God Of Soul System Chapter 376

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In a valley not far from Konoha's camp; Roja sat quietly under a tree while his Chakra constantly fluctuated. Sometimes it was violent and other time it was peaceful.

Suddenly Roja opened his eyes and started printing them pressed his hand on the ground.

"Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld!"

Jiraiya used this technique in front of him before, so Roja tried copying it. Sharingan could copy Techniques, but Roja had Kenbunshoku Haki that reached its peak which made him able to predict the future. Using that, he could copy techniques more efficiently than a Sharingan.


Suddenly, the land in front of Roja turned into mud and several rocks sunk down.

"I mastered the Earth Chakra nature, there is still, lightning, Yin, and Yang…"

Roja received the way to practice the four Chakra nature transformation, and in three days he succeeded in practicing the Earth nature.

Chakra was a kind of attributeless energy, but from people's bodies change that nature according to their attributes or create new ones which are blood limit. The fusion of two attributes was named kekkai Genkai, and three was Kekkai tota.

If the user didn't practice Chakra transformation for Earth, he could still use that attribute but it will consume more chakra and will be much weaker than a person who actually practiced it.

Of course, getting new chakra nature wasn't something anyone could do, but for Roja, it wasn't that hard.

What was really hard was the fusion of attributes.

The fusion of two attributes, that's to say, kekkai Genkai such as Ice release, Boil release, etc… is relatively rare. That fusion will allow the user to use the technique from other attributes then the basic ones and they would be stronger than other Ninjas without blood limit.

As for the three attributes fusion, it's known as Kekkai Tota, or blood limit selection, and there is only one known Kekkai Tota in the world which is the Tsuchikage's Dust release, combining Earth, Wind, and Fire.

For blood limit many clans and families still exist and have strong blood limit, as for Kekkai Tota aside from the Tsuchikage, more than three didn't exist in the world or wasn't known at all.

"Next comes the Lightning attribute."

Roja wasn't in a hurry to fuse the attributes yet, because this can only be exploited by him.

Even a two attributes fusion was top secret information in some villages. As for the three attributes fusion, only the third Tsuchikage Onoki knows that secret.

What's more, Roja didn't want neither two nor three attributes fusion, he wanted to fuse all attributes to create the truth-seeking ball.

Even if the difficulty was outrageous, he wouldn't know without trying.

"If I can get the power of the sixth path, it will help Sen Maboros.h.i.+ in the s.p.a.ce creation. After all, that's the power of the world."

Roja closed his eyes and started practicing the lightning attribute.

After half a month pa.s.sed, Roja succeeded in getting the Yin, Yang, and Lightning attributes mastered. If the news of him learning four attributes if 18 days get out, all Ninjas would be scared to death.

Kurenai knew how hard nature chakra practice was even though she didn't practice it before. She knew it wasn't as simple as what Roja did.


While looking at Roja, she saw his body expand as he was using the Akamichi clan's yang release technique and couldn't help but spit.


Roja's eyes twitched as he looked at Kurenai while releasing the technique and said: "Did you say something? I didn't hear you very well."


Kurenai's expression stiffened, and her eyes flashed as she said: "I just said that Rojsan is talented and a genius."


Roja nodded and looked at Kurenai deeply before going back under the tree and started pondering about how to fuse Chakra.

Kurenai saw that Roja didn't pursue the matter and couldn't help secretly stick her tongue out.

"His body is so strong even Shuriken couldn't pierce it, and now he can use the Akamichi clan's technique. He is really abnormal."

No one knew what she thought about, but her face suddenly became red as she ran to the river and washed it.

Roja opened his eyes and glanced at Kurenai before shaking his head and closing them back again.

"To fuse the seven attributes… Can I guide them using Nature energy to force the fusion? I will try it first."

After taking a deep breath, Roja started mobilizing the nature Chakra and divided it into seven parts, then he transformed each part into an attribute. Then he made the chakra rotate inside him.


The seven attributes didn't fuse but started to fight each other which resulted in the energy rotating violently in his body.

"Not good."

Roja suddenly released his Reiatsu forcibly extracting the chakra out of his body and throwing it away. Suddenly he moved toward Kurenai, picked her up and moved away.


An earth-shattering explosion suddenly broke out. The light couldn't be described by words.

When the light subsided, a large crater appeared in the center of the valley.

It was like a void ball that devoured anything in its way.

Kurenai who was suddenly picked struggled in his hands before seeing the explosion which made her stunned.

"It's okay, it's okay!"

Roja put her down and while saying it's okay in his normal tone. He found another tree and sat down again leaving Kurenai with a silly look on her face looking at the crater with an empty mind.

God Of Soul System Chapter 376

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