Congratulation Empress Chapter 65 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 65 Hua Family's Scandal, Part 1

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Overnight, Hua family's scandal spread through the whole Yecheng.

First, the Grand Abbot of Qing Quan Temple asked the heavens for forgiveness. Because of silvers, he told a big lie for Miao Luoxiang and her daughter. Then there was debate about what happened to Hua Jinglan before. Some people thought Hua Jinglan did not know how to be reserved. Rumors piled on top of rumors. Besides, Xiaoyao [Travelling] w.a.n.gfu's concubine was indeed dead.

But others thought that Hua Wanyu was increasingly domineering. Hua Jinglan was oppressed and sought marriage everywhere to escape the Hua family. The truth was that Hua Wanyu s.h.i.+fted the blame to someone else.

The public opinions diverged. Someone's someone's someone's relative brought news out from the Imperial Palace. The Empress went to Lingshan Shenfeng to divine Hua Wanyu's fate. Someone looked at Hua Wanyu's birth date and said, "Weak starlight, yet dares to speak about day and moon." The Empress immediately fainted in anger.

This was definitely blamed on Hua Wanyu. But the saying was that family shame must not be spread out. The Empress was so angry she took two bowls of medicine. But the imperial decree was out. They reneged on marriage with the Hua family once. They could not do it a second time. She called Situ Ke to see her and earnestly said, "At this point, let the one from Hua family be a cefei [side consort]. Rest a.s.sured. The Empress' position will be yours."

Situ Ke naturally agreed.

"Xiaojie, Hua family's second Xiaojie is really going to marry over?" On the road, a maidservant asked in dissatisfaction.

Situ Ke lifted her curtain to look at the pedestrians on the street. She coldly smiled, leaned back, and stroked her nail, "Someone who hasn't even married and is above my head. How can I let her get married?!"

Congratulation Empress Chapter 65 Part1

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Congratulation Empress Chapter 65 Part1 summary

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