Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Receiving one's wish

"Eldest princess, please have some tea."  Chen Ning poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of the eldest princess.

The eldest princess did not look at the cup of tea at all and just stared at Chen Ning's face with her s.h.i.+ning eyes.  She got straight to the point and said, "This princess is not here to drink tea.  You sent someone to tell this princess that you can help this princess get what she wants, is this true?"

It was because of this that she was willing to come to the King Ding Yuan's palace and say that she must see Chen Ning.

But if Chen Ning dared to lie to her……Of course the sword in Eldest Princess An Le's hand was not just for show!

Her hand was placed on her waist and her sharp eyebrows were knit as murderous intent spilled out of her eyes.

Chen Ning had already observed her movements and expression, so she knew that what Eldest Princess An Le was thinking the same thing as what she was guessing.

"Eldest princess, please do not be impatient and slowly let me explain.  If anything I say makes the eldest princess dissatisfied, please take the sword on your waist and cut off my head."  She locked gazes with the eldest princess and did not blink as she responded.

From the eldest princess' expression and style of speaking, Chen Ning could tell that she was a very straightforward woman.

With this kind of personality, she would not like to mince words and would directly go for what she wants.

Naturally, these words were to the eldest princess' liking.

Her brows relaxed a bit.  Her expression became serious as she nodded at Chen Ning.

"Please sit and speak."

Chen Ning sat down and remained sitting for four hours.

Housekeeper Xu was eagerly waiting outside with his neck stretched out.

The longer he waited, the more nervous he felt.

This eldest princess and princess consort were not close, but the eldest princess had stayed in for so long.  What could they be talking about for it to take this long?

This is bad!

Housekeeper Xu suddenly slapped his thigh.

The princess consort wouldn't be complaining to the eldest princess, right?

If she told the eldest princess about everything that had happened to her after she entered the palace, then this matter would definitely be transferred over to the emperor from the eldest princess.

It had to be known that this engagement between his highness and the princess had been set up by the emperor.  If his highness rejected the princess, that would be rejecting the emperor which was equal to slapping the emperor's face.

Even if his highness was the emperor's blood nephew, the emperor would still not let him off easy.

Housekeeper Xu was filled with even more fear as he continued to think about it.

He just stared at the door to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  When he saw Eldest Princess An Le walking out of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, his heart jumped into his throat.

He thought the eldest princess would be angrily charging out, looking for his highness for an explanation.  When he saw the expression on the eldest princess' face, his chin almost fell of from his shock.

Oh G.o.d, were his eyes working properly?

He actually saw a faint smile on the eldest princess' cold face!

Until the eldest princess left, Housekeeper Xu felt as if he was in a dream.

Hearing Housekeeper Xu's report, Chu Shao Yang was also filled with confusion.  He had thought that after the eldest princess left the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, she would definitely come to find him to compare notes.

Then he would have a chance to ask about what they talked about.

Who would have thought that the eldest princess would return to the princess palace immediately without saying anything to him?

This was simply too unbelievable!

The news that Chen Ning had moved to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion had soon reached Chen Bi Yun's Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.

"What?"  The embroidery needle in Chen Bi Yun's hand suddenly stabbed her finger and a drop of blood spilled out.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 151

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