Congratulation Empress c31

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Chapter 31 – Confrontation

Translated by: Sugar
Editor: Kloud Goat, Nazmul

Following behind Fei Sheng, was his brother Que Qi. Fei Xian, Fei Ao, Yue Liang and Yue Zhuang who were currently paying a visit to the Hua Family were also with him. Today, Yue Zhuang was wearing female clothes, a pale violet dress giving off a dignified and composed look, while carrying a tad of childishness making her very attractive.

“I did not expect to see a great show here!” Que Qi entered the garden, eyes filled with excitement.

“Third Brother!” Fei Sheng slightly raised his voice

Que Qi shrugged his shoulders, he smiled at Jin Lan and said. “ Big Brother, it seems like Second Sister is  a little unhappy.”

“Someone was  looking for death, I merely wanted to give her a hand.” Jin Lan turned to face him.

The lady standing in the garden surrounded by flowers had an oppressive feeling so intense that no one was able to ignore it. From the very first sight, Fei Ao felt that she seemed very familiar, until she turned her head, it was only then he realised. “Ah! You are the person from the brothel!”

“Fei Ao! Stop spouting nonsense!” Fei Xian interjected. They were all from the four main families  and it wasn’t anything splendor hence it was something that did not need to be mentioned.

Fei Ao immediately stopped talking. If Jin Lan was a male, he would definitely have gone forward and taught him a lesson, but since she was a girl, if he were to fight with her it would make him look like he was a petty person. That was not the behaviour of a gentlemen.

Yue Liang whispered to Yue Zhuang. “So you knew that this  person was a female all along?”

She replied, “She was the one who told me so.”

Que Qi saw different reaction from each of them, he could not help himself and said. “I have heard that the Fourth Young Master from the Fei’s was skilled with the sword. How about we take advantage of today to witness these moves? It will provide me a chance to broaden my horizons.”

For Martial Artists, sparring against each other was very common. Fei Ao did not decline, he only asked, “I wonder which one from the Hua’s will join me?”

Que Qi gazed around and stopped at Jin Lan, “How about it, Second Sister?”

This was nothing more than entertainment to Que Qi, whether Jin Lan accepts or not was of little concern to him. However, she was currently in a bad mood and was in need of finding someone to help her release her stress.

Just when Jin Lan took  the first step, Fei Sheng moved away from her path and with a low voice said. “The Black Centipede Whip was damaged by a strong force before, you being able to snap it was just pure coincidence. Do not be arrogant and disgrace the Hua Household.”

Jin Lan scoffed before continuing to walk, facing Fei Ao she  announced “You may begin now!”

Fei Ao slightly frowned and looked at her, “Is that your weapon of choice?”

Jin Lan smiled, “Against you? This is more than enough!”

What an arrogant tone! Fei Ao’s heart shook, he was almost being toyed  by her, it did not matter if she was a male or a female. It was this person who constantly  went against him.

Jin Lan sneered and shot a cold glance at Wan Yu who suddenly quivered and broke eye contact.

Congratulation Empress c31

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