person in front of him was not a good person.

But since this Qian Jing dares to tell him about his video lounge, then he should have kept all those illegal stuff away. Even if Chief Li conducted a raid now, it would be a waste of time.

“Qian Jing, do you have those type of films in your video lounge?”

“Absolutely not. My video lounge plays VCDs, and all my VCDs are originals.” Qian Jing quickly replied.

“Good. How many times have you go in?” Chief Li suddenly asked.

“6 times. The last time was more than 1 year ago. I have changed for the better.”

6 times? Then you are considered a serial offender. There was a research on serial offenders turning over a new leaf. The chances of them not returning to their old ways was less than 1%. The crimes they committed will be more severe after every release. Chief Li did not continue to question him, and Feng Yu suddenly asked.

“How is your video lounge business?”

“It's quite good. People are coming over every day, and the rental business is also doing well.” Although Qian Jing did not know who this person was, for him to sit beside Chief Li, he should not be someone ordinary.

“How much are you charging for a disc rental and how much are you charging to watch a film? How many discs are there in your video lounge in total? Are there any disco or nightclubs near to your video lounge? Are they also using VCD players? Oh, what brand is your VCD player?”

Feng Yu asked a series of questions, and everyone in the room was stunned. What was Manager Feng doing? Chief Li was also confused. Why did Feng Yu interrupt his interrogation with so many weird questions?

It was rare for Feng Yu to meet someone who runs video lounge and he wants to understand the market. Wind and Rain Electronics was Feng Yu's baby. He had put in a lot of efforts into this company, and this company was China's first company to stand before all other electronics company. Feng Yu does not want anything to go wrong.

“The rental of the disc is 20 cents a day and watching a film is also 20 cents. All the video lounges charge the same prices. Our video lounge has more than 1,000 discs. I am not sure about the exact figures. There are a few bars nearby that use VCD players too. Their businesses are also quite well. I am using Wind and Rain VCD player. It is a world-renowned brand.”

Qian Jing was also confused why Feng Yu had asked these questions. But he still replied honestly. He thought that if he showed the right att.i.tude, these people might let him and his men off.

It was much cheaper than movie tickets, and there were a wide variety of choices. No wonder China's movies were not able to make money in the cinemas. It was not the movies' quality. It was these video lounges that was affecting China's movie industry.

There were more and more small nightclubs and bars. That means the VCD sales will get better in the future.

“How many people are there in total?” Feng Yu asked.

Chief Li was confused by Feng Yu's questions. What were those earlier questions for and how come he changed the topic back again? The only person in the room that knew what was going in Feng Yu's mind was Store Manager Zhao. He knew that Feng Yu owns Wind and Rain VCD player.

Qian Jing was also not used to Feng Yu's way of asking. But he was still able to react. This was because he had predicted that he will be asked this question.

“There are only 3 of us. Me, Da Zhuang and Yingzi. The 3 of us are running this video lounge. I really did not know that Yingzi will come and steal from you all. I'm very sorry. I will make sure that Yingzi accepts her punishment.”

“Seems like your video lounge business is very good. You can even afford mobile phones.” Feng Yu smiled.

An owner of a video lounge could afford a mobile phone? The mobile phone prices had dropped a lot, but it still cost 20,000 RMB. It was equivalent to an average person's two years' salary!

Chief Li immediately realized it. “If the value of the stolen items is more than 1,000 RMB, the fine will be 5,000 and at least 15 days in lockup. Prepare to help her pay the fine.”

5,000 RMB!

Qian Jing was stunned. Why was fine so high? In the past, the fines were only 200 to 300 RMB. He felt even 200 to 300 RMB was very high. Some thieves could not even steal that amount in a week. This was why if any of his followers were caught, they would choose to be lockup instead of paying fines.

Qian Jing looked at his mobile phone. It was not bought by him. He had stolen it. Although it was hard to change numbers, it was still possible. Qian Jing did not bear to spend money to buy a mobile phone.

“What's wrong? You don't have 5,000 RMB? Is your mobile phone stolen from others? Oh, do you still have the receipt for your mobile phone? If the stolen item's value is more than 10,000 RMB, the punishment will be heavier!” Chief Li knocked on the table.

“This is a second-hand mobile phone. There is no receipt. I really do not have 5,000 RMB. Since she had committed an offense, then I will leave it to the police. I shall not disturb you all. I will go back to tend to my shop.” Qian Jing turned and tried to leave.

“You are leaving? Wait a while. Liu Tian, come in!” Chief Li shouted at the door.

A police officer entered the room and salute to Chief Li. “Sir! Everyone is here.”

“Ok. Release that big size fellow and tail him secretly. You must not let their accomplices escape! Also, send someone to accompany Xiao Su and that woman to bring back all the stolen goods. Arrest those that bought the stolen goods too!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Qian Jing's eyes widen. What's the meaning of this? They want to arrest all of us?

“Sir, what did I do wrong? Why are you arresting me?”

“You should know what you did. That woman had already confessed and told us all the crimes you did. You really think that I believe all your bulls.h.i.+t just now? If it weren't to prevent alarming your accomplices, I would have brought you out through the front door.”

Chief Li was p.i.s.sed. He was the Police Chief of a district, and he had to leave through the back door.

Now, it all boils down to that Da Zhuang to lead them to their nest and arrest everyone!

Qian Jing realized that he had been tricked. He was arrested, and after Da Zhuang was released, he would not know what to do. He will surely look for other members of the syndicate to ask for help.

And this way, the police would be able to arrest every one of them!

The most confusing part was why Yingzi betrayed him. Yingzi was the only one who knew where he hides his stash. If Qian Jing knew Yingzi would betray him, he would never tell her any secrets.

That's it. The value of his hidden stash was very high. He will surely be in jail for a long time. Any crimes that involve a syndicate, the punishment will be very heavy.

Qian Jian thought that he was here to negotiate with the supermarket boss, and at most he will not come back to steal from this supermarket. He thought he was able to bring his men back. Maybe the supermarket might still give him some money to ask them to leave.

But it turns out to be like this……


2 hours later, Chief Li looked at his pager on his waist. There were only a few words. “Mission accomplished!”

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 651

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