The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness Chapter 499

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Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine was immediately much more at ease, she was undoubtedly from the special forces from the Chinese's side, taking action swiftly and decisively, infiltrating inside while disguising as the enemy and coordinating with her comrades who were outside.

Noises came from behind the locked door. With a ‘click,' the closed room door was gently pushed until a small silver could be seen. “This was the gun you left behind, now, keep it safe, little comrade,” V8 wore a smile, he quickly pa.s.sed the gun through the slit and then promptly closed the door. “15 bullets, no extra magazines.” 

Having a gun was good enough!

Ye Jian grinned when she held the handgun. She heard V8's low voice even before she could open her mouth to speak: “Ye Jian, you're not included in the first batch of hostages released at ten o'clock, you're also not included in the second batch…… you will be in the hands of the Al-Qaeda all the way until you board the plane. Are you afraid?”

It was an arrangement, an arrangement that could not be changed. It was because Ye Jian originally arrived to protect the leaders, but right now…… it became a mission to safeguard Petty.

A soldier must head to wherever they are needed.

Even if Ye Jian was not wearing a military uniform, she was still a soldier in the hearts of many! Soldiers needed to fight to the very end, everyone else was able to leave, but soldiers cannot.

V8 and T6 had dignified looks outside the door. They actually felt in their hearts…… it was a little cruel towards a young girl of only sixteen-seventeen years of age. Still, on Q-King's side…… he was the one who had taken the initiative to propose that the leaders allow Ye Jian to remain until the end to protect Petty. 

The leader hesitated for a short moment but still nodded his head to agree in the end. In front of the country's n.o.ble cause, Ye Jian's only option was to remain by Petty's side right until the very end.

” Your arrangements are the best in my heart. I need to protect Petty, this is my responsibility. My job is to do my very best at protecting Ms. Petty until she returns to the President and First Lady's side.”

Ye Jian was not feeling upset at all. She even thought it was the best arrangement. You could hear from her language and tone that she had absolute obedience and not the slightest objection.

It was because she had already learned to obey.

When two members from the Elite Platoon heard those words, there was a trace of astonishment flashed past their solemn eyes. ‘She had accepted it just like that? Without the slightest doubt? There even isn't any objections?'

” You can rest a.s.sured, you are absolutely not fighting alone. You are also not boarding the plane alone with Petty.” T6 said he wanted to comfort Ye Jian, letting her feel more at ease. He also wanted to inform her that no matter what, comrades would absolutely not give up on each other. 

Ye Jian was getting ready to return to Petty's side. She let out a gentle smile when she heard those words, her soft voice was filled with joy. “I know. Someone needs to pilot the transporter, and since I would remain on the plane, there would definitely be soldiers from my country on the plane.” 

” Also, there should be some distance from the orphanage to the airport. We could only drive if we want to leave, it could only be on a bus. I'm guessing that there's definitely soldiers from our side disguised on the bus.”

Her voice was like the soft chirps of insects on a summer's night. Although sweet, every word was clear. Her inferences made V8 and T6 furrow their brows unconsciously.

“If I am not mistaken, our leader and Mr. President should have discussed it. They would not allow Pabell to walk out of the orphanage. They would have decided to cleanly take them out inside.” Ye Jian leaned against the wooden door with peeled paint while holding onto a gun. Her voice was gentle like the evening breeze: “Also, I believe that our country would not give up on me. I also know that our country would absolutely not allow Al-Qaeda to continue running rampant.

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The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness Chapter 499

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