Extraordinary Genius Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Specially Catered For

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The third day, the article in the newspaper was about the benefits of pressing extraction method. Authentic flavors, more aromatic, full of vitamin E, more extended expiry date, no additives and absolutely no solvent residues.

As for the leaching method, you can check with Good Oil Factory.

This era, there were only a few grades of cooking oil. 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc. This was also just introduced in that year. Feng Yu remembered that in his past life, the labels of the cooking oil were regulated and must state the method of production, whether the oil was made from genetically modified soybeans, for the consumers to choose on their own.

For the next few days, there were lots of articles for soybean oil made from these two methods. Feng Yu even cited from books written by experts and professors in his articles to increase the credibility of the article.

From Bing City to the whole province, everyone was suspicious of soybean oil made from the leaching method. Was it safe to eat that oil?

Just when everyone was discussing, Feng Yu asked his men to drive a truck loaded with those 5 liters bottles of soybean oil to the Office of Foreign Trade. Today, he will be giving gifts openly!

“Chief Zhang, are you busy?”

“Not so, what are you here for?”

“Nothing much. It’s just that my company had some excellent quality soybean oil. I just wanted to give the Office of Foreign Trade some samples. This is not bribery. This is just to let the leaders help us sample the taste and give us some suggestions.”

“Oh, the excuse this time is quite innovative. Free sampling and want feedback from us? Okay. Then send those samples to our canteen.” Zhang Ruiqiang shook his head and laughed. He will not reject these types of gifts if it benefits everyone in the department. Anyway, these were only soybean oil and how much can it cost.

A while later, Chef Lee from the staff canteen came and said that there was too much oil. The canteen only prepares lunch, and he estimates these oils will last them until New Year!

This was not a small amount. After Feng Yu finished supervising the unloading, he came back to Zhang Ruiqiang’s office. Zhang Ruiqiang asked Feng Yu, what was the meaning of this? Why did he give so much oil?

“It’s really for everyone to sample and give feedback. Our oil was pressed from the Soviet Union imported machines. There are no additives and is healthy. If Chief Zhang ask me if I have any request, then I shall speak my mind. I wish to add the words “Specially catered for” on the packaging.”

“Specially catered for the Office of Foreign Trade? No!” Zhang Ruiqiang’s face changed. If this matter spread to his leaders, what would they think of the whole department?

“No, no, no. Chief Zhang misunderstood me. It’s not specially catered for the Office of Foreign Trade. It’s just the words “specially catered for.” We had not only gave samples to your department. We had also given samples to Internal Hotel, the City Government’s guest house, the Police stations. Motor Factory, etc.”

Feng Yu had a sly smile. Zhang Ruiqiang pointed at Feng Yu but could not say a word. He did not expect Feng Yu to have connections with so many departments. These departments were trusted by the people, and this is not advertising?

“They allow you to state that your oil is specially catered for them?”

“No. But they are all using our Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil now. Chief Zhang, don’t worry. I will not make use of your department’s name.”

“You better make things clear!” Zhang Ruiqiang felt that something was off, but he was still not sure what was Feng Yu going to do.

Feng Yu took out a photograph and place it in front of Zhang Ruiqiang. It was a photograph of a truckload full of Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil unloading its goods in front of the Motor Factory.

“You also took pictures just now?” Zhang Ruiqiang was not happy.

“Chief Zhang, the words that will be written besides this photograph will be: The Motor Factory is sampling Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil. What I did was just reporting facts and not making up things.”

“What you wrote was the truth, but others may not understand that. Forget it. I will not dispute with you on this matter. You got all the approval for this oil? Is it really using the Soviet Union’s technologies and machines?”

“Absolutely. Our machines were state of the art and the most advanced in China. I got all the approvals and paperwork done. If not, I would not dare to send my oil to your canteen.”

Zhang Ruiqiang hesitated for a while and asked: “Was gasoline really used in the leaching method of extracting oil? Why can’t we taste it?”

“It’s true. You can ask the Agricultural Department or the Good Oil Factory. They are all using this process. This process was effective. Our country started to promote this process two years ago, and this year, this method was introduced to the whole country. This year, my district’s factory also started to use this process to extract oil. No, it should be called refining the oil. These are all chemically produced oil. It’s normal for people to not taste the difference.”

Refining oil! This term scared Zhang Ruiqiang. He suddenly felt a little queasy. Is that oil edible? But if it is not, why would the country promote them?

But no matter what, he was still feeling uncomfortable. In future, his family should also eat soybean oil made by the pressing method. He dared not to eat those oil produced from the leaching process.

After leaving the Office of Foreign Trade, Feng Yu went to the departments he mentioned to Zhang Ruiqiang. Actually, other than the Motor Factory, he had not sent the oil to other departments.

Feng Yu used the photograph taken at the Motor Factory to bluff Zhang Ruiqiang. Later, he will use two pictures on other departments. If he could get one or two “Specially catered for” signages or banners and hang it outside his company, it would be better than any advertis.e.m.e.nt!

The following few days, there was a few photographs with the advertising articles in the newspapers. These photographs were pictures of Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil trucks unloading at XX department or XX canteens.      

On the truck, there was a slogan sprayed: “Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil, pressing out conscience oil. Specially catered for.”

This way, everyone was sure. Look, all these big factories and government departments were using this brand of cooking oil. There must be something wrong with the oil produced by the leaching process!

But they also noticed that after the words “Specially catered for,” it was blocked. They can’t tell which department the oil was “specially catered for.” Everyone was guessing, but in the end, they reached a conclusion. Everyone said that the oil was specially catered for the leaders.

Nothing was written after “Specially catered for.” The was to let the people guess what was written after that. They can imagine whatever they want.

Sigh… only the leaders get to enjoy this type of oil. We, ordinary folks, can just stick to leaching processed oil.

But later, there was a piece of “Good news” on the papers: Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil, now available in Bing City’s cooperatives.

This was because the leaders were under pressure and that’s why they allowed the sales of the oil they were eating to the public. Some couldn’t wait and went straight to the cooperatives after work. When they reached, they still must queue up. Look, everyone is buying this oil, we must also get this oil. It’s not good for elderly and children to eat chemically process food.

What? This oil is so expensive? 1 RMB for a 1.5 liters bottle! Humph, the oil used by the leaders were so expensive. But we can still afford it! There is also a 5 liters bottle? 3 RMB? Then give me that 5 liters bottle. Oh, the plastic container is free, and we don’t need to return? Not bad, buy oil and comes along with a free bottle!

At that juncture, Wu Zhigang and the rest were giving out money to the teenagers from the Motor Factory hostel. These teenagers were not attending schools or working.

“Eh, keep this money, everyone. These oils are also for you all. Bring them back. These oils taste better than those at your home.”

These teenagers were instructed to queue up at various cooperatives since the early afternoon in batches. Every one of them bought a big bottle of Tai Hua Premium Cooking Oil with the money given by Wu Zhigang. Not only that, every one of them got 5 RMB! There were more than 30 of them.

With these lads queuing up, those that were still sitting on the fences made up their minds. Now, everyone is buying this brand of oil, so it must be good and must be specially catered for the leaders!

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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 88

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