Congratulation Empress Chapter 66 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 66 Whispered Threats in the Ear, Part 1

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"Xiaojie, Xiaojie!" Jiaoyue impatiently rushed into the courtyard. She said happily, "The Palace sent out a decree again!"

"Oh?" Hua Jinglan did not raise her head from the book. She lightly asked, "What did it say?"

"I heard Second Xiaojie hit the Crown Princess. The Crown Princess is still unconscious. The Emperor is angry. He not only withdrew the marriage, but also ordered Second Xiaojie to stay at home and think about her actions!" Jiaoyue quickly said, "This is when an evil person reaps his own evil consequences!"

"Hua Jinglan, come out!" Hua Wanyu kicked the courtyard door, ran in, and shouted.

Hua Jinglan frowned. Her eyes swept over Jiaoyue to look at her. "Why are you here again?"

Hua Wanyu then saw the Jiaoyue who was behind her. Her were red as she asked, "This isn't your doing?! Did you spread lies about me? Why else would the Royal family withdraw from the marriage?!"

"Second Xiaojie, the Royal family is withdrawing from the marriage because you wounded the Crown Princess," Jiaoyue gathered her courage and replied. She was glared at by Hua Wanyu and shrunk her neck back. But a moment later, she lifted her chin, clearly unafraid of what she said.

Hua Wanyu was furious. "Good, good! A cheap servant dares to be impudent in front of me…!"

"So what?" Hua Jinglan coldly smiled. "You want to whip her again?"

Congratulation Empress Chapter 66 Part1

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