Extraordinary Genius Chapter 77 - The Popular Farming Machines (Part 1)

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Tai Hua Trading's account had almost 10 million RMB and does not include Kirilenko's payment of 1 million Rubles. The next batch of used cars will arrive in November. Feng Yu decided to bring in a bunch of agricultural machinery from the Soviet Union first.

The Autumn harvest had started, and this was the time when farming machines got damaged. If he imported a batch of these machines or even spare parts now, he would not worry about the sales.

The sales for the agricultural machinery and spare parts were the highest just before and after the Spring farming and Autumn harvest.

Feng Yu organized a list of the types and quant.i.ty of popular farming machines and tools and telegrammed the list to Kirilenko. He wanted Kirilenko to give him a quote.

The next day, Li s.h.i.+qiang received a telegram from the Post Office. Kirilenko had sent over a list of prices for different types of farming machines and parts.

Feng Yu made some calculations. After deducting Kirilenko's transportation fees, taxes and the cost, the profits were not high. There were even no profits for some products.

Those that were in this trade will still bring in these products, even if they were making a loss. This was because they wanted to have a wide range of products. But Feng Yu was different. He does not intend to do this business for long. He only wanted to make some money in this year.

“Brother Li, send these to Brother Ki and ask him to send out these products as soon as possible. Also, ask Zhigang and the rest to make sales call and get the market prices for tractors and harvesters. We will be selling a batch of those early next year.”

“Ok. Leave these to me. It's late. Shouldn't you be in bed?”

Feng Yu looked at Li s.h.i.+qiang and his sister. Their wedding date was confirmed to be on next Lunar New Year. Now, there were already living together.

When they bought this apartment, Feng Yu wanted to buy a few more units, but his parents didn't approve. Now, there were not enough rooms, and his sister had to live with Li s.h.i.+qiang.

How can a young couple living together not do some naughty things? Feng Yu was not very sure previously, but today, Li s.h.i.+qiang was asking Feng Yu to go and sleep. Does this still need any explanations?

Feng Yu looked at Li s.h.i.+qiang and seriously said: “Brother Li if my sister got pregnant before you two were married, my father might not beat my sister but will definitely bring the shotgun along for a talk with you.”

“Cough…… What are you saying? Hurry and go to bed!”


Kirilenko was quick to send out the s.h.i.+pment. In the Soviet Union, there were stockpiles of these farming machinery and parts. Kirilenko was able to procure the items on the list quickly and s.h.i.+p to Feng Yu.

Kirilenko was really enjoying his life during this period. Good wine and women, and, his wealth was increasing every day. His reputation, among the second generations and the business circle, rose too. This was because of the popular Chinese products in his hands.

However, this business was a partners.h.i.+p, and he was only one of the shareholders. If only he owns this business himself. But his partners had strong backgrounds, and he can't just ditch them and venture on his own.


“I am here first. I should load first.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t! I was waiting here since last night. I should be first.”
“Get lost! I am the first to sign the contract so I should be first.”


A few farming machinery dealers were crowding around the freight station. They wanted to be the first to load the goods onto their vehicles. The earlier they load, the earlier they could occupy the market. They did not segregate the market, and they planned to sell these products in another person's territory. There were even some from the same city. The one that was faster would earn more money.

“Stop shouting. What did we tell you when you signed the contract? Those who pay first will get to load first. Those who pay later will load later. Mr. Xu, why are you rus.h.i.+ng? Your truck is not here yet!”

Looking at these people arguing, Li s.h.i.+qiang had no choice but to step up and maintain order. Luckily, Tai Hua Trading was notorious and different from other companies. From the boss to the staffs, everyone was arrogant.

These people can afford to be arrogant because of the popular products they were selling, and everyone was rus.h.i.+ng to buy from them. Good quality farming machinery from the Soviet Union! Even the parts were more durable and better than domestically produced.

After Li s.h.i.+qiang shouted at them, these people loaded their trucks according to their time of payments. The most frustrated of them all was Mr. Xu. He was the second to make payments, but he could not find any trucks.

When there was no need for trucks, you can see these trucks everywhere. But when there was a need for trucks, these trucks were nowhere to be seen.

When the third person started loading, his truck had not arrived yet. No choice. The truck he hired had just returned from other places and had not finished unloading at other sites.

After school, Feng Yu went to the freight station and saw the loading was almost completed.

“Brother Li, what's the matter?”

Li s.h.i.+qiang said excitedly: “Xiao Yu, we had sold everything. These goods were so popular. The money was deposited into the company's account. More than 4 million RMB!”

Li s.h.i.+qiang covered his mouth and whispered the last sentence to Feng Yu.

The prices for this batch of goods were set by Feng Yu. But Li s.h.i.+qiang was the one who signed the contracts and collected the payments. Feng Yu only knew that Li s.h.i.+qiang was very busy yesterday and returned home quite late. He didn't have the time to ask him yesterday. He was surprised that everything was sold when he came to the freight station.

These lads were really something. They did not skive even when they were out making sales calls. Must give them more rewards this month and let them know that their hard work was not for nothing. This way, they will work even harder for the company.

Later, Feng Yu found out that his staffs had got hold of a list of machinery dealers from the Motor Factory. They even bought dealer lists from other factories within and outside of Bing City. They visited these dealers based on the list and this way, saved them a lot of time.

There were still a lot of dealers they had not visited. If they had visited everyone on the lists, there would not be enough goods for everyone!

In this era, customers had the impression that imported goods were better and if the products were imported from the Soviet Union, it will even be better. The Soviet Union was a big industrial country, and China produced tractors, farming machines were imitated from the Soviet Union. These Soviet Union products were better than domestic ones, and the prices were still low. How can these dealers miss out such good deals?

Feng Yu had not expected these goods to be so popular. It seems that he was too conservative when he ordered only 3 million RMB worth of products. He immediately called Kirilenko and asked him to s.h.i.+p another batch of products over quickly. There were 30% profits to make!

Kirilenko answered Feng Yu's call and smiled: “I knew that those goods were not enough. Didn't you notice the prices I quoted you? You can't even get these prices in the Soviet Union! I had already prepared 1 million Rubles worth of goods for you. Rest a.s.sured. This batch will definitely arrive at Bing City within one week.”

These goods were stocked piled in some factories and unable to sell. Those factories leaders were still worried and wondering what to do with those goods. Kirilenko was also shamelessly. He approached these factories leaders and told them that the Soviet Army wants to support their allies, China. He even got a military doc.u.ment with a red seal. In the end, he offered some Chinese products in exchange and got these goods at a meager price. In total, he only spent less than 300,000 Rubles for everything.

These monies were all Kirilenko's. He had left his partners out of this deal. He was the one who had built this sales channel. He was the one who had worked the most and should be getting more money!

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 77 - The Popular Farming Machines (Part 1)

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