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The master of the current generation at Qi Lin Villa was named Luo Ting Chao. He had a bevy of wives and concubines, and has produced five sons.

In the early morning, as Luo Ting Chao exited one of his beautiful concubines' bedrooms, he had an indescribable feeling of happiness. It wasn't because of the pleasures from the night before, but he felt as if something good was going to happen today.

Misty and overcast, a light rain drizzled from the sky. Luo Ting Chao has always hated the rain, but even he had to admit that there was a special kind of enjoyment in the sight of the villa's trees and flowers on a day like this.

"Master," The steward of the villa hurried towards him, holding a wooden box in his hand.

"What is it?" Luo Ting Chao asked.

"A young man has arrived at the villa. He said that he wanted to see the master," The steward reported.

Luo Ting Chao's expression changed as he looked into the wooden box, his eyes falling on the laughing Buddha sculpture nestled inside, "Where is he right now?"

"Outside the villa."

Luo Ting Chao immediately headed for the main gates, ordering his steward as he walked, "Quick, go open up the gates."

He made use of his qing gong(1) the entire way to the gates. From afar, he could see seven people standing at the main entrance. One of them was a small youth in blue robes, currently appreciating the begonias near the gates.

"Young master," Qi Zi alerted Luo Wei as he saw someone coming out of the villa.

Luo Wei turned to see who it was.

Inside, Luo Ting Chao sighed in admiration as he saw Luo Wei. This youth was not yet fully grown but he was already more beautiful than the flowers blooming beside him. Luo Ting Chao had no qualms in bedding women or men, his blood ran hot at the sheer thought of Luo Wei's beauty, but he quickly reminded himself that he couldn't mess around with this one and gathered his thoughts.

"Master Luo?" Luo Wei waited until the man was in front of him before he opened with the question.

"Luo Ting Chao, at your service," He bowed towards Luo Wei.

Luo Wei returned the gesture, "Luo Wei, pleased to meet you."

Years ago, Luo Ting Chao had the intention of getting on Luo Zhi Qiu's good side, so he gathered a considerable amount of information about the Luo estate. He knew immediately as he heard the youth's name that this was the third son of the Senior Chancellor. However, Luo Ting Chao had always heard that the third young master of the Luo family was on the heavy side, and that his appearance was very average. Luo Ting Chao didn't expect to see that Luo Wei was a person of unparalleled beauty in the flesh. In recent days, he'd also heard news from the capital that Luo Wei had become the disciple of the emperor himself, and was especially favored. As someone who was such a favorite of the emperor, and a son of the Senior Chancellor, there was no way that Luo Ting Chao would dare treat Luo Wei as a child.

Luo Wei saw that the servants of the villa were about to open the main gates and waved his hand, "Master Luo, I don't want too many people to know that I've been here, so let's keep the formalities at a minimum."

"Of course, please, this way," Luo Ting Chao quickly waved them off, leading Luo Wei's group into Qi Lin Villa himself.

Situated in the Yun Cui valley, Qi Lin Mountain Villa held an air of grandiosity, all of the buildings were magnificent in their construction. Ancient trees formed forests nearby with plenty of rare and unique flora planted within sight. Somehow, though, even under all this majesty, this place lurked a certain sense of gloom.

"Master Luo, this place is a paradise," Luo Wei complimented Luo Ting Chao, hiding his unease.

Luo Ting Chao replied with some modest comments.

Luo Wei looked around the hall, it was made to view the flowers blooming in the gardens, "Is it convenient to talk here?" He asked Luo Ting Chao.

Luo Ting Chao responded, "The young master can rest easy, whatever here will only be heard by the two of us."

Luo Wei said nothing and only smiled.

Luo Ting Chao quickly added, "If the young master is worried about my Shadow Guards, they've been told to stay away."

Ten, one of the Secret Guard, arrived at this moment and addressed Luo Wei, "Young master, this place is secure."

"Good," Luo Wei said.

Ten excused himself.

Earlier, Luo Ting Chao saw the six people in Luo Wei's retinue. Other than that little attendant, the other five were all highly skilled in martial arts. And now as he watched Ten walking away, he could tell that this person's qing gong was unrivaled in its technique.

Luo Wei explained, "The five of them are the Dragon's Secret Guard, sworn to serve the emperor."

Luo Ting Chao's view of Luo Wei s.h.i.+fted even higher. To receive such protection from the Dragon's Secret Guard meant that he was someone highly favored by the emperor. Luo Ting Chao was sure that Luo Wei made his last comment just to stress this point.

1. Qing gong - A technique in martial arts to increase agility and general lightness. In the world of martial arts novels, the technique is often exaggerated to mythic proportions. Skilled users can scale sheer walls, skip across water, and almost levitate.

I took a look at my translation from yesterday after I posted last night and found SOOOOO many mistakes. Looks like I have to make sure I'm in top form when I translate because I often edit as I do it. Lots of work stress and personal life got in the way and by the time I got home I was too tired to do a good job. :) Thank you all for being kind and reading through, I will do my best too to make sure the translation is as good as I can make it!!

Luo Ting Chao is really.... gross... lol, I'm trying to not gross you guys out too much by keeping the translation PG-13 right now but please make sure you heed the mature tag on this novel!!

Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant Chapter 36

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