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Chapter 10 – Siblings
Translation by: Sugar
Editor: zxrdm


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Now on to the Chapter

(TL note – Young Mistress refers to Hua Jin Lan. Young Miss refers to Hua Wan Yu.)

“Knock, Knock! Knock, Knock”

A dazed Jin Lan covered her head with a blanket and kicked the nearby Jiao Yue, :”Go open… *snooze*…the…door.”

Jin Lan quickly tidied up while Chu Yan go and open the door to greet. “Mei Er? What are you doing here so early?”

“Quickly wake Young Mistress, Young Miss has came home!” Mei Er, who was very anxious, quickly said.

Chu Yun panicked, “Didn’t Young Miss accompany Old Master to Mt. Xiang Zi? Why is she back so fast?”

“Most likely it is due to the news that Young Mistress fell into the water, Old Master must have heard about it. Anyways, most importantly, you have to wake Young Mistress now!” Chu Yun explains, “I secretly came here by my own accord, if Young Miss see me she will punish me. I will make my leave now.”

Chu Yun saw Mei Li off and went back inside. Jiao Yue just finished helping Jin Lan get dressed in her clothes and looked at Jin Lan with a hint of despair. “Young Mistress, what do we do now?! Young Miss will definitely beat us to death.”

“Don’t be scared. I am here.” Jin Lan a.s.sured while sounding nonchalant.

However, even after Jin Lan said that, there are still signs of both Chu Yun and Jiao Yue slightly, though it is not visible. Jin Lan sighed, it was amazing how both child is still able to survive in such harsh environment, even from the news they are nearly frightened to death.

Looking at outside from the window, Jin Lan muttered, “What a great weather we are having today.”Jiao Yue! Bring out a chair, let us enjoy the sun today.” Without waiting for Jiao Yue to answer, she went outside.

When Hua Wan Yu entered to the west courtyard, she saw Jin Lan lazily enjoying the sun. From a glance, Wan Yu knew that this Jin Lan was different. To be more specific, the previous Jin Lan is not as dazzling as compared to the current Jin Lan, even when she was in a lethargic state.

Wan Yu secretly wondered, she was living together with Jin Lan since young, however just a mere ten days she did not see Jin Lan, Jin Lan changed greatly.

“Jin Lan, I heard that you once again embarra.s.sed the Hua Family! Mother was worried that you had died, it seems that you are alright. That’s good, it so happens that I did not train my whipping skills.” Wan Yu’s tone is full of pride and is looking down on Jin Lan.

Jin Lan just gave Wan Yu a look, wearing pale yellow clothing, with skin equally white as snow and with a lovable face, however what ruined her is her pride and arrogance.

Qing He, Wan Yu’s female servant, pointed at Jin Lan and demanded.”YOU! YOUNG MISS IS TALKING TO YOU. HOW INSOLENT!”

Jin Lan ignored her, and continue to shut her eyes and turn a deaf ear to Wan Yu.

“Whats wrong with you, sister?” Wan Yu placed her hand on her waist, “Did someone caught your tongue? Should I wake you up?”

Of course that was a rhetorical question, Wan Yu is not expecting any answer at all. She was just finding an excuse to hit Jin Lan, during the time she lived in the Hua’s household, her only enjoyment was to see Jin Lan’s blood and whipping her.

As Wan Yu was about to bring out her whip, Jin Lan, who was lying down, suddenly turned over and flipped. As if she was like a wild beast, she pounced toward Wan Yu.

Wan Yu was shocked, her hand, while taking out the whip, was being hand chopped by Jin Lan. When she was groaning due to the pain, the whip was has already been taken by Jin Lan.






Congratulation Empress c10

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