Extraordinary Genius Chapter 684

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 684 – The fire spread to home (Part 1 of 2)

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In China, the tides changed, and everyone was scolding Sony, Tos.h.i.+ba, and the other two companies. At about the same time, Fu Guangzheng and Li Zekai returned back to Hong Kong.

Li Zekai was speaking to his father, hoping for him to give those companies some pressure.

Currently, the mainstream freight was by sea, and Superman Li was the king of seaports. This was also the reason why Superman Li was one of the wealthiest people in the world. In terms of influences, he was more influential than the tyc.o.o.ns ranked above him.

This was because Superman Li can choose to be ruthless. He can choose to not earn your money, but your transportation cost will increase by several times. This was why many companies were not willing to offend Superman Li.

Superman Li's most significant investment was the ports, followed by properties, energy, technology, etc. Although managing seaports might not seem to be more profitable than properties, seaports were Superman Li's biggest a.s.sets. He could make use of his ports to influence the politics of other countries.

Superman Li was calm as usual. He picked up his teacup and took a sip, before asking Li Zeju: “What do you think?”

Li Zeju looked at his father and his younger brother and asked seriously. “I think we should give those companies some warnings. Those j.a.panese companies knew that our family has shares in Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation and younger brother is still the Chairman. They are no showing us respect by making those claims.”

“If j.a.pan wants to export its products to the west or other parts of Asia, the most convenient and economical way of transportation is by sea freight. Those j.a.panese companies had been wanting to have some say in the ports. If it weren't for them, we would not need to spend so much more when we acquire some of those ports. Now, it is time to teach them a lesson. We must let them know the consequences of offending our Li family!”

“Also, I feel that the Chinese Government might sit by and doing nothing regarding this incident. Our family has shares in Tai Hua Supermarket, and the Chinese Government has been paying particular attention to our company. By giving those companies warnings, should be in line with what the Chinese government's intention. We will be able to increase our impression with the Chinese Government. This is also a benefit.”

Superman Li nodded: “The Chinese Government will not stand on the sidelines. They will surely support us! Don't forget that person was still around. China is a rising power; no other country can ignore. No matter which country China is facing, the Chinese Government will take a firm stance. This incident had escalated from a business dispute to an international level. That person will never give in to j.a.pan!”

Li Zekai's eyes brighten up. “Dad, you agree to this?”

“Yes. Why should I disagree? I also have shares in Tai Hua Supermarket. Setting an example to others is a tactic since ancient times. We want others to follow our rules and not follow the standards set by others. Now, those few companies are giving us a chance to show our influences. Zeju, make the call now. Notify all our ports to restrict those few companies' s.h.i.+ps from docking. Do not allow those few companies to unload their goods at our ports. If those companies ask for the reason, just tell them we don't own them any reasons!”

Superman Li might look like kind usually. But he was scary when it comes to times like this.

“Oh, Feng Yu had also asked the Fu Family to suppress those few companies' share prices and then make use of the opportunity to make some profits. Should we join them?” Li Zekai asked.

“We don't need to interfere with the share prices. We are different from Fu Rongqi. His company is dealing with financial markets and have lots of experience. The risk of doing this is very high, and we could easily get into trouble. If possible, we will stay away from this area. We will only partic.i.p.ate if they asked us for help.”


“Uncle, Feng Yu said that he had called you. He wants to suppress those few companies' shares and then take the opportunity to acquire their shares to make money. He asked me to tell you that it is about time.”

“I know. This time I will handle this personally. Guangzheng, what are the chances of us winning in this incident?” Fu Rongqi asked.

“I think we have more than 95% chances of winning!”

“Oh? Why do you think so? Those few companies are worth several billion. They are all multinational corporations. They are combining their strengths and have the backing of the j.a.panese Government. You are so sure that you all will win?” Fu Rongqi asked him back.

“We also have the support of the Chinese Government. Feng Yu had already gotten the help from the higher-ups. Also, the Chinese Government will benefit by supporting us. Although j.a.pan's economy seems to be stronger than China, everyone knows the potential of the Chinese market. Many countries wish to trade with China, and because of this, the Chinese Government has more confidence to face off j.a.pan. Also, Feng Yu said that something interesting will happen in j.a.pan. I think he still has some other tricks up his sleeves.”

“You don't know what is his plans and you believe that you all will succeed?” Fu Rongqi asked.

Fu Guangzheng smiled cunningly: “There is also one more thing that affirms my confidence. You have agreed to help Feng Yu to suppress those few companies' share prices.”



“President, this is today's papers.” Norio Ohga's a.s.sistant pa.s.sed the newspaper to him. He paused for a while and seems to have something to tell him.

“What's the matter?”

“President, please look at the newspaper first.” The a.s.sistant said.

Newspaper? Was there some important news today? Is there a report on our PlayStation sales? Is Nintendo introducing a new gaming console to compete with us?

Norio Ohga looked at the papers. When he saw the headlines, his face changed!

Tos.h.i.+ba, Sony and some other companies' factories in China had caused serious pollution. Workers' health and safety were ignored, and many work-related injuries were being disregarded.

The Chinese Government is concerned about these incidents and wanted investigations to be conducted on these companies. The j.a.panese companies involved had tarnished j.a.pan's image and caused served damages to j.a.pan's reputation. j.a.pan's economy will also be affected because of this incident…….

What's the meaning of this? Sony does not have any factories in China! Errr……. After Sony and Tos.h.i.+ba partnered, Tos.h.i.+ba's factories in China were helping Sony to manufacture their products.

But what does the pollution and work-related injuries caused by Tos.h.i.+ba's factories got to do with Sony? Why was Sony mentioned in the news?!

Also, this matter had blown up to this proportion, how come I am unaware of it? This was already reported in j.a.pan's newspaper, and it was not good for Sony's brand image!

Translator's notes: Li Ks.h.i.+ng controlled the largest port operator in the world.


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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 684

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