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Chapter 54 – Ideal Situation
Translated by: Sugar
Edited by: Kookie (Kookiedreamer)

Hiya peeps, Sugar here. It definitely has been awhile since I have added another chapter. Well…. This time, I have zero excuse! Sugar is lazy and all the karaokes in the Discord chat doesn’t help me from translating new chapters. One day, Sugar is bored and decided to translate one chapter…. So here you go ^w^7

Also, is any of the readers here from Singapore? One of the translators is visiting Singapore and she wanted to know whether there is any fun thing to do or place to visit. Help me out….

After drinking so much the previous night, Hua Que Qi woke up the next morning with one of his eyes twitching non-stop. On his way back from the washroom, he heard two servants gossiping as he pa.s.sed by the garden.

“I heard that a Western City high monk came by yesterday, and he said that there was a jinx in our Hua Family!”

“Didn’t the monk in Qing Quan Temple say the same thing when Madam went to offer incense before? It’s Young Mistress Jin Lan!”


“Last time, just after Madam finished offering incense, the Travelling Prince’s Mansion lost one of their concubines. Today, I heard that the Empress went to Xiang Guo Temple to draw a fortune stick and not only did she draw a ‘Great Curse’ stick, she nearly fell when she was about to leave the temple’s doors!”

“It seems like this is true!”

Another servant joined in on the conversation.

“Forget about that, guess what I heard earlier when I was out on the streets shopping for groceries!”

“Hurry and tell us already!”

“That same Western City high monk said that our Young Miss, Hua Wan Yu, is destined to be the Empress!”

“Stop spouting nonsense! Do you want to die?!”

“I’m not spouting nonsense, this is being said all throughout the city!”

“Do you think we hired you people to idle around and chit chat?” Fei Sheng, dressed in purple, suddenly appeared and chased away the crowd.

Qi Que smiled, intending to leave. However, he was stopped by Fei Sheng.

“Que Qi, were you with Jin Lan at the Lin Long Tower last night?”

Que Qi laughed, “Big Brother’s information network is indeed efficient.”

Fei Sheng’s brows knitted, as though he was slightly angry, “Have you forgotten Mother’s words?”

Que Qi’s smiling expression remained unchanged, however, he did lower his gaze slightly, “Of course I didn’t forget, Brother. However, don’t you think that the current Jin Lan is very interesting?”

Fei Sheng solemnly said, “The Huas are unable to tolerate people like her…”

Que Qi turned to walk away and said, “I know what I am doing.”

Fei Sheng opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Naturally, Que Qi headed towards the western part of the mansion. The sun had just risen. Jiao Yue and Chu Yun had brought a table and chairs out to the yard to allow Jin Lan to bask in the sunlight.

This time Jin Lan wore women’s clothing. The clothes were as black as ink and easy to move in. Her hair wasn’t tied up but was hanging down behind her.

“Why black?” Que Qi questioned.

Jin Lan looked up at him before turning back and sitting down. She received a cup of tea from Jiao Yue and took a sip before saying, “It’s so you won’t see anything if blood splashes on to me.”

“Interesting,” Que Qi grabbed a chair and sat opposite her, “Why not just wear red?”

“Why else would I be wearing black?” In other words, there would be no need to purposefully pick something black if she liked the colour red.

Que Qi paused before changing the topic, “What did you do with the copper coins yesterday?”

Jin Lan frowned, “You don’t hold anything back, do you?”

“Rumours about the two daughters of the Hua Family have been spreading throughout Glory City. One of them is a jinx, the other is a phoenix,” Que Qi replied, “How did you manage to do all of this? And with just that small amount of money?”

“Beggars.” History’s strongest gossip army.

Jin Lan beamed at him before immediately standing up and with a wave of her arm, she said, “Jiao Yue, Chu Yun! Pack up, we’re heading to the Crown Prince’s mansion to view flowers.”

Congratulation Empress c54

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