Extraordinary Genius Chapter 677 – Milk Tea Promotion

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Tai Hua Supermarket had renewed new contracts with all their suppliers. The new rates were cheaper, but Tai Hua Supermarket also allowed them to hold promotions.

Tai Hua Supermarket gave them an excellent position to display their products and also help them to showcase their products in a spectacular way to attract customers. The suppliers were also allowed to promote their products in other ways. For instance, Lehaha was having a promotion for their latest product. Milk Tea.

There was a 2 meters giant poster of the Little Tigers and a young model. The Little Tigers were holding a cup of milk tea each and offering to the female model. The female model was smiling and did not know which to choose.

Just the Little Tigers poster was enough to attract lots of shoppers. There was also a table beside the poster, and there were many small cups on it. The scent of milk tea was everywhere.

These were not the only things that attract shoppers. Behind the table, there were a few young and pretty girls. They were all air stewardess trainees. They were standing there, attracting shoppers.

One of them was holding a microphone: “Lehaha's latest product, Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea. A new beverage which you all have not tasted before. Come and look at this cup. Can you see the black pearls? Can everybody smell the fragrance of this tea? This is Lehaha's newest product. U.Loveit Bubble Milk Tea!”

A good promotion cannot only have people standing there talking about the product. There must be an insider among the crowd!

A bespectacled man asked. “I had tried Taiwanese milk tea last year when I went to Taiwan. Is your milk tea authentic?”

“It is not up to me to say whether if this tea is authentic. You see this sign here? Free sampling! Let's invite this gentleman to have a taste and see if it is authentic.”

Some milk tea was poured into a small cup of about 50ml. This was the smallest paper cup available in the market.

The bespectacled man took a sip and opened his eyes wide in an exaggerated manner: “Hmmm…… This is the taste. It is exactly the same as what I tasted in Taiwan! Delicious!”

After saying that, he drank two cups.

The second insider among the crowd appeared. “I thought it is milk tea? What are you chewing?”

“Pearls. This is Bubble Milk Tea, and there are pearls in it. It is delicious. But it's a pity that this Bubble Milk Tea is not available elsewhere in China.” The bespectacled man said.

“Is it really that delicious? Are these free samples? Let me try one cup.”

“Ok. Sir, place come over and try.”

“Wait, if I do not like the taste and do not buy after I drank the free samples, will I be allowed to leave?” The second insider asked.

There some shoppers who wanted to try the samples, but they immediately stop. That's right. If I tried the sample, then I will have to buy it. What if this product is costly?

“Rest a.s.sured. We will not force anyone to buy. Even if we want to do that, the supermarket staffs will stop us. This is China, and we are all reasonable people. Everyone has a different taste. I do not dare to claim that everyone here will like it. It's normal for some people to prefer tea, milk, fruit juice, or carbonated drinks. Don't worry, and just try it.

After the second insider tried the sample and swallowed the pearl, he said: “This taste good. Oh, why are there different color packaging for the tea?”

“These are different flavors. The one you tried is the original favor. We still have fragrant yam, red bean, wheat, chocolate, coffee, etc. These different colors stand for different flavors. There will surely one favor that suits your taste.”

Fragrant Yam was just yam. But just yam does not sound attractive. So it was named as fragrant yam.

“Can I try one more cup?”

“Of course. Change the paper cup for this gentleman. This will prevent the taste of different flavors from mixing together. If there is anyone else that want to try our samples, please queue up here. If you like our products, you can purchase them over here. We are having a promotion now. Buy 2 and get 1 free. This promotion is only for 3 days……”

The salespeople kept promoting the milk tea, and those air stewardess trainees poured samples for the shoppers. When the tea was used up, they will open a new packet and use hot water to make the milk tea in front of the shoppers.

The other shoppers who pa.s.sed by, saw many people queuing up for the free samples given out by pretty girls. They were also curious and joined the queue.

Someone once said that if 5 people were standing in a row, pa.s.sers-by will join in and start queuing without knowing the reason. Most people will think that there must be good stuff or bargains if people queued up.
Now, more and more people were queuing, and the long queue attracted more shoppers.

Some of the shoppers tried the milk tea and liked the taste. They heard that there was a promotion now for the tea. Although 2 RMB for a cup of Milk Tea was too expensive for many people, there were still shoppers who felt it was a good deal. After all, this was Taiwanese Milk Tea, and it was delicious.

Most of the shoppers who bought the milk tea took 4 cups. With the 2 free cups, they will be able to try all 6 flavors.

The milk tea on the shelves was cleared quickly, and the supermarket staffs restocked it immediately.

Feng Yu smiled when he saw the long queue in the Supermarket. There were more people interested in such promotions than in the future.

The production cost of this milk tea was 50 cents per cup. The supplier rates given to Tai Hua Supermarket was 1 RMB. Even if the promotion and marketing cost were added, the total cost was less than 1 RMB. Tai Hua Supermarket's retail price was 1.80 RMB. This was to let the shoppers feel that it cost less than 2 RMB, and it was 20 cents cheaper than places.

In this cold weather, having a cup of hot beverage felt good. Also, this milk tea smells really lovely, and many shoppers who did not queue up for the samples also bought a few cups because of the promotion.

Most of the customers who bought the milk tea were young adults. They had just started work and were not interested in saving money. They like to try out new things. Another group of customers was young parents. They bought some for their children.

These parents only treated milk tea as a regular beverage. This was better than giving their children cold carbonated drinks in this cold weather.

After the supermarket closes at night, Lehaha staffs and the supermarket staffs tally their total sales for the day.

When the figures were tabulated, the staffs could not believe their eyes. They counted again twice to confirm if they had gotten the right number. Today's promotion had created an extraordinary sales volume.

How many cups of milk tea were sold in all 20 branches? This was only the first day. There were still two more days before the promotion ends. 3 days later, there will not be any promotion staffs stationed at the supermarkets. But the buy 2 get 1 free promotion was still ongoing. This will last for a week. The sales of this one week should be more than what they forecast in one month!

The sales potential of Tai Hua Supermarket was astonis.h.i.+ng!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 677 – Milk Tea Promotion

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