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“This your reason?”

“Of course, there are other reasons. They are too arrogant. They had belittled China, and they had made use of contract loopholes to take advantage of us too many times.” Feng Yu replied.

“Then how should the government support you all? Tell the whole world what you just said?” Iron Fist Zhu asked.

“I don't need the Chinese Government to tell the whole world. I only need the Chinese Government to tell the j.a.panese Government and give them some pressure. This will be enough. Currently, j.a.pan needs us to help with their economy. If not, their economy will go into recession. China's international status had been increasing. After the Soviet Union was dissolved, Russia and many surrounding countries had been building diplomatic relations.h.i.+ps with us. The US also want to work together with us as a countermeasure against Russia. Befriending distant the distant enemy while attacking a nearby enemy is a strategy pa.s.sed down since the olden days. That means China is one of the most critical countries in the world. j.a.pan political status cannot be compared to us! This is why j.a.pan will not get any support from other nations, and they will have to give in to us!” Feng Yu said his a.n.a.lysis of the current international affairs.

“The US will not support j.a.pan? After WW2, j.a.pan had recovered quickly and become one of the most powerful economies with US support.” Director Fang interrupted.

“If j.a.pan did not try to buy the whole world, its economy will not deteriorate so fast. The US will not want j.a.pan to recover so fast and then see the buyout half of America. We also do not want to have a powerful neighbor appearing, especially a neighbor with evil intentions!”

“This time, the j.a.panese Government demanded an apology from the Beijing Government, and not China's Government is only to sound us out. If the Beijing Government apologizes, then the j.a.panese Government will try to make us give in to them more by demanding harsher demands. This is not what our Government wants, right?”

Iron Fist Zhu and Director Fang exchanged looks. Although Feng Yu's a.n.a.lysis had lots of loopholes, the general direction was right. They had a.n.a.lyzed this incident, and their conclusion was about the same as Feng Yu. They also feel that the j.a.panese firms had support from their government to test the att.i.tude of the Chinese Government.

Feng Yu saw the both was not saying anything and he continued. “Do you still remember what was written in the history books? During the Qing dynasty, there was a saying, the top social tier is the foreigners, followed by the Government Officials. Until today, many Chinese still have this mindset. Many people still think that foreigners are of higher standing than the Chinese. Even when we go out to negotiate with other companies, they will look down upon us when they find out that we are a Chinese company. They will tell us that some j.a.panese companies had already contacted them. Also, the government policies for the j.a.panese are better than what our companies are getting. Many local governments are doing this, and the people are being deprived of what they should be getting. It's such an irony. Are foreigners really better than us?”

Feng Yu was not exaggerating. When Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation was negotiating for their current locations, what he said had happened. If Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation did not have Hong Kong shares, the negotiation would be much harder.

These few years, until Hong Kong's return in 1997, Hong Kong companies got more support from the Chinese Government than other countries' companies. This was for the smooth return of Hong Kong and Macau.

Iron Fist Zhu frowned and looked at Director Fang. Director Fang nodded, admitting that this was really happening at some places. He had heard about such news before.

“Some of our government officials had forgotten their core values to get more political credits. They had forgotten who they are serving!” Iron Fist Zhu disappointedly replied.

Iron Fist Zhu wanted to speed up the Chinese economy and wanted to bring China to the next level economically. He wanted China to catch up with the rest of the world in the shortest time possible.

But he was not willing to bow down to others in exchange for China's development. Bowing down to others was a dangerous signal and might have severe consequences. He cannot let this happen!

“But even if we pressure the j.a.panese Government, there might not be any favorable result. They can just ignore us and say this is only a business dispute.” Director Fang said.

“Don't forget that Hong Kong's Superman Li is one of Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation shareholders. He is the world's king of seaports. He owns 40% of the world's most important ports, and he has a say in this. 80% of j.a.panese products are exported by sea. If j.a.pan got into a dispute with Superman Li, their transportation fees would increase tremendously.”

“Is Mr. Li willing to step in?” Director Fang asked.

“He will. Now, someone is stepping all over Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation. Who will still sit back and tolerate this? Furthermore, he is Superman Li.” Feng Yu was not sure about others, but he was confident that he will be able to convince Superman Li.

“You should be able to do something too, right?” Iron Fist Zhu asked suddenly.

Feng Yu rubbed his nose: “I do have a bit of influence. I will be able to pressure them slightly in certain areas. But I still hope to get the government's support.”

Those j.a.panese companies had their government's backing, and their market value was several billion USD each. If it was only one company, Feng Yu was not afraid of them. But when the four companies combined, Feng Yu was not able to win them now.

Luckily for Feng Yu, the j.a.panese companies were not united. Feng Yu could give some benefits to Panasonic and other companies, and ask them to point their guns at Sony and the other 3 companies. After all, these companies were compet.i.tors. They were also supported by different j.a.panese political parties.

Also, Feng Yu could make use of public opinions. He was able to position Tai Hua Supermarket on higher moral grounds and gain an advantage.

Of course, all these strategies, including asking Superman Li for help, were not as crucial as getting the Chinese Government's support. If the Chinese Government were willing to support him, even 40 j.a.panese companies would be no match for him.

Also, these 4 companies were competing with Wind and Rain Electronics for the DVD standards. Feng Yu could also make use of the DVD forum to attack them.

In front of interest, Panasonic and the other companies will stand on Feng Yu's side.

Feng Yu suspect Sony and the other 3 companies were doing this on purpose. They knew the shareholders of Wind and Rain Electronics and Aiwa Electronics were also the shareholders of Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation. The shareholders were Feng Yu and Fu Guangzheng. Those companies purposely make us of their government to attack Tai Hua Supermarket corporation to delay Wind and Rain Electronics and Aiwa Electronics. So, they will have more time to develop DVD technologies.

Feng Yu told Iron Fist Zhu about the DVD. This was something that benefits China greatly. If the j.a.panese companies were ahead of him, then China's consumer electronics will continue to be looking up to j.a.pan.

“I know about VCD. You all have a new product? You all must maintain the lead. A Chinese company that earns patent authorization fees from overseas companies. You all have done well!”

Iron Fist Zhu was excited to hear that a Chinese company was able to be ahead of j.a.panese electronics firms. This industry was j.a.pan's forte. He had heard about VCD before, but he did not know about the benefits that come along with it.

If such a potential company can do China proud, then more the Chinese Government must support them!

The real intention of those companies was to delay the progress of DVD technology. They must not succeed.

Actually, the Chinese Government had been silent for years. This was the time to use j.a.pan as an example to show the other nations that China was not to be trifled with!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 680 – Suppor

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