God Of Soul System Chapter 412

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(T/N: The leader of the Rock ninjas seemed to be Onoki, while he said he was back at the village, but I will just write it as Onoki for now!)

Just one person could destroy the monster that ten thousand men couldn't.

Without a doubt, Roja was a monster above monsters.

Roja raised his foot and glanced at the remaining ninjas who couldn't help swallow in fear.

Roja's gaze fell upon Onoki who was shocked. He wanted to use a defensive Jutsu, but Roja seemed to teleport to him and interrupted his seal printing.


The Kage's hat flew up revealing his bald head as Roja slammed him after grabbing his head.

Roja lifted him and slammed again and again.

"Not enough! Not enough! Is it enough yet?!"


Onoki couldn't even ask for mercy as several holes appeared on the ground.

The rock ninjas panicked and wanted to rush in help, but when they tried, they were sent flying due to the shockwave from Roja's slams.


After Roja finished, he released his hand and stood straight up looking at the ninjas around him as he said: "Who else didn't have enough playing around?!"


All the rock ninjas swallowed in fear as no one could speak.

Seeing no one responding, Roja's anger finally disappeared, after taking a deep breath, he said coldly: "If you want to fight, come. If you don't…"

"Roll from here!"

One person screamed as he ran away which made everyone else react and ran away. It was like everyone waited for that person to ran before they joined him.

The army started retreating after some of them wanted to attack Roja only to be slaughter by a slap.

All of them started fleeing like a flock of birds.

Roja looked at the rock ninjas retreating like a tide.

Roja finally calmed down and suddenly touched his chin.

"How come I'm so easily irritated … Is it because I was too anxious to get stronger which made like this?"

Roja reacted as he thought. When he arrived here, he wasn't urgent to get more powerful.

But after getting more powerful, he seemed to have encountered stronger foes which made him uncomfortable.

"It seems like I'm a little too anxious…"

After all, Roja was at the top of the world when it comes to power, he quickly adjusted his state and calmed down his hungry soul.

Roja once again started fusing the six elements.

This time, the process was easily finished without any obstacles.

The result was a dark fist-sized sphere which appeared on Roja's palm.

"This fusion doesn't seem different from the previous one. No, there is a change."

The sphere floated above Roja's palm, and with a thought, he made the sphere fly away.

Making the Yang chakra being the core of the fusion, the Pseudo Truth-Seeking-Ball was more stable than the five element's fusion.

Roja didn't require to control it as he did previously to maintain it. The ball could fly around him and change shape without any problem.

Roja constantly tested the ball only to discover something. "This is the same as the Truth-Seeking-Ball, it's just doesn't work on souls."

"I don't know if I can complete the full fusion now."

Roja murmured as he restarted the process while adding the Yin Chakra this time.

All seven chakra elements rotated around Roja. The five basic elements were rotating around the Yin and Yang element which were the center.

"Let's try this."

Roja took a deep breath, and with thought, the seven chakra b.a.l.l.s started merging.


Almost as the elements started to fuse, a wave formed completely different than the previous ones.

As the wave appeared, the air seemed to solidify, ordinary people couldn't feel it, but Roja knew what's happening!

The Sage of the six paths!

Forming the Truth-Seeking Ball is the same as ascending to the power of the six paths. Even slight fluctuations would alarm the Sage.

What's more, The sage was always paying attention to Roja.

In another s.p.a.ce which seemed like a spiritual s.p.a.ce that can't be seen by naked eyes, the Sage was floating as his eyes fixed on Roja with a frown on his face.

"From the beginning, he was trying to force the fusion of the seven elements, and this guy's powerful soul… Is he from the same place mother came from?"

The Sage's face flashed with suspicion!

God Of Soul System Chapter 412

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