Extraordinary Genius Chapter 697

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Published at 7th of October 2019 02:00:04 AM Chapter 697: 697
Victor called Pfizer's R&D head, Mark . Mark had received instructions from George to consolidate all the information on the failed products . He compiles all the information and sent it to Victor through an Email .

Victor opened the email and scan through it .

Medicine for treating high blood pressure . Might cause blood pressure to go lower than usual . Although this medicine was effective, the results from clinical trials show that this medicine was not suitable to be introduced to the market .

Anti-lymphoma medication . It kills healthy lymph easily and worsens the patient's conditions . It also lowers the patient's immunity . This medicine did not pa.s.s the first trial .

Anti-inflammation medicine for treating Prostat.i.tis . It caused a heavy burden on the kidneys . This medicine might cure Prostat.i.tis, but it will also cause kidney failures . The trial was stopped after the first phase .

Medicine for Cardiovascular disease . No obvious side effects . , but the effectiveness of this medicine was not visible . After the first trial, this medicine was found to be heading in the wrong direction .

Behind every medicine listed, the reason for the failures was stated . The R&D cost of these medicines was also listed . Some of the developed medicines were not in the right direction and did not serve the purpose it was developed for . These medicines were still worth a bit of money .

Some of the medicines listed had side effects and could not pa.s.s the US FDA requirements . The researchers at Pfizer could not find any ways to lower the side effects, and all their effects in developing this medicine were wasted .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntThe R&D cost for these medicines was more than 100 million USD . Mark told Victor that this list was only part of their medications that were considered confirmed failures . If they include all the other half developed medicines, the cost will be much more than that .

These medicines that were on the list were mainly used by new researchers to practice .

This was common in R&D . Sometimes, effects and resources were wasted when the final product did not serve the purpose it was designed for . But if the final product was a success, the returns might reach more than 100 times its cost .

The cost used for developing these failed products could not be recovered in the past . But today, Victor said a Chinese businessman wants to buy these failed products . A stupid China businessman was willing to buy the formula of these failed products at high prices!

Although Mark was not convinced, he still followed George's instructions to compile a list for Victor . If Victor could sell these failed products' formula, they would be able to have more research funds for more new projects .

All the researchers' salaries depend on the success of their R&D at Pfizer .

Victor read through the list and rearrange it before calling Feng Yu .

“Mr . Feng, I am Victor . I have convinced my CEO to sell you part of our research . When are you free to meet up for a discussion?”

Victor was impressed by Feng Yu . He saw Feng Yu traveling around with a convey and had dozens of bodyguards surrounding him . In China, firearms were banned . But those bodyguards' suits were bulging and seems to be carrying weapons underneath .

Feng Yu was overjoyed when he received Victor's call . His first step was considered a success .

Feng Yu immediately call his men to accompany him to meet Victor . He also hired a translator, although he does not need one .


“Mr . Feng, I am still at work and cannot leave my workplace . Thank you for coming over to my office?” Victor politely said . This was only a trip to his office at Pfizer . Was there a need to bring so many people along?

Feng Yu raised his brows . This Victor was very polite .

“It's okay . If you can leave your office anything you want, you will also not be sent over to China to take charge of the operations here . Are the things I want ready?” Feng Yu asked eagerly .

“Mr . Feng, don't be anxious . This is the list given by my company . Please take a look and see which medicines you are interested in . ” Victor pa.s.sed a piece of A4 paper to Feng Yu .

Feng Yu scanned through the list and saw a medicine for Cardiovascular disease . But he knows that Sildenafil was not included in the list .

Feng Yu pretended he did not understand the list and pa.s.sed to his translator beside: “Help me take a look . What's written in this paper?”

The translator read the list while Victor's secretary poured coffee for Feng Yu . Victor invites Feng Yu to taste his coffee . Feng Yu took a sip . Too much sugar and milk were added to the coffee . Victor's secretary was afraid that Feng Yu was not used to the taste of coffee, and she added more sugar and milk . But with more sugar and milk, the coffee tastes weird .
Feng Yu and Victor chatted for a while and during the conversation, Feng Yu “casually” mentioned how rich he was . Victor was smiling all along .

“Mr . Feng, there is 3 types of medicine on the list . The medicines are used to treat high blood pressure, Cardiovascular disease, and Lymphoma . But all these medicines are not developed successfully yet . It stopped halfway . ” The translator whispered into Feng Yu's ears .

Feng Yu pretended to frown . “An unfinished product? These are all half-developed products? Have the clinical trials started?”

“It is not stated in the list . ”

Feng Yu turned to Victor: “Mr . Victor, have these drugs pa.s.sed the clinical trials?”

Victor shook his head . “My company would not sell if these medicines entered clinical trials . These are still in the development phase . Because of limited resources and our company's change in directions, the development of these medicines was stopped . This is why we are willing to sell them to you . ”

Limited resources? Change in company's direction? Bulls.h.i.+t!

These medicines should have gone through the clinical trials and found that it was not effective, or there were too many side effects . Pfizer is a big pharmaceutical company . Even if they have to stop the R&D on these drugs, they can also sell this research to other pharmaceutical factories or laboratories . Victor does not need to sell them to China . Pfizer could easily sell this research to the companies in the US .

“Mr . Victor, there are only 3 kinds of medicines? We are not interested in anti-cancer drugs . Currently, there are no effective anti-cancer drugs in the world . If your company's research in this drug has no problems, you all will not stop the development of this medicine . As for the other two medicines which are used for treating high blood pressure and Cardiovascular disease, I need more detail information on the research . I will ask my researchers to go through the information before I can decide . ” Feng Yu said after he pretended to discuss with the person beside him .

“This… . . Ok . But the information cannot be taken out of our factory . I can bring your researchers to our laboratory to take a look . They will understand how much this drug is worth when they see the research data . ” Victor replied . If he gave Feng Yu the information and data, Feng Yu's researchers might discover that these drugs will not be developed successfully .

Feng Yu pretended to be troubled . “We still need to go to your laboratory? Fine . But can you prepare more medicines? It is a waste off time to visit your lab for just two medicines!”

Hahahaha…… . Feng Yu knew that Victor will never give him the research data . What Feng Yu wanted was to visit Pfizer's lab . Victor had finally invited him to visit his laboratory . I will be easier to deal with those nerdy researchers than a businessman!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 697

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