God Of Soul System Chapter 349: Vander Decken And Shirahoshi!

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“Near Shabondy Shoto?”

Roja listened to the report and couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

If the attack was on the Calm Belt, it would've been normal. But it's a bit strange for large Sea kings to attack in a place not far from Shabondy Shoto.

In the Grandline, a Sea king or two was normal but not a group.

“You can't communicate with Yamakaji?”


He heard a groaning sound from the other side of the Den Den Mus.h.i.+.

Roja's face sank again, with Yamakaji's strength, he could face a Sea king with the power of Admiral for some time.

Unless it's a sea king as big as an Island, he shouldn't have a problem.

In the sea, The Sea kings were always powerful. If it was as big as the Elephant, then it wouldn't be easy to deal with for the Marines, and that's when there is only one.

“Where did that happen?”

After a while, Roja asked.

Hearing the location, Roja hung up and looked at the distant sea, and after slightly judging the location he turned around and set out toward that place.

The location was that far from Shabondy Shoto, it's closer to it then it is closer to the Headquarters, so Roja soon reached that place.

The fleet contained two large wars.h.i.+p and four medium-sized ones. They disappeared, and some wrecks could be seen on the surface of the water.

“There are too many sea Kings, this may be problematic.”

Roja looked at the wrecks faintly. He suddenly reached his hand, and Sen Maboros.h.i.+ appeared from thin air. He swept the sea below, and the water separated making a deep abyss.

Roja stepped on the sea and froze it in an instant. He continued with this process, and he moved down deeper on the sea.

A group of Fishman was headed toward the Fishman Island. The leader of this group had a bubble on his head. He opened his arm and arrogantly laughed.


“I'm so happy! With this power, the world would belong to me sooner or later!”

The Fishman laughing is called Vander Decken IX. He learned some time ago that the Mermaid Princess, s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ is one of the Ancient weapons called Poseidon. So he tried with every mean to get her powers.

Poseidon, one of the ancient weapons with the ability to communicate with the sea kings and use their power to save or destroy the world!

Beside Vander Decken, the mermaid princess, s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+, or Poseidon was crying pitifully.

“… Vander Decken-sama, can you let them go after going back?!”

“Oh, hehe! Your father was imprisoned by Hody Jones… Of course, Hody is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d so I will not follow his orders… But now that I have the power of Poseidon, like h.e.l.l, I will let you go!”

Vander Decken opened his arms and smirked.

Within the Fishman, there are some who are close to human beings, and naturally, Fishman hates humans such as Arlong and Hody Jones and Vander Decken.

On the eve of the War of the best, he calmly chose to a.s.sist Whitebeard pirates and didn't hesitate to give up his life while Hody was preparing secretly and finally the time has come.

After the war, Vander Decken joined hands with Hody to break through the Ryugu Palace and imprisoned king Neptune and seized the Island.

Vander Decken was aware of s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+'s power so he threatened them with her and said he would use her power and do an experiment.

Listening to Vander Deckens words, s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ cried even more and said: “But Vander Decken-sama, as long as…”

“Regretting it now! Hehehe, what can you do!!”

Vander Decken's face showed a wicked smiled on his face while s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ began crying even louder. It seemed the more she cried, the more excited he became.

“I promise that as long as you listen to my command and use your power to occupy the world when I became the king of the world, I will kill Hody and release Neptune.”

“No… I don't want to do that anymore!!”

s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ couldn't take it anymore and said.

Vander Decken's laughed suddenly stopped, and his face looked ugly.

“So you are saying you aren't going to save Neptune who will be executed tomorrow?”


At this moment, s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ appeared really pitiful, a stark contrast between her and the overbearing Hanc.o.c.k. If someone in this world could be said as beautiful as Hanc.o.c.k, then it would be s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+.

But s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ had a weak personality different from Hanc.o.c.k.

“Then Listen to My words, in a few days will execute my plan and conquer the world.” Vander Decken grinned as he said that.

On the other hand, s.h.i.+rahos.h.i.+ didn't want to hurt anyone. But she still wanted to save her father, Neptune and her brothers. She was really sad right now and couldn't think of what to do.

And when she was almost desperate, The people around her looked at one place including Vander Decken, so she did the same and looked subconsciously and then she was stunned.


In that direction, they saw the sea being slip open by a stream of light.

And after it split, it got colder and froze.

In air which replaced the water, a figure strolled while looked through the ice at Vander Decken and said.

“It turned out to be you Fishman who caused that incident.”

God Of Soul System Chapter 349: Vander Decken And Shirahoshi!

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