Level Eater Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: This Place is....

"Nice Job"

"You too!"

After some calming chatter, they started their system stats to check the results of their battle.

Name: Ai Yas.h.i.+ki

Cla.s.s: Martial Artist

Level: 5

Power: 1220

Mana: 3

Strength: 240

Endurance: 240

Speed: 190

Magic power: 1

Magic resistance: 1

Magic control power: 1

◆ Acquired skills ◆

《Warlord》 《Martial Arts Lv.3》 《Stick Arts Lv.1》 《Throwing Lv.6》

Remaining skill points: 15

◆ t.i.tle ◆


"Except for the Magical stats, the rest are growing by a lot. It really doesn't look like the stats of a person with 5 levels"

"Well, what about Tatsuro?"

"Me? I'm normal, normal stats"

Name: Tatsuro Hasami

Cla.s.s: -

Level: 3

Power: 60

Mana: 60

Strength: 20

Endurance: 20

Speed: 15

Magic power: 20

Magic resistance: 20

Magic control power: 15

◆ Acquired skills ◆

《Level Eater》

Remaining skill points: 24

◆ t.i.tle ◆


"Wait, why do you have 24 skill points even though you're only level 3? That's not normal at all."

"Oh yeah. It seems like Level Eater can also absorb your opponent's skill level and convert it to your own skill points. That's why the breakdown is, 3 skill points from the beginning, 6 from levelling up 2 levels, and stole 15 from the caterpillar."

Ai wanted to know more on the details and continued to approach Tatsuro.

"Doesn't that mean you could get as many skills as you want?"

"Well yeah, now I feel so much safer with a 'cheat' skill as well. If that continued, the difference between us would've been drastically different."

"Uhh, that must've been better if you were weaker!!"

"I wouldn't even be able to help you if you needed it... Anyways Ai... Hm...?"

While stroking Ai's head with love, Tatsuro caught something moving in the shadows in the corner of his sight.

"What happened? You can continue patting me!"

"Yeah, that's fine but... is there another caterpillar alive over there?"


Ai, who was rolling around in Tatsuro's hold, looked in the direction she was throwing stones at.

"Hmm, it seems that not all of them had died completely."

'Oh, let me just quickly go and get some skill points."

"Well, I don't want to get any closer in there, can you go alone?"

"Ok, it seems they are going die anyways so it should be fine."

"Then quickly go and come back."

"Got it."

Patting Ai lightly, Tatsuro approached the only barely living individual among the remains of the caterpillars and used 'Level Eater'.

Level: 12

Skills: < body="" hit="" lv.5="">> < threading="" lv.5="">> < biting="" lv.5="">> < command="" lv.1="">> < self-regeneration="" lv.1="">>

(Uwa, this guy's so much stronger than the one I was fighting. And looking closer it looks so much bigger than the other ones. Maybe this one's a boss. 'Self-Regeneration'... If it used this it should be able to survive... Oh well.)

Level: 1

Skill: < body="" hit="" lv.0="">> < threading="" lv.0="">> < biting="" lv.0="">> < command="" lv.0="">> < self-regeneration="" lv.0="">>

There was a moment of just leaving it with salvation, but by this time he was able to accept that it was fine. Without knowing what had happened to their surroundings, it wasn't the time to feel sorry about one bug.

Tatsuro's skill points increased to (71).

"Goodbye, anonymous caterpillar."

He held his hands together and prayed lightly for a moment, then he left.

"My love, welcome back. Do you want dinner first or take a bath? Or m......"

"I would like you very much, please."

"That's too fast, I haven't finished yet!"

"I want you! Please!"

"Wait, really, right...now???"

Tatsuro embraced the now panicked Ai, saying "you're so cute" and held her tightly in his arms so she couldn't escape.

"Ehh.... I don't want to want to it here but if Tatsuro wants to.... Ahh we should find a better place... it's the first time..."

"I'm sorry, but your thinking too much, I was joking... I don't really want to see the dead caterpillar bodies scattered around..."

"Rrrrrright... Oooof course I know... I was just acting, ACTING!"

"Yes yes.."

"Just once is enough!"


After hugging for about a minute, they decided to discuss about what happens next.

"Um, Let's first get the 'map' function with the skill points we got."

"Yes. I'll first try it here. My skill points are essentially endless. Ai's skill points, just first keep them for later."

"I want the 'map' function too because it seems very convenient though."

"Well yes, but there are times where you don't know how accurate the map is or how easy it is to use."

"Right, if you say that, that's true."

"Ah, and maybe we can share it since we are a party, I'll take the skills as an experiment first."

"Thank you, as always."

"It's fine! Easy."

After some weird conversations, the two proceeded.

"Now, I'm going to get the'map' function."


With some light cheering from Ai, the system was activated, the 'map' function selected and 9 skill points were expended. Then, there was a new b.u.t.ton added to the startup screen.


Money held: 0





Tatsuro wanted to directly go into the map but he reconsidered and thought that first pressing 'help' and knowing their location and current terrain was faster. Therefore, he started 'help'.

(Where is this?... Amenri Forest in the Heldham Territory... What, where is that?...Then how far away is j.a.pan from this place?.... Does j.a.pan even exist in this world?...So what about j.a.pan?...The Republic of j.a.ponersion is... That's completely different... Is this place even on earth?... Earth is not defined.......)

At this point, Tatsuro turned the system off and turned his eyes to Ai. Ai read his serious facial expression and corrected her posture.

"Ok so, I have some bad news."

"It appears that this place is neither j.a.pan nor anywhere on Earth."

"Then supposedly..."

"It looks like we are in a different world"

Level Eater Chapter 6

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