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Chapter 13 – Curious Coincidence
Translated by: Sugar
Editor: zxrdm

It was a cold early spring evening,  Jin Lan was being dragged out by Jiao Yue. “It is the Peach Flower Festival (桃花节), Young Mistress. Let us enjoy it.” Jiao Yue urges.

The Peach Flower Festival, every year when the flowers blossom, the west of Glory City hosts the Festival beside a river where the peach trees are planted. Everyone can join in, it is where partic.i.p.ants can paddle a boat while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Right in the middle of the river, there is a bunch of floating food vendors. The female member of each household will prepare some of their homemade delicacies and distribute it to those who are interested. The plate that the partic.i.p.ants use to hold these delicacies have their name written on it, this also acts as a means in order for couples to match make.

Legend says that there is a Peach G.o.ddess who married to a mortal, it was a widely spread story. Hence every year, the authorities will find the best peach, put it on the most well-made lantern and beside the lantern is a marriage doc.u.ment. Everyone is allowed to search for it and if anyone finds the lantern and successfully proposes for marriage, the authorities will organize and sponsor the ceremony.

After hearing Jiao Yue’s explanation, Jin Lan silently disagreed. In this age, even becoming a matchmaker is difficult if the authorities are stealing jobs from you.

Having rented a black-sailed boat, Jin Lan was relaxing inside eating the delicacies and drinking wine. Other the other hand, Jiao Yue and Chu Yun are both heated up, and mentioning that the lantern searching event will be interesting.

Jin Lan, at that time, felt that both of their expressions were overly excited and knew there was more than meets the eye. When nightfall arrived and the event had begun, it was truly a spectacular scene to be seen.

People of different ages, gender and were fighting while trying to make their way to the banks. However, the banks are unable to hold so many s.h.i.+ps, as such there are some people jumping aboard on one s.h.i.+p and leaving others. Even Jin Lan was unable to avoid the mess and was accidentally stepped on twice. When she tried to leave the danger zone, a decorated boat crashed into towards her boat. The barbaric pa.s.sengers were all descending at once and started shoving each other, including Jin Lan, towards the banks.

Between the crevices of people, Jin Lan was able to see the mastermind pointing and giving instruction to the pa.s.sengers from a distance, WAN YU!!

“Piece of …. d.a.m.n it!!” Jin Lan’s both limbs were stuck and unable to escape. At this moment, she felt a strong force pus.h.i.+ng her, thus causing her to escape from the crowd. When she regained her awareness, she was suddenly in the air.

Jin Lan acknowledged that she have not been able to learn any of the ancient arts and was unable to land safely, when she looked down, on her hands, she saw she was holding on to a peach lantern and without much thought threw it away. She hoped to be able to grab hold of a s.h.i.+p before she falls down.


A huge decorated boat shakes, Jin Lan put one hand on her chest while the other holding on the railing. The pain was so intense, until Jin Lan nearly cried out in pain.

It’s over! It’s over! OVER! Finally, it is once again peaceful

However, misfortune does not come alone, it always bring company. Out of nowhere a black cat pounced onto Jin Lan, it opened its mouth and bit on her finger tips.

b.l.o.o.d.y cat! Let this great one bring you down together. It is either you perish or I! Jin Lan grabbed the cat and rolled into the river together.



Congratulation Empress c13

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