Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant Chapter 108

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In the bridal bedroom, Luo Qi was red from a certain type of anger, “Xiao Wei, this kid! I'm going to have a good long talk with him!”

Ye Xiu grabbed him quickly, “You're not allowed to yell at him for this! I should be thanking him right now!”

Luo Qi's anger melted into humor, “What, now that you're going to be his sister-in-law, are you trying to put your foot down and protect your little brother-in-law?”

Ye Xiu rolled her eyes, “Well, am I not supposed to help my little brother-in-law?”

Luo Qi held Ye Xiu as the two of them fell into bed, “This feels like a dream, don't let me wake up tomorrow with you disappearing again.”

“Who else would I disappear off with aside from you?” Ye Xiu softly and carefully mapped out Luo Qi's handsome face. She remembers meeting this man for the first time at some street corner in Yun Guan. The two of them both extended a helping hand to a little boy who'd almost been trampled by a startled horse. They only smiled at each other once, but she'd already fallen for this handsome, upright stranger. The second time they met was when she lead her brothers in the gang in a robbery for food, but she didn't expect that the person she'd be robbing was him. She couldn't beat him in combat, and in a frustrated moment she managed to bite him. The shocking reaction from him was to blush. The third time… Ye Xiu reminisced about her past together with Luo Qi, suddenly wondering what a miracle it was. They were clearly from two different worlds, how did they manage to fall in love so deeply with each other?

Luo Qi entered Ye Xiu carefully, marking the woman under him as his wife. All of the pa.s.sions and desires they'd been suppressing until now burst forth today. Luo Qi moved as he listened to Ye Xiu's cries, as if in pain mixed with pleasure. He leaned down to kiss Ye Xiu's lips. He'd never told her how it was then, that day on the streets of Yun Guan, when he watched this girl dressed in all red saving that child, when she yelled at the owner of the horse while simultaneously comforting the boy, how it was then, when she met his eyes with a smile, he'd already fallen for this straightforward and brave girl.

Luo Wei headed towards the ceremony room at the front hall. It was so busy today that even Wei Lan was helping out near the front. Luo Wei wondered as he walked if they should hire some more servants for the estate.

“Third young master,” A young man dressed in the Luo estate's livery caught up to Luo Wei from behind.

“What is it?” Luo Wei stopped to ask.

“The mistress wants to see the third young master about something,” The servant answered.

“Are you from the mistress' quarters?” Luo Wei didn't quite recognize this man.

“This humble servant was just hired recently,” The young man lowered his head.

Luo Wei didn't know what Bo Hua wanted with him at this hour, but he turned to walk back to the center of the estate.

“Third young master,” The servant saw that Luo Wei was turning to leave, and called for him again.

“Hmm?” Luo Wei looked back, but quickly felt a sharp pain at the back of his head, and his whole world went black.

A few more young men all dressed in the clothes of the Luo estate servants quickly appeared from somewhere in the dark. Luo Wei had already pa.s.sed out, and was quickly stuffed into a wooden box by these men. The box was placed on a cart, and directly taken out of the estate via a servant's pa.s.sage.

When the day broke, Luo Zhi Qiu was still laying in bed. Luo Qi getting married finally managed to tied off a loose end in his heart. Though he had to admit that the whole wedding and party wasn't easy on the people in the estate. As he was still in bed, the head servant entered his room with Luo Wei's companion, Wei Lan.

“Counselor, the third young master disappeared!” The old servant had already searched the entire estate with Wei Lan in tow. He'd begrudged Wei Lan at first for making something out of nothing, but when he made certain that Luo Wei was no longer in the estate, he'd gotten anxious as well, and thus came to see Luo Zhi Qi's with Wei Lan.

“What?” Luo Zhi Qiu wasn't even fully awake yet.

“The servants have been looking up and down the estate, the third young prince has disappeared, but no one saw him leave the gates!” The man answered.

Luo Wei disappeared? Luo Zhi Qiu suddenly woke up completely.

If they cant find him in the estate, then they'll search from him outside the estate. So it follows that everyone from the estate began searching for Luo Wei in the capital.

The excitement from Luo Qi's recent marriage disappeared along with Luo Wei.

Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant Chapter 108

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