Congratulation Empress Chapter 70 Part2

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 70 A Farce, Part 2

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Cui XiuLin's hand that was resting on her cane had veins popping out.

"Grandmother, don't…"


Hua Wanyu's words were stopped short by Cui XiuLin's slap. She angrily said, "Return to your room and think about your mistakes!"

"Grandmother!" Hua Wanyu still wanted to argue.

"Enough, Wanyu!" Hua FeiSheng grabbed her. "Is it not shameful enough?"

Hua Wanyu bit her lips and tears rolled down.

Hua QueQi looked at Hua Jinglan and turned to help Miao Luoxiang up. "Mother, let's return."

This farce was about to end.

Hua Wanyu glared at Hua Jinglan with resentful eyes. Then she helped Miao Luoxiang out of the west courtyard.

The servants carried the corpses out and scattered like birds. Cui XiuLin turned to look at Hua Jinglan. She said angrily, "If you have the ability, obtain fame at the Martial Arts Conference. Hua family would no longer make things difficult for you!"

Hua Jinglan wanted to laugh. This old woman really calculated well.

Seeing she didn't answer, Cui XiuLin said slowly, "The marriage between you and Xiaoyao w.a.n.g has been cancelled. Hua family is your support. Think about it."

Hua Jinglan coldly smiled at her back. People said that blood was thicker than water. The Hua family really exceeded their reputation. The so-called family was just so!

Congratulation Empress Chapter 70 Part2

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