Congratulation Empress Chapter 64 Part2

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 64 We Each Get What We Need, Part 2

“I also don’t want to be lectured by you,” Chunyu Yan smiled.

“Take it as you satisfying my curiosity,” JiuXue was unable to hold back. “Why did you agree to cancel the marriage?”

 “I was threatened by Hua Jinglan,” Chunyu Yan replied without blinking.

JiuXue pouted, “I’m not a three-year-old child.”

“Okay,” Chunyu Yan put down his cup. “Who is said to be destined to be Empress?”

“Hua Wanyu.”

“Who is it really?”

“Hua Jinglan.”

“So, as long as she doesn’t marry into the royal family, it’s not important whether we are married or not. The matter of Hua Wanyu will eventually be revealed. Hua family and Taizi [Crown Prince] will be like river water and well water [don’t mix].”

“Harmless and will never do it again?” JiuXue excitedly asked. “Then wouldn’t the Hua girl become a joke in the Chunyu family?”

The marriage would be cancelled and Chunyu and Hua families would become enemies. This would be a laughingstock in Yecheng.

Chunyu Yan lightly pinched a chess piece in his hand. “We’re just each getting what we need.”

Congratulation Empress Chapter 64 Part2

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