Extraordinary Genius Chapter 688

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 688 – Iron Fist Zhu's conditions

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Knock, knock, knock.

Director Fang knocked on the door and entered the office. Iron Fist Zhu asked without lifting his head. “What is it?”

“Premier, j.a.pan's Prime Minister Office had sent you an invitation. They want to invite you over to j.a.pan for a visit.” Director Fang replied.

“Not going. Tell them I am busy.”

“Yes. I know.”

j.a.pan's Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama was walking up and down in his office. j.a.pan will have to face another financial crisis? This time was different from the previous crisis. The crisis this time was caused by some negative news, and it resulted in the lack of trust in j.a.panese companies worldwide. This crisis might bankrupt several j.a.panese companies.

Now, this crisis must be solved before it gets any worse. The root cause must be handled well. If the Chinese Government could issue an official statement that these were all a misunderstanding, then most of the problems will be solved. But the Chinese Government would surely have harsh conditions. j.a.pan will have to suffer heavy losses this time.

But Tomiichi Murayama did not expect his invitation to be turned down by the Chinese Government. Didn't China want to visit j.a.pan all these years? Why did they reject his official invitation?

Tomiichi Murayama immediately asks his men to contact Iron Fist Zhu. He wants to speak to Iron Fist Zhu and tell him that if China was not willing to send diplomats over to j.a.pan, he could visit China instead.

“Mr. Zhu, I sincerely invite you to represent China to visit j.a.pan. We can cooperate economically in many areas. We can even talk about military cooperation!” Tomiichi Murayama had expressed his full sincerity. Military cooperation can only happen behind closed doors if not, the US will interfere.

“China is a neutral country and will not engage in wars. We do not need to have military cooperations with j.a.pan. As for our economy, we are doing well, and we do not need any cooperations with j.a.pan. Also, we are not interested in your j.a.panese companies.” Iron Fist Zhu rejected him flatly.

Rejection. Iron Fist Zhu had rejected j.a.pan's offer for cooperations! j.a.pan's air force and navy had more advanced weaponry than China. Tomiichi Murayama thought Iron Fist Zhu will be interested. But he rejected this offer!

The reason given was a joke. China was still in the war in the southwest region. There were still lots of small scale fightings. These fightings were not considered engaging in wars?

“Mr. Zhu, j.a.pan, has many technologies that are the most advanced in the world. We can set up joint partners.h.i.+p factories in China and pa.s.s those technologies to you. This will increase the technological levels of China's industries. It will be good for China's developments.”

“I'm sorry. We are not interested in working with companies that damage the environment and ignore the wellbeing of its workers. Also, we will drive all j.a.pan related factories out of China. We do not welcome such companies to set up factories in China.” Iron Fist Zhu replied straightforwardly.

Tomiichi Murayama panicked when he heard this. “Mr. Zhu, please don't do this. We have been working well all this while, and if all our companies were to pull out of China, there would be a significant impact on China's economy. You should take this into considerations.”

The translator translated what Tomiichi Murayama said to Iron Fist Zhu, and Iron Fist Zhu's face turned black. Tomiichi Murayama was threatening him!

But China had never given in to these threats. Even if they had to go to war, China has never been afraid of anything!

“You all want to pull out of China? Great. We welcome you all to leave. Maybe you are still unaware that the US, Germany and some other countries had contacted us. They want to have multi-aspect cooperations with us. Industrial developments are included in these cooperations. Maybe our economy will be affected slightly. But we can withstand it. j.a.pan's industries are strong. But we can still grow and develop without your industries.”

The old industrial cities in the Northeast had been developing well in recent years. Many former Soviet Union experts were still working there, and all the new technologies developed, belongs to China. It was not like those j.a.panese companies. The Chinese were working for them, and all the technologies developed belongs to j.a.pan. It was obvious which side the Government should support.

Welcome? China welcomes j.a.pan companies to pull out? How can this be possible?! j.a.panese companies were the biggest investors in China. Have the Chinese Government gone crazy?!

Tomiichi Murayama knew that it was not the Chinese Government that had gone mad. It was because the Chinese Government knew that it was impossible for the j.a.panese companies to pull out of China. If the j.a.panese companies really leave China, j.a.pan will suffer even higher losses.

Withdrawing from China might have an impact on China's economy, but with j.a.pan's investments, there will still be investments coming in from other countries. Also, there will be existing factories and skilled workers. These will attract more foreign direct investors.

j.a.pan will then lose the vast Chinese market. They will not have low-cost labor, and without these factories, j.a.pan's economy will suffer even more.

Because those j.a.panese companies will need to rebuild new factories elsewhere, it will take time, and their losses will be higher. Their cost will also increase because of the increase in their transportation cost. All their efforts in developing the Chinese market will be wasted.

China's economy could afford to take such a beating. Anyway, the Chinese have been poor for decades. They could afford to wait 1 or 2 years more. But the j.a.panese economy had just crashed a few years ago. These few years, j.a.pan's Prime Minister had changed 7 to 8 times. If j.a.panese companies were to withdraw from China, then Tomiichi Murayama will have to step down soon!

Tomiichi Murayama absolutely does not want this to happen. He will have not to prove himself. Also, the longer he stayed in power, the more benefits he will get when he retires. He also needs to remain in power for the development of his family.

“Mr. Zhu, you have mistaken. That's not what I meant. What I wanted to say was, I will let those companies who had damaged the environment leave China. The rest of the companies will increase their investments in China. We can cooperate in many areas and prosper together.

Tomiichi Murayama had given in, but Iron Fist Zhu does not care. What he wanted was not only these. He had waited for a long time, and there was still not an apology from Tomiichi Murayama.

“Really? It might be an error with the translation. But those companies who had polluted our country cannot only just leave China. They have to compensate us. The compensation includes the expenses for the clean up of the pollution, the expenses for the treatment of those who got sick because of the pollution and all other related costs. They also have to pay fines according to international laws.

“Of course. We will also punish those companies. Most of our companies are still ethical. These companies are the black sheep. We can discuss the compensation amount when you come over to j.a.pan for.”

“I am not free. It will be better if you come over. Also, before you come over, ask your Emperor to make a public apology for the actions of those companies!”

What? Ask the Emperor to apologize? Even if the Emperor agrees, it will also be Tomiichi Murayama's last day as j.a.pan's Prime Minister. j.a.pan's Emperor symbolized j.a.pan. How can the Emperor apologize?!

“Mr. Zhu, the Emperor, will not interfere in this matter. He is meditating today. I can let our Foreign Minister issue an apology. This is the most we can do.” Tomiichi Murayama tried to negotiate.

“Foreign Minister? Seems like j.a.pan is not sincere at all. There's no need to talk anymore!”

“Wait, Mr. Zhu, if Foreign Minister is not enough, we can still let other Ministers or the parliament to represent j.a.pan to apologize to China.”

Translator's notes: Didn't know j.a.pan changed their Prime Ministers so many times during that period.

Tomiichi Murayama



j.a.pan Emperors


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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 688

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